Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hard Candy- Candy Sprinkles Skittle Nails

(**Press Sample**)
Good afternoon! 

  Today I have a sweet skittle mani I did using some of my new Hard Candy nail polish shades. These are all from the Candy Sprinkles collection. As you can see, these cuties are heavily inspired by the "glitter sammich" concept. This group is made up of Nine creamy-glitter polishes. Today I am sharing a cute skittle mani with Five of these pretties. 
From thumb to Pinkie:
Gummy Green: A creamy-jelly, muted Mint-colored base, with Silver and Black small hexagonal glitter. This particular shade had one of the better formulas. I used Three thin coats for full coverage and to get a really good "mint-chip ice cream" effect going on.
Pixie Pink: A creamy-jelly, light milky Blue-Based Pink. The small hexagonal glitters in this one are Teal, Silver and Pink. I used Three thin coats. The formula on this shade was nice and easy to work with.
Sweet Tooth: A jelly, almost White pink packed with Blue, Pink and Silver glitter. This was the most sheer of all the colors I tried. I used Three decent coats but the formula was great and easy to work with.
Jelly Bean Blue: A creamy base, Powdery Blue packed with Blue and Black glitter. I found the  formula on this shade to be patchy and a little problematic. A light and patient hand is key with shades like this one. I used Three coats.
Sugar Rush: A white creamy base packed full of Black and Silver glitter. I had the same formula issues with this shade as I did with Jelly Bean Blue. Three coats as well.
 Below are some macros of these yummy looking polishes.
 Even though the formulas are kind of.. all over the place... I really am not bothered by that and really ended up loving these polishes. I'm glad that an affordable polish line came out with these "speckled/ sprinkled" polishes. These all seemed to even out well at Three coats and they all wore really well. I think I had these on for about Four days, no chips, no shirnkage. Before application it is best to give these polishes a good shake, they like to settle a bit. These babies to require a good top coat to bring out the shine and smooth the surface. I used Two coats of KBShimmer Clearly on Top top coat and I had absolutely ZERO shrinkage (YAYAYAYAY Praise the polish gods).

Have you tried any of these new Hard Candy polishes? They are available at Wal-Mart and Online as well. For the price, these are adorable little polishes and I really love what hard Candy did with the glitter-sammich looks. I like all of these quite a lot ♥. 

Any faves?

(**Press Samples**)


  1. I love their "Crushed Chrome" polishes - the glitter is really fine and some like the Crush on Lava have a really nice irridescence. I've only otherwise tried two of the Crystal Confetti ones - the black tie is great (I put it over some light blue for Easter to make my nails look like robin's eggs!), but was disappointed in the Masquerade shade. The burgundy confetti is gorgeous, but there's a ton of a very fine black glitter/confetti that overtakes it. For instance, I would try to get more of the burgundy confetti, and end up depositing more of the black and it just made my nails look dirty. I wanted to try Birthday Bash in that line as well, but I'm afraid I'll have the same trouble.

  2. I really like Sweet Tooth!

  3. I love these polishes! I bought all but two of them.

  4. Agreed, the new Hard Candy glitters are not amazing and some are a bit gritty but they look so gorgeous xx

  5. I have Gummy Green and really like it.

  6. Nail Polish SleuthMay 1, 2013 at 8:15 AM

    Hard Candy has nailed the 'indie polish' look without the price. Great pics!

  7. I've got Gummy Green and I don't know if I got an "off" one or what but I found that it's really thick almost to the point that it is unmanageable. They look amazing though! I might just go buy the other ones, just because! :P

  8. I bought quite a few of these - I am lucky enough to have a Walmart nearby that stocked these babies pretty quickly, and they always keep the display full. I find myself wandering by it and picking up a new color every month. The sprinkles polishes were at the top of my list, and I love them.

  9. I went crazy and bought all three bottles of Gummy Green when I found them at a nearby walmart. It's one of my favorite polishes!

  10. I tried 2 of these under a shellac top coat and on their own and they lasted for about 48 hours :( sad because they are SO adorbs!


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