Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pink Wednesday! Milani Color Statement Lipsticks Pinks & Corals

Hello darlings!!! 

  I am in PINK today!! Well, Pink lips anyway. This edition of Pink Wednesday is brought to you by the EPIC WIN that are the new Pink and Coral shades from Milani's new Color Statement Lipstick collection. Last week I showed you guys some quick swatches of the Red and Orange family. Those were some beautiful and classic shades. I really loved the Reds and Oranges... But these Pinks and Corals have my whole heart, body and soul. Not to mention, they are PERFECT for the coming Spring months. 
  There is only ONE shade here that I do not care for. And that is Pink Frost. The rest are made of total and pure WIN. These lippies have the same soft, watermelon scent as the Reds and Oranges. I really don't mind the scent at all as it does not linger.

 Now for some quick arm swatches. And of course I will be posting lip pictures as well! All of these swatches are just ONE firm swipe of the lipstick. Color me impressed (no pun intended). The pigmentation on all of these is seriously impressive.
Pink Frost: A soft, blushing Pink with a STRONG metallic-frost finish. This is the only shade I'm not loving. Mainly because I'm pretty sure I cannot pull it off. This is a hard color and finish to pull off for me. 
Fruit Punch: A creme finish, bubblegummy Pink with some slight Coral undertones. I LOVE this one. I've already worn it twice! It has a fantastic creamy finish and applies like BUTTAH. This shade was very moisturizing. Fruit Punch is SO flattering! 
Rose Amour: This shade is a light, Blue toned Pink with a great creamy finish. This shade is vivid and lovely. I cannot wait to wear it! 
Rose Hip: Is more on the Magenta side, and once again slightly Blue toned. This shade is also in a cream finish.
Hot Pink Rage: OMG LOVE THIS! Ok, so this shade is a HOT, bright Barbie Pink in a beautiful Matte finish. I LOVE the finish on this shade. Even though it is matte, it has a lot of dimension and feels great on the lips. The staying power on this baby is incredible.
Flamingo Pose: This shade is an amazing shade of vivid Coral. This shade is in a creamy finish. I cannot wait to try this color out as I am a sucker for anything Coral!! I bet this will look good on so many skintones!
Flirty Fuchsia: This one is a deeper, vivid shade of Fuchsia with the slightest Purple shimmer. This shade is described by Milani as a vinyl finish. I am SO excited for this shade, it is so vivid and the shine is beautiful!

Along with the lipsticks Milani also released Two lip liner shades for the Pink and Coral shades. 
  These are amazing! I have only had a chance to use Haute Pink. I used it the day I wore Hot Pink Rage and it was perfection!
 And just for fun I wanted to show you guys a comparison between last year's Red Label and this year's Red Label. They are both fantastic. What is even more incredible is how Milani managed to improve on their, already amazing, formula. I was blown away by last years shades. I didn't think they could get any better. Guess what? They SO do!! Brava Milani!! The new Red Label is much more pigmented, shiny and multi dimensional. The old Red Label is slightly lighter and it does not have that "juicy" quality that the new Red Label has.
 I cannot wait to show you guys lip swatches of these pretties, along with the Reds and Oranges. I also have som new Milani Ultra Fine Liquid eye liners coming your way soon!! 

 What do you think? Any colors jump out at you? I seriously cannot pick a favorite just yet. I love them ALLL (except Pink Frost lol). If you are a Pink lover, you will love these!!! I also can't wait to play around with mixing colors and creating cool looks with these beauties!

(**Milani products provided for my consideration**)


  1. I HAVE GOT to get Fruit Punch. Seriously!!! Lovely review x

  2. i love fruit punch on the swatch

  3. Oh my, these are all so gorgeous! I need to pretty much own them all! :) Great swatches girl!

  4. I think we all fell in love with fruit punch. I sure did!

  5. I'm such a big fan of milani, I can't wait to try these out <3

  6. So many pretty colours, I'm super excited to try them out for myself :D

  7. :o OMG, I have to, more than one. I can't decide which one I like best. Great post BTW, I love makeup reviews =D

  8. Good arm swatches :) I like several of these too...I'm really considering Fruit Punch and Flamingo Posse.
    You'll post lip pics, soon, too?


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