Monday, January 7, 2013

T-t-t-Twee & Honey Swatch Time!

Monday, my nemesis, we meet again.... 

  So I saw this meme a few days ago.. The quote was something along the lines of "January is like the Monday of the Year". I totally feel like that right now lol! There is SO much I want to do and I keep forgetting that I have a whole year ahead of me to do it lol!! 
 Today I have a bunch of awesome Twee & Honey polishes to show you. I've had these swatches stashed away for a while. I figured since I am doing a bit of "Winter Cleaning" of my folders that I might as well post these sooner, rather than later. Miss Cleo sent me A LOT of her babies so you will be seeing some more Twees in the near future as well. 
  To see some close-ups just continue reading! ♥.

Twee & Honey Zaghareet over Sation I'm with the Bandana
 Zaghareet is a crazy, awesome chunky blend of Pewter, prismatic Silver and smaller Prismatic Golden hexes suspended in a micro shimmer base. This polish is PACKED with big chunky pieces and there is no fishing required. I was worried the application would be difficult with all the big pieces but it was quite the contrary. The big pieces came out with no issues, the glitter spread was good and all the bits lay flat. I'm with the Bandanna was the perfect base for this shade as they matched pretty close and it looked like I was wearing Zaghareet by itself. I don't think I would try to wear Zaghareet by itself because it is so chunky. You can get a better grasp of all the bits and pieces when you put it over something else.

Twee & Honey Pineapple Express
 Pineapple Express is a beautiful primary Yellow creme-jelly. I found the formula on this shade to be really easy to work with. I will say that is a little "thick and sticky", but in a good way. Weird right? Yellows can be so temperamental. I can't quite describe it. Anyhow, ultimately I had no issues with application and it only took to easy coats to reach opacity. Someone with long nails might need one more coat to cover the "visible nail line" (VNL).

Twee & Honey Magpie over Barielle Big Apple Red
 Magpie is a neat blend of varying sizes of Black and White Hexes accented by smaller Teal hexes suspended in a clear base. I pretty much adored how this looked and was tempted to stop swatching and just put this on all 10 nails lol. I love the White glitters that Cleo uses in her mixes, they are different from everything else that is out there.

Twee & Honey Sphagnum Moss over Color Club Editorial
 Sphagnum Moss is a dense blend of rich, Emerald Green, small hexes accented by touches of Gold. This is quite the fabulous blend and once again I found myself wishing that I could have actually worn this. The glitter spread on Sphagnum Moss is fantastic as it is packed with just the right amount of sparkle.

Twee & Honey Yalla Habibeti over China Glaze Running in Circles. 
  So, even my husband commented on this photo. He literally stopped what he was doing and stared at it and said "That is amazing". Yalla Habibeti is a dreamy blend of small Gold prismatic particles suspended in a light honey toned base. The gold particles in this are delicate, almost flake like. Once again I could not get enough of how my nails looked.  

Twee & Honey Hipster Zombie
 I adore this polish based on the name alone! That said, it is also a fantastic color. I read somewhere that Seafoam is supposed to be a big color this coming Spring. Enter Hipster Zombie, a beautiful, delicate shade of squishy Seafoam green creme-jelly. The formula on this shade was really nice surprise as I was expecting it to be an opaque creme. You guys know how much I love me a good squishy polish!! I did Three easy coats for my swatch. 

Twee & Honey First World Purple over Nicole by O.P.I Always a Silver Lining 
 First world Purple is a great blend of Purple, Fuchsia and Silver hexes in varying sizes suspended in a clear base. Once again this polish seems to have just the right ratio of everything making the application so easy. Have I told you guys about how much I love layering vivid glitters over Silver foils? The look is always SO neat! 

Twee & Honey Pinky Top Coat over Nicole by O.P.I Keeping up with Santa 
 This look was SO holiday and just pretty! Pinky Top Coat is a blend of Red, White, Silver and Pink glitters. They are all hex in varying sizes. This looked like Christmas Ornaments on my nails. I could not stop staring at the delicate White particles against my Velvety red base and the perfect Twinkles of Silver.

  I love me some Twee & Honey. The brand's creator is an amazing lady! IDK what kind of magic she has worked on these glitters but they all have such fantastic application and spread. I love that Twee & Honey has a variety of glitter toppers as well as full coverage jellies and creme polishes. Twee & Honey's prices range from $9.00 to $13.00 and can be found on 

  I don't think I can pick faves but I am in awe of Yalla Habibeti, Sphagnum Moss and Zaghareet. ANDDD how adorable is Hipster Zombie?! Any faves for you in this batch of swatchies?

(**Products provided for my consideration**)


  1. Buy ALL the Twee & Honeys!!! Seriously though?? Shut the front door on these, they're amazing. I have had my eye on Hallow and was planning on ordering it, but now I think I will have to get Hipster Zombie, Magpie and Yalla Habibeti. Gahhh...I lurve all of them.

  2. Pineapple Express is really rich in color and is making me reconsider my ban on yellow.

  3. My favorites are Magpie and First Word Purple. I like the bright red!!!!!!

  4. OMG Cristina these are all so freakin pretty... I can't pick a favorite! I love the name of Yalla Habibeti because I have a friend that speaks Arabic and I say that to her all the (it means "come on, my love!") Gorgeous swatches as usual :)

  5. Pineapple Express is the most beautiful yellow polish I have seen!

  6. I love magpie!!!!!! :)

  7. Very nice swatches! I love pineapple express!

  8. Ooooh I need Hipster Zombie!! It's what I wanted Revlon Sheer Seafoam to look like!

  9. Hipster Zombie and Pineapple Express are my faves! Did you get/swatch/review Cleo's special Cult Nails NYC meetup glitter mix? I don't remember if you were at the nyc event or not D:

  10. Great swatches! Ms. Cleo does work some kind of magic on those glitter formulas! I swatched a few yestetday & was amazed. Hipster zombie is a for sure win

  11. Great swatches! Ms. Cleo does work some kind of magic on those glitter formulas! I swatched a few yestetday & was amazed. Hipster zombie is a for sure win


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