Friday, March 29, 2013

LTHP Quickies! Milani Color Statement Lipsticks in Plums & Berries- Swatches

(*The products in this post were provided for review consideration.*)
Happy Friday!! 

  I have (literally) an UBER stiff neck today. Holy shiz guys. I'm like Robocop up in this bish.. Cannot turn my head in any direction or tilt it up or down.... I really think we need a new bed haha... So now that you guys are all caught up on that.... How 'bout some beautiful lipsticks?!!! I give you, Milani's Color Statement Lipsticks in the Plums and Berries Family. 
 MMMM!!!! Purple!! Much like the Pink family, I love every single one of these shades! There is a wonderful range of shades and finishes in this family.

 And for some quick arm swatchies:
Raspberry RUSH: (whoopsss!!) This shade is a vibrant shade of Metallic Fuchsia.
Plumrose: A classic shade of "rosey plum" creme. This is a great every-day shade.
Uptown Mauve: A beautiful shade of vivid Mauve creme. This shade leans more on the Berry side of Mauve. Super flattering color.
Violet Volt: GAHHHH!! An awesome shade of Blue toned, light metallic Purple.
Chilled Brandy: A shimmering shade of light Plum with slight brown undertones.
Sangria: A delicious matte, light burgundy shade.
Black Cherry: A, very shiny, shade of deep Burgundy. This one is listed as a creme finish, but I would say it's more like vinyl.

 With this color family they also released Two more lip liners. Once again, these have amazing pigmentation and a perfect creamy formula. 

 And now for some lip swatches of the Plum and Berry shades I've worn so far. I love these lipsticks so much. They have a great feel on the lips and the scent is light and does not linger. The wear on these colors is extremely impressive. I am wearing a liner on all of these. For the most part I used the Fuchsia lip liner.
Raspberry Rush 

Uptown Mauve

Violet Volt


 And these two are actually from the Red and Oranges family. I realized I never showed you guys lip swatches of these. My camera has a hard time with Red tones and capturing the subtle difference in colors. 
Ruby Valentine (Sultry, blue based, deep Red)

High Voltage (vivid tomato Red)
  So far, I can't really pick a favorite from this color family. I love them all for different reasons/ occasions. I am still in utter awe of the quality of these lipsticks and the amazing job Milani did with the color and finish Range. 

 Are any shades from this group jumping out at you?

(*The products in this post were provided for review consideration.*)


  1. I wish I was brave enough to rock Violet Volt! These all look great on you!

  2. They all look so pretty! I LOVE Sangria and Black Cherry. Don't think I have anything quite like them in my makeup stash.

  3. Ruby Valentine I like it the most

  4. I love the look of Black Cherry, it's almost worth the shipping charges to the UK!!

  5. I am *actually* disappointed that the purples show up WAY lighter than they look. I was excited for some deeeep purple looks, but it looks like this collection won't be the answer for that! Still some nice shades though, for sure.

  6. Soooo gorgeous!!! I need to get a few of these. I have Sweet Nectar. Perfect for anytime of the year. Major plus is that they smell like Jolly Ranchers! Awesome post. :]

  7. Soooo gorgeous!!! I need to get a few of these. I have Sweet Nectar. Perfect for anytime of the year. Major plus is that they smell like Jolly Ranchers! Awesome post. :]

  8. I would love to see a swatch of Plumrose! Everytime I buy a lipstick or gloss, I buy bright shades of pink or red but I've been really needing a nice everyday tone for work. Milani has put out such a great range of shades!!

  9. Beetje te felle kleuren voor mij, maar zitten mooie tussen!

  10. I love Milani! <3 But, ugh, it drives me wild that I can never find a NON-metallic/shimmery violet. I'd love a simple, fairly matte, violet lipstick.

  11. Nice photos, I like your blog!! Following you now!! What do you think about following me back??? :)

  12. The lipcolors you show look great on you. I feel like I have a good idea of how they would look on me after watching TotalMakeupJunkie101 on Youtube. She is an Indian girl who swatched all the lipsticks in this collection in a series of videos, and I think it's very helpful, especially for us dark skinned chicks.

  13. WANT Violet Volt!!! Methinks it will go most awesomely with pink/purple/blue hair. <3

  14. Darn…I'd hoped to see a pic of Black Cherry worn on lips…But I'm so happy to see a swatch of Violet Volt! I've been wondering about that color ever since Milani posted it on Pinterest.

  15. Soon! I've been working up the courage to wear that shade heehee. Its a bit out of my comfort zone, but it is really beautiful.


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