Friday, April 26, 2013

Milani Textured Nail Polish in Shady Gray

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Happy Friday!! 

 Today I have the One shade I did not get to show you guys when I did my Milani Textured Skittles Post. That pretty was Shady Gray. Way back, when LTHP was a baby blog, I was OBSESSED with Grey nail polish. I would pretty much gravitate toward Grey tones any time I was doing an "on the go" mani. Along the way I started loving on bright tones and kinda drifted away from wearing Greys.
  Then last week, I was doing a super rushed mani, and I decided to use Shady Gray because I knew it would go on quickly and look neat. I could not stop staring at my nails and was immediately reminded of my past love affair with Grey nail polish. I loved how sexy and cool my nails looked. There is something about Grey polish that gives me that "cool without trying too hard" feeling. Do you have a shade that does that for you?
 Shady Gray has an amazing formula and that neat concrete-like texture. This picture was taken the day after application. I did Two coats for my manicure and was satisfied with the opacity at that point. Though looking at pictures now some nails could have benefited from a Third thin coat. Alas, I stopped at two coats and called it a day. My nails were dry fairly quick and once again I found the wear on this textured polish to be remarkable.
  I am still not bothered by the texture at all. They are far smoother than I ever thought they would be and I've had zero snagging on clothes, sheets, hair, etc... I am enjoying these textured polishes a lot and I love that the have such amazing wear. For some reason I was expecting all these textured polishes to chip easily.

 I have so many more textured polishes coming your way! I also want to do a massive comp post since so many of you lovelies have requested the different collections be compared to each other.

Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend!!

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  1. I <3 all the textured polishes! But what I REALLLLY wanna know is how you get such a clean line around your nails & cuticles. Obvi clean up with a small brush or Q-Tip dipped in acetone or polish remover....but my lines NEVER look as crisp as yours or Nailasaurus's. Do you do the clean up while the poilsh is wet, or you wait til it dries? I've actually tried both ways, and wet it def easier, but I find sometimes I f-up my mani. Any suggestions???

  2. I love this too!! Because of you I tried textured polish for the first time. I got all of these and fell in love!!

  3. I love grey nail polish as well. Your nails always looks amazing...

  4. I would say blue gives me the same feeling... Thank you for the coming comp post, sooo useful !

  5. I love grey and the more I say the texture polishes the more I want them!!

  6. Briana NailACollegeDropOutApril 27, 2013 at 11:46 PM

    I went to walgreens just for this color and it wasn't in stock. =(

  7. Oh my gosh...this textured Milani polish makes me want to RUN to the drugstore! lol So cool :) Thanks for the swatches, I like grey polish, too...

  8. I love this one! Better alternative to black for me.

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