Friday, May 24, 2013

O.P.I Couture de Minnie Collection Swatches

(**press sample**)
Hello my darlings and happy Friday! 

  I am so very sorry about the minor posting hiatus. We had some MAJOR personal stuff go wrong last week. Basically, I was "ready to jump"... It was absolutely nothing blog related. Just life... doing it's thing... being a beyotch. But, things are settling down and falling in place so I'm feeling positive and keeping my head up. 
 Then yesterday, I was trying to get these photos edited and I was having all kinds of issues with the editor I use. I was pretty hissy... Full Moon maybe? Luckily I found an alternative in Photobucket, which I had not used in YEARS. I was bummed, because I've been desperate to share my swatches of O.P.I's new Couture de Minnie collection for Summer. If you are going "Whit a minute, didn't O.P.I do a Minnie themed collection for Summer last year?" Why yes, yes they did, and apparently they had a really positive response. This year they gave Minnie a high-fashion look, and Five new adorable shades for the Summer months. 

 photo ced48b62-04dc-40af-a293-b54ec339be9d_zps475bbed6.jpg
 All of these swatches, with the exception of Magazine Cover Mouse, are shown with a top coat. 

O.P.I Liquid Sand in Magazine Cover Mouse
 Magazine Cover Mouse is a light, Red based sparkling texture laced with strong Golden, Silver and Pink micro shimmer. I LOVED the (almost) duochrome look to this liquid sand. I really must admit that this was a heavy and instant favorite for me. I love the hints of Pink sparkle and the overall "Minnie-ness" of it all. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. This texture dried fairly fast. If I had to pick just ONE color to get from this collection, it would be this beauty!

 photo DSCN5408_zps11a96da5.jpg
One hour after application
O.P.I Innie Minnie Mighty Bow
 This shade is your classic Candy Apple red with strong Red and Golden micro shimmer for added dimension. This color has a very saturated formula and could well be a one coater. I used Two thin coats for my swatch. This color will be fantastic during Holidays. 
 photo DSCN5382_zpsda4e66ce.jpg

O.P.I A Definite Moust Have
 This shade is described by O.P.I as a Fuchsia.... I saw hot Coral. It was hard shade to capture because it is SO vibrant. This shade is very similar to Come to Poppy from the Nice Stems Collection. This shade is a bit more vibrant and extremely saturated. I did Two easy coats for my swatch. 
 photo DSCN5351_zps89efd7b5.jpg

O.P.I Minnie Style over O.P.I Chic Comes Ears to Tail 
 OMG I LOVE THIS GLITTER. Ok, now that THAT is out of my system haha.. This cute confetti- style glitter is a simple blend of White, Pink and Red hexes packed in a clear base. I was impressed with how easy it was to work with. I only did one coat of glitter over my base color. 
 photo DSCN5329_zpsddcb9a81.jpg

O.P.I Chic from Ears to Tail
 What would a Summer/Minnie- themed collection be without your classic Bubblegum Pink creme? This shade is adorable. There is the slightest hint of Silver micro sparkle. It is SO barely there, can barely be seen in Sunlight even. I do think that the shimmer did wonders for the formula on this shade. I used Three easy coats for my swatch. 
 photo DSCN5314_zpsfd49637d.jpg
I like this collection a lot more than I thought I would. They really got me in my soft spot with the fantastic Liquid Sand Shade Magazine Cover Mouse and the adorable glitter in Minnie Style. In last year's Minnie collection they went with the more retro-cutesy side of Minnie. This collection is Minnie all grown up. For that, I love these colors.

Are any of the shades in this release speaking to you? Which Minnie Couture would you rock?

(**Press Sample**)


  1. I'm really loving A Definite Moust Have. so so pretty!!!

  2. I am loving them all! I can't wait to get mine. My fav is ALL of them...I can't pick one over the others!

  3. I picked up the glitter yesterday, it was the only one that interested me. :)

  4. The Light Pink & Topper Combo is soooo adorable!!!!!

  5. I usually love these sorts of colors, but I have to admit, I'm not impressed. There's nothing that really wows them about me. They're all very pretty, just not something I'm going to run out and buy. :)

  6. Minnie Style is the cutest! I'll definitely have to pick that one up

  7. I don't understand why a second Minnie collection was needed, but I much prefer these colors to the set that came out last year!

  8. LOVE all of them! I would say my favorites are Magazine Cover Mouse and Minnie Style, but ALL of them are gorgeous! Perfect Minnie colors! <3

  9. This glitter is too cute! I think thats the only one I NEED lol Cute swatches :)

  10. I love this collection! I already ordered it online and hope to receive it soon!

  11. I just picked up two of them yesterday! Minnie Style and Magazine Cover Mouse. It was my first time seeing Minnie Style in person and was surprised because all the swatches I have seen including yours say and show that it is just hex glitter, but my bottle has white square glitter as well. Wondering if everyone else who has bought it has the same thing or if I managed to get a off batch? Not that I am complaining because it is more unique than I thought it would be.

  12. Ooh that's interesting. Post a pic to my FB wall of you get a chance. Id love to see your version. Mine had no squares at all. Just white, pink and red hexes. Maybe some of the squares from "lights of emerald city" made it into your batch of "minnie style."

  13. That Liquid Sand is EVERYTHING ♥.

  14. Mine is the same. The squares are just white.its almost like they didn't cut the glitter right :(

  15. I just got this and mine has square glitter as well!


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