Friday, March 29, 2013

LTHP Quickies! Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in Plums & Berries- Swatches

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Happy Friday!! 

  I have (literally) an UBER stiff neck today. Holy shiz guys. I'm like Robocop up in this bish.. Cannot turn my head in any direction or tilt it up or down.... I really think we need a new bed haha... So now that you guys are all caught up on that.... How 'bout some beautiful lipsticks?!!! I give you, Milani's Color Statement Lipsticks in the Plums and Berries Family. 
 MMMM!!!! Purple!! Much like the Pink family, I love every single one of these shades! There is a wonderful range of shades and finishes in this family.

 And for some quick arm swatchies:
Raspberry RUSH: (whoopsss!!) This shade is a vibrant shade of Metallic Fuchsia.
Plumrose: A classic shade of "rosey plum" creme. This is a great every-day shade.
Uptown Mauve: A beautiful shade of vivid Mauve creme. This shade leans more on the Berry side of Mauve. Super flattering color.
Violet Volt: GAHHHH!! An awesome shade of Blue toned, light metallic Purple.
Chilled Brandy: A shimmering shade of light Plum with slight brown undertones.
Sangria: A delicious matte, light burgundy shade.
Black Cherry: A, very shiny, shade of deep Burgundy. This one is listed as a creme finish, but I would say it's more like vinyl.

 With this color family they also released Two more lip liners. Once again, these have amazing pigmentation and a perfect creamy formula. 

 And now for some lip swatches of the Plum and Berry shades I've worn so far. I love these lipsticks so much. They have a great feel on the lips and the scent is light and does not linger. The wear on these colors is extremely impressive. I am wearing a liner on all of these. For the most part I used the Fuchsia lip liner.
Raspberry Rush 

Uptown Mauve

Violet Volt


 And these two are actually from the Red and Oranges family. I realized I never showed you guys lip swatches of these. My camera has a hard time with Red tones and capturing the subtle difference in colors. 
Ruby Valentine (Sultry, blue based, deep Red)

High Voltage (vivid tomato Red)
  So far, I can't really pick a favorite from this color family. I love them all for different reasons/ occasions. I am still in utter awe of the quality of these lipsticks and the amazing job Milani did with the color and finish Range. 

 Are any shades from this group jumping out at you?

(*The products in this post were provided for review consideration.*)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nail Art Wednesday over at Vampy Varnish!! #VVLTHPWednesdays

Hi loves!

 Don't forget that today is Nail Art Wednesday over at Vampy Varnish!! I had a LOT of fun with this week's look and I hope you guys love what I came up with! 

Head on over to Kelly's blog to see this weeks look! XOXO

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Updated OCC Power Plant Mani- Matte Angled French Tips

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Good Morning!!

  This will be a quickie post. I feel like all I do these days is bitch about not feeling well, and I am really sorry about that. I have this "thing" where I feel like my body cannot keep up with my brain. There is SO much I want to/need to get done. I have so many ideas floating around in my brain, but I rarely have the energy to get up and DO IT. I hate it :(. I really try so hard not to dwell on my illness, but it has been wearing me down lately. I've never had these many bad weeks in a row. I know this is not permanent and I hope to be well someday soon. I will be heading to the Mayo Clinic in May so, Fingers crossed I'll come out with some more definite answers.  
 So this cool and simple look started with a base of OCC Power Plant. After a day of wearing Power Plant by itself I decided to layer Lac Attack's Hogwarts over it for some bling. I wore that for another day or so and I had some minimal tip wear going on, but was not ready to part with my mani yet... SO, I taped off some angled french tips and painted the exposed parts with Cult Nails Nevermore. To finalize my whole look and give it some edge, I added a coat of Twee & Honey This is mateness- matte top coat. 

 I'm hoping to be a little on track this week. I do have quite a lot of pictures ready to go, they are mainly makeup though. I know many of you are here for le nails, but LTHP LOOOOVES makeup too ♥. So, there might be a lot of makeup posts coming your way these coming days. Mainly because I don't have much "nail" material ready to go :(. But as I said above, I have SO many ideas, so many new things I want to try and tutorials I want to film. I just need my body to get with the program and stop rebelling against me.


(**Some of the products featured in this post were provided for  review consideration**)

Friday, March 22, 2013

OCC Lip Tar and Nail Color in Power Plant

(**OCC products provided for review consideration**)
Yay Friday!! 

  Today I have my very first OCC nail color evar! OCC is a brand that I've had a major crush on for a while now. I am a HUGE fan of Lip Tars and I've read nothing but fantastic things about their pigments and nail color. Well, recently OCC released an awesome new collection (Sci-Fi Lullabies) and I got a chance to try out Power Plant. This is their new shimmery-metallic Sage Green nail and lip color. All I can say is OMGWOW! 
 I kinda love the picture above. I would have never thought I would have liked Green lips on me! I need to practice applying lip tars, especially this shimmery ones. I should have done a light coat of concealer on my lips to bring out more of the Green in the lippy... Anywho, Power Plant lip tar is a beautiful, minty shade of soft Green with strong metallic shimmer. It's a bit sheer (when compared to my creme lip tars) but it can built up easily. I do like that it  is slightly sheer as it makes it versatile in terms of layering, gradients and such.

 And here is OCC Power Plant nail color. The nail version of Power Plant is a more vivid shade of Green. I would call this a Spearmint Green. The shimmer in this shade is just amazing! I love that Silvery-Green-Blue micro shimmer that seems to float over the green base color. When you read about "glowy" colors... THIS is what we are talking about ♥. The formula on this shade is incredibly smooth and even. I only needed Two effortless coats for full opacity. I.LOVE.This.Color! This is everything I wanted Barielle Snap Dragon to be and MORE. 

 And here is a swatch of Power Plant lip tar. I will have better pictures soon. But I do really like this color and the soft, pastel-ness of it all. Right on trend for Spring!! I hope I master this lip tar soon because I really want to wear it out and scare all the old peeps in my town lol!!! 

 What is a brand that you have always loved, even before getting to try it out? Mine were Sugarpill (OMG how I lemmed Sugarpill!!), OCC and BFTE Cosmetics. And now that I am familiar with all Three brands, I have nothing but praise for their biz ethics and fantastic products! 

 And how about "unusual" lip colors? Would you rock a Green lip?  

(**OCC products provided for review consideration**)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lac Attack Magical Musings Collection Swatches- Part Two

(**Lac Attack products provided for review consideration.**)
Good morning and happy Thursday! 

  Today I have some more swathes of colors from the Magical Musings collection by Lac Attack. You can see Part One [Here]. Sorry, I am not feeling very chatty today:(. That said, these colors are beautiful!! I can't get enough of this collection or the inspirations behind it!
To see swatches and find out more just continue reading! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Zoya PixieDust in Chyna and London

(**Zoya products provided for review consideration.**)

Good morning and happy humpday!! 

  Today I have my second PixieDust combination. This past weekend I chose to wear Zoya's Chyna and London(Grey) together. I put these on last Friday and wore them until Monday. Much like Godiva and Dahlia, the wear on these was incredible! I had minimal chips on my nails after Four days of rough wear. 
 Both London and Chyna have AMAZING formulas. Chyna is incredibly saturated with color and deep Ruby Red glittery, sparkly goodness. I've seen many girls describe it as a textured Ruby Slippers (pick one lol... there are so many versions) and I completely agree. It is just beautiful, rich and complex. I did Three thin coats of Chyna.
 London is a slightly sheer concrete Grey base, but it builds up easily in Three coats. London is packed with fine Silver sparkle and as it dries the sparkle becomes more obvious. With all of these textured polishes, it is best to wait a few minutes between coats. This picture was taken 45 minutes after application. As you can see they are already, pretty much, dry here. They did continue to harden and become more textured looking.

 I really loved these Two together. Chyna is in-your-face beautiful and London is painfully chic and edgy. Once again I am adoring what Zoya has done with the textured polish trend. I don't think I can pick a favorite from this PixieDust collection. They are all so pretty in their own special way.

Do you have a favorite textured polish yet? Or is this trend just not for you?

(**Zoya products provided for review consideration.**)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Liquid Eye- Liquid Like Eyeliners and Shadow Primer by Milani!

(**Milani Products provided for review consideration.**)

Good morning!! 

  Hells yeah makeup! Anyways, you guys know I've been raving about Milani's new range of lip colors as well as Milani's new Grandissimo lashes mascara. Well, they also released some new liquid like- pencil eyeliners, a bold liquid line and a new eyeshadow primer. Much like everything else they have released, I was super excited to try these products. 

 I had never really tried Milani's eyeliners before. I have fairly sensitive eyes and I'm usually apprehensive of trying new products on them. That said, I was eager to give these a shot after reading rave reviews of Milani's previous eyeliner releases.

 First up are the new Milani Liquid Eye- Liquid Like pencil eyeliners. I was really impressed with the quality of these pencils. I also LOOOVE the heavy shimmer they are packed with, keep that in mind when using these. They are not great for the waterline or tightline because they are so shimmery. These are also really soft and creamy. I accidentally snapped the tip off of the Purple pencil because I applied too much pressure when I was swatching it. That said, them being so soft makes them VERY blend-able and So easy to apply and work with.

 Then we have some retractable Liquid Eye- Liquid Line pencils. I LOOVE retractable pencils because there is no wasted product. These are your standard Brown and Black creme shades. These also have a really smooth and creamy formula/ application. These do great in the waterline and have already become some of my new favorites. Good news about these liners(and the new mascara!!) they have not irritated my eyes. I've had a chance to wear them several times now and I've had no issues with tearing or itching. YAYAYAY!

 And as if it was not enough to release awesome new liners, Milani also released a BOLD new liquid eye-liner. This pen reminds me of the fat Sharpies, but for your eyes. I was/am a HUGE fan of last year's Eye-tech Extreme liner and this extension to the Eye-tech liners is already in my epic win list. It has a nice sharp tip so it is actually pretty versatile in terms of the lines you can create with it. I had alot of fun playing with this pen and doing crazy cat-eyes and wings.

 Another product to love! Milani released an eyeshadow primer this year. I had been pretty excited as not many drugstore brands have good primers, or a primer at all. And ladies, a good eye shadow primer makes ALL the difference in the longevity and vibrancy of your eye makeup. I really like the texture of this primer. It's creamy, but just the right amount of "sticky". I've been applying it with a small eyeshadow brush. It goes on nice and smoothly, I wait about 30 seconds before I begin to apply shadow. Finish wise- it is "matte" and nude, almost like BB creme for your eyelids. I've already used this primer several times and I can honestly say I really like it and it is a fantastic budget-friendly alternative to the higher end primers.

 And now put them all together to get..... For this look I used all of the products above as well as some of last year's pressed powder eye shadows by Milani. I used Purple Shock, Shocking Pink, Olympian Blue on my lid with a highlight of White Lie. On my eyebrows I used the Milani felt tip liquid brow pen and on my lashes the Milani Grandissimo lashes mascara. Even thought this was a super quick look I did just to try the products out I actually really liked it and can't wait to re-create it soon!
 Milani products are available at Walgreens, CVS, Kmart, select Wal-Marts as well as on Milani's website.

(**Milani Products provided for review consideration.**)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ways to Keep Up with LTHP!!


  Google reader is going bye-bye on July 1st... ... But don't worry!! Here is a list of ways to keep up with the LTHP nonsense!



*Instagram- @L_T_H_P #officialletthemhavepolish






Ok, I'm pretty sure those are all the major social media outlets I whore myself out on lolol! Make sure you are following me on at least one (or all) of them so come July 1st you are good to go on your LTHP fix!!

Good night my loves!!

Muffin Monday! O.P.I Eurso Euro- Mixed Texture Nail Art

(**O.P.I Products provided for review consideration.**)

Hello and happy Muffin Monday!

 Look at me getting a Muffin Monday out on time!!! I won't even blab much and get straight to it! This week Muffin picked me a most amazing shade of vivid Cobalt Blue by O.P.I called Eurso Euro. This shade is from the Euro Centrale collection. I wanted to keep the look simple, but interesting. So I did a mixed texture look featuring some of O.P.I's Liquid Sand shades as well as Muffin's pretty pick. 
 For this look I started with a base of Three coats of Eurso Euro and Oy Another Polish Joke(Golden shade) by O.P.I. I LOOOVE these Two shades together. I've had a soft spot for Blue and Gold since they were my High School colors. Plus, there is something so regal about the combination. Anywho, I did my base colors and top coated them with some Seche and waited to make sure they were dry enough to move forward with the Half-moon details. For the half moons I used Get your Number and What Wizardry is This? liquid sands. I waited a good 45 minutes before photographing this look to make sure the texture polish had dried enough for there to be a good contrast between the shiny bases and the textured sand polishes.

Look at Muffin go!

 And because I also loved these polishes on their own... Here are Eurso Euro and Oy Another Polish Joke. Both were an easy Three coats of color to reach full opacity. I ran into no issues with the formulations. OAPJ was a little sheer but did well in Three coats. It can also be layered.
 What do you guys think of the mixed- texture moons? I really liked the look of the shiny and "rough" together. I'm sure this type of mani would hold up well, these textured polishes have been wearing like iron on me! I've been really enjoying this O.P.I Spring Collection. I think it's one of the best Spring collections by O.P.I in a while!

Would you try a mixed texture look?

 (**O.P.I Products provided for review consideration.**)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

LTHP is on Vampy Varnish Today!!!

Good morning darlings!!!

  I have some very exciting news!! Kelly from and I are starting a little collaboration today!! Strating today, LTHP will be on VV every other Wednesday morning with a little nail art instalation. I am SOOOO honored and happy to be working on this continuing series with Kelly. I look up to Kelly and her blog and I aspire to be among the ranks of her awesomeness someday.
 I really hope you guys will head on over to Vampy Varnish to see what I came up with for my very first (of many) How -to pictorial!! I came up with a really cute look for Spring, complete with step-by step photos. I really think you guys will like it a lot!!

  I really cannot thank Kelly enough for having me on her amazing website and for embracing the shorties!!  See you on Vampy Varnish!! 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Zoya PixieDust Godiva and Dahlia

Good morning lovelies!! 

  I'm sorry about the gaps between postings. I seem to be on a upswing and I've been really taking advantage of this surge of "good-feeling". I actually went out this weekend and had a good time with the husband. Yesterday I was catching up on a ton of emails, doing some swatches, working on a little project I'm pretty excited about and did not get a chance to work on a Muffin Monday. 
  But anywho... last Friday I finally got a chance to wear some of my Zoya PixieDust polishes. These are Zoya's take on the textured polish trend. I've decided to wear them in pairs since they compliment each other so well. For my first go I went with Godiva(nude) and Dahlia. 
 These both have amazing formulas and they apply easily and evenly. They are both somewhat sheer, but they build up very easily. For both of these shades I used Three average coats. With these polishes it is best to wait a few minutes between coats to avoid "the lumps". Both Godiva and Dahlia have a beautiful Silver sparkle that seems to float on the surface of the texture. These are beautifully executed by Zoya and the sparkle makes them so chic. These were fully dry (on me) within 45 minutes of application.
 The texture on these is not distracting to me, and I am a picker. More good news, there was absolutely zero snagging of clothing. The wear on these was amazing, I polished my nails with them on Friday and just took them off yesterday! I had minimal chips on the corners of my nails. To remove I placed small bits of cotton soaked in acetone on each fingernail for a few minutes, then slid them off while applying some pressure. This got about 90% of the polish off and the rest came off very easily.

  I really, REALLY like these and I am so excited for the Summer Pixies!! I can't wait to try the rest of the shades in this collection. I kinda wanna try some nail art with them. Not sure how, or what yet but I'm sure they will look awesome in some nail art. There is something delicate, yet edgy about these and that makes me love them even more! 

 Have you tried the PixieDust polishes yet? What are your thoughts?

**Zoya products provided for my honest review. For more information please see my disclosure policy**

Friday, March 8, 2013

LTHP Quickies! Milani Grandissimo Lashes Mascara

Friday- Fryday!! 

  Do any of you guys  any exciting plans for the weekend? I don't just yet, but I'm still excited for the weekend! I've been feeling better this past week and I really wanna take advantage and go have some FUN!! 
  Onto the reason you're here ;)!! OMG MASCARA!!! SO Milani released a brand new mascara this year. This is the very first Milani mascara I've ever tried, and let me tell you, I am BLOWN away! I'm HUGE into mascara. I just love when you add mascara to an eye look and it brings it to life. I love when I'm having a lazy day and wearing a good mascara makes me feel that much more confident. Milani hit it out of the park with their new Grandissimo Lashes extreme volume mascara
 You know how they say a picture is worth 1,000 words? Even my husband could not believe the difference! Mascara is a wonderful thing, isn't it?
 I think it's pretty clear which is before and which is after right? On the left are my totally nakey lashes and the right is Two coats of mascara. I use the "wiggle" method to apply my mascara. They practically looked fake! On a random note, for these mascara swatches(?? lol) I prepped my lid with the new Milani Eyeshadow primer (which I will be covering soon) and Milani pressed powder shadows in French Vanilla, Pearl and Gold Dust.
 The brush on this mascara is really big. I honestly had never seen, or used a mascara with such a big applicator. The second I started applying the mascara it was like a revelation! OH MY WOW, it made application effortless, and look.. I didn't get ANY mascara on my lids!!! It also left no clumps at all! No matter how much I kept going over the lashes they always stayed fluffy and separated, not clumpy at all! I am so impressed with the volume and length this mascara added to my lashes.
 The final test for this mascara for me will be an actual wear test. My eyes can be so sensitive to mascaras, it's a little frustrating. Especially when I find a product I really LOVE, like this mascara. So I'm hoping it agrees with me when extended wear happens.

 Milani is making a beauty blogger out of me yet ;D! I've been SO impressed with every single product they ave released this year and the Grandissimo Mascara ($5.49 online) is no exception. I have a few more new releases from Milani to share with you guys that I am SOO excited about!!

 Are you a "lash gal"? What is your Holy Grail mascara? I think this might just be mine (I really hope it agrees with my eyeballs)!!

(**Miani product provided for review**)

Cult Nails Tempest, Fetish & Blaze -Nail Art Look

Happy Friday!!! 

  Today I have a really cool look featuring Cult Nails' Second Year Anniversary Collection. A few days ago I showed you guys Fetish all on it's own, but I thought it would be cool to do a look that featured different finishes. It seemed only fitting that I found a way to combine all Three shades in the collection into a cool look! 
 This look started with Two effortless coats of Tempest. I topped my base off with some Seche Vite and waited for it to dry. Then using some wavy scrapbook scissors I cut some strips of scotch tape to create the wavy side panels using Fetish. To clean up the seam between Fetish and Tempest I used a short striping brush dipped in Blaze. Then I went back with a really small dotting tool and added some Fetish dots along the wavy line. I did not top coat the finalized look to keep the cool contrast between wax and shiny finishes. Plain and simple, I ADORE this look!! And best of all, it was SO easy and fast to do!! 

 Here is a swatch of Tempest. The most flawless, creamiest shade of White I own. Two easy coats and an amazing self-leveling formula make this polish an absolute must have in my book!
 I said it before and I will say it again... I NEED more polishes in that wax finish!! There is something about it that I am absolutely LOVING!! I am also loving Blaze. When I first saw it I thought I would be indifferent towards it and then I actually wore it and I could not stop staring at my nails! It is a beautiful, blingy, yet classy glitter! My thoughts on Tempest? FINALLY, the perfect white creme haha!!! And Fetish? ... Yeah... you need it!

 I'm so ready for the weekend, I'm sure you guys are too :D!  

(**CN products provided for review**)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pink Wednesday! Milani Color Statement Lipsticks- Pink & Coral Lip Swatches

Hello lovelies and happy Pink Wednesday!! 

  For this edition of Pink Wednesday I have lip swatches of the beautiful, new Color Statement Lipsticks by Milani. These lippy swatches are of the Pink and Coral family, which I covered in a quickie post a few weeks back. I knew I really wanted to show you guys lip swatches of this color family because they were/are just SO beautiful and perfect for Spring. 
  There is a funny "story" behind these swatches. It took me a while to get them up because I was actually going through and wearing these. Every time I tried a new color in this family I was like "ooh ooh THIS one is my favorite"... Long story short, they are all my favorites hahaha!
 I won't be going into huge detail about these since I covered the bulk of the review in [THIS POST].

 I used Haute Pink lip liner for all of these swatches. Well, all but Flamingo Pose for which I used All Natural. The liners are fabulous, I had no feathering at all!

Milani Flamingo Pose 
This beautiful shade of creamy Pinky- Coral applies like butter and wore beautifully! 

Milani Flirty Fuchsia
This shade was a definite WIN for me. This is a very vivid shade of Fuchsia, with just the slightest shimmer. This color has a very intense shine as it is a vinyl finish. 

Milani Rose Hip
This is a wonderful shade of light Blue-toned creamy Bubblegum Pink. Out of the "lighter Pinks" this one is the more vivid shade. 

Milani Rose Amour
This shade is a nice, classic shade of Rose Pink. It is light, but it has just the right amount of pigmentation. 

Milani Hot Pink Rage
This one is a fantastic shade of HOT Magenta Pink and it has a sultry matte finish. BIG fan of this shade as well. 

Milani Fruit Punch
This is a light shade of Pink, slight Coral undertones. I fell in love with this color from the second I did my arm swatch. This is a perfect, every-day shade and SO flattering. 
 The only one I could not bring myself to try was Pink Frost. I really don't see how I can make that shade work for me, maybe if I use it as a highlight shade? Anywho, these colors are all made of EPIC win. I ran into absolutely ZERO issues with application on these shades. They all had amazing coverage and felt so nice on the lips. Hot Pink Rage is a little drying, I'm guessing due to the matte finish. All the other shades were fabulous in terms of moisture. 

 Coming very soon are swatches of the Plums and Berries as well as Browns and Neutrals. So far though, this is my very favorite color family (but I love Pink so I'm biased). I just love how Pink looks with my hair colors ;). I can't say enough good things about Milani and all the amazing new products they have been putting out this year! 

I think my very faves here are Flamingo Pose, Flirty Fuchsia, Fruit Punch and Hot Pink Rage. Do you have any picks from this color family? 

(**Milani products provided for my consideration**)