Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random Thursday Spam!

Good afternoon!!

  So todayI have some random spamalamadindong for you guys. I really wanna clean out these random swatch folders I have in my computer. I have no idea where they came from or how I managed to forget about the for this long. SO! Here is lots of pretty polishes for yer eye-holes!
 To see closeup pics just continue readin ♥.

 I won't be going into detail about the polishes themselves. This is a true picture spammy post lol. I will have a few of these in the coming days to clean out folders and get my butt back into gear this year!

Orly Sashay my Way over Nicole by O.P.I Iris my Case

Orly Spazzmatic over Nicole by O.P.I Just bust a Mauve

A England Bridal Veil

Hot Ticket by The Balm That's Red-iculous

Zoya Cho

Julie G Nail Color in 9 to 5
 This particular shade, while totally awesome flattering and beautiful, has a horrific formula. Three patient coats shown here. This color is slightly neon and the formula can be draggy, streaky and patchy at points.

Julie G Nail Color in Oh Em Gee!

Julie G Nail Color in My Private Palace

Julie G Nail Color in Royal Rebel

Revlon Sheer Seafoam 
 This is a water-finish polish. I used Four coats. I've read some people add drops of creme polishes to make it more opaque but I actually like this this way.

Del Sol Foxy (inside)
 Del Sol Foxy (Sunlight)

Orly Be Brave 

Bettina Camilla

Chameleon Fandango over Color Club Muse-ical
 Thanks for stopping by today loves!!! If you have any questions about these shades feel free to ask! I will have a few more spammy posts and then hopefully I will be caught up soon! I have many exciting things planned for 2013!!

Any standouts in this batch?

(**Some products provided for review**)


  1. Hi Christina,
    Love Julie G's My Private Palace!


  2. I've always been curious about Puerto Rico but now I really want to go there so I can buy ALL the Bettina polishes. Haha!

  3. I really love all three Julie G colors but especially 9 to 5! Too bad about the icky formula :(

  4. Bettina Camilla is so, so BEAUTIFUL. I'm probably going to put that on my wishlist. Too bad about Julie G Nail Color in 9 to 5...application sounds horrific!

  5. 9 to 5 stole my heart...too bad about the formula... :(

  6. Well... I love the Julie G Nail Color in 9 to 5. Until I read about the streakiness and patches. That is one of the things that drive me crazy about some polishes. So I will definately pass. But it is still a beautiful color!!

  7. I am LOVING 9 to 5, but it's a shame it's such a pain in the bootay!

  8. Bettina Camilla reminds me of Zoya Caitlin - which I love! And I have to agree with Jame @ Polish, Please - of COURSE the color that stands out to me has the lame formula!

  9. Is Orly Spazzmatic still available?

  10. I really really really love Julie G 9 to 5. I mean LOVE IT


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