Tuesday, May 14, 2013

O.P.I Oz the Great and Powerful Collection Swatches

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Good morning loves!! 

  Today I will be sharing my swatches of O.P.I's newest Summer Soft Shades collection which was inspired by the new film, Oz the Great and Powerful. This lovely collection is made up Three nude jellies, Three layering glitters and One new Liquid Sand shade for a total of Seven new shades.
 I will be SO very brutally honest. I was fully prepared to loathe this collection. I was ready to be all like "OMG it's so boring, the glitters suck etc". I found myself nomming on my words. I always think I will hate the Soft Shades, and I always end up enamored with them. I think it is because, while these are not colors I would normally pic for myself, they always end up looking so lovely and feminine. I can't help but enjoy the softer, healthy look these shades give my hands.

O.P.I I Theodora You
  I Theodora You is a lovely shade of soft Ballerina slipper pink jelly-creme. This color has a perfect squishy formula and applies very easily. I used Three easy coats for my swatch above.

O.P.I Lights of Emerald City over I Theodora You
 Lights of Emerald City is a blend of larger White squares and small opalescent squares suspended in a clear base. This topper is fairly easy to work with and I didn't have many issues getting the larger pieces to come out. The best thing to do is to store your bottle upside down for a little bit before application so the larger bits settle to the top of the bottle. I really love this glitter a LOT.

O.P.I Glints of Galinda
 Glints of Galinda is a really neutral beige jelly-creme. I'd say it is a sandy beige and it seems to dry just a tad darker on the nail than the color in the bottle. This shade pulled Peachy on me, which I really liked. I used Three thin coats for my swatch.

O.P.I When Monkeys Fly over O.P.I Glints of Galinda
 When Monkeys Fly is a mix of large Golden hexes and smaller Silver prismatic hexes in a clear base. This was the "problem child" of the collection for many gals. O.P.I decided to go with intentional curling (Taco Glitter) on the larger pieces, which bothered a lot of gals. Personally, I did not find the curling to be as drastic as some people made them out to be. Yes, they were slightly curved, but I did not find it to be an issue. The trickier part was getting the pieces to stay on my nail as I was applying the polish. I used more of a dabbing method to get the pieces on my nails. In the end, I really liked this glitter and I don't mind the slightly curved pieces.

O.P.I Don't Burst my Bubble 
 Don't Burst my Bubble  is a very, very light shade of Pink creme- jelly. It is practically a White jelly, with the slightest hint of Pink undertones. This was the sheerest of all, I had to do Four thin coats on this shade. That said, the formula was easy to work with and very even.

O.P.I Which is Witch? over O.P.I Don't Burst my Bubble 
 Which is Witch?  is a really lovely and twinkly blend of micro sparkles. Micro bars and slightly larger glitter Hexes in a Silver prismatic finish all suspended in a clear base. This polish is PACKED with sparkle and has a great spread of the glitter. I just love this look. It is dreamy and fantastical.

O.P.I What Wizardry is This? 
 This is the liquid sand shade that was released with this collection. What Wizardry is This? is a great shade of sparkling Bronze texture. I did not think I would enjoy this, but I do love it quite a lot. It is such a rich shade. It reminds me of coffee for some reason... Random I know haha. I used Two coats for my swatch, but I should have used a Third thin one.

  And there you have O.P.I's Oz Collection. What are your thoughts on this collection? I find these to be adorable, clean and feminine. I really ended up liking the glitters as well. I suppose it is a good thing I do not naturally gravitate to shades like these. They usually end up being unique in my stash, and that is always a good thing. If I were to only get ONE shade from this collection, it would definitely be I Theodora You.

 Which are your picks?

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  1. I need When Monkeys Fly and What Wizardry Is This. Thanks for the beautiful swatches!

  2. I bought Which Is Witch? months ago (not sure how I managed it lol) and I am so in love with it, it looks so pretty and ethereal over paler colours. I normally hate sheer shades but I have fallen totally in love with I Theodora You and Don't Burst My Bubble so I really must get them. And Lights Of Emerald City. Not a fan of the liquid sands though :/ xx

  3. I like this collection a lot. First I thought I wouldn't but the nudes just look pretty on my nails and I also tried my first OPI Liquid Sand polish.

  4. Can I just say, I love the polishes that have the sparkles in them! How'd they do that?

  5. I only got What Wizardry is this, but I do love the softshade jellies. I got all the NYC Ballet polishes last year, though, so I didn't think I really needed any of these, but now I kiiind of want to get Glints of Glinda. I have been contemplating Lights of Emerald City, but the other two glitters don't do much for me. Love your swatches!

  6. I've been eyeing Which is Witch. It is so pretty! I'll have to find Don't Burst My Bubble. I love that color!

  7. oh my god, i originally thought i'd only want when monkeys fly from this collection but now that i've seen your swatches, i think i want all 3 glitters and i theodora you :3

    à la foliee

  8. Stephanie HancockMay 14, 2013 at 1:35 PM

    Beautiful! Love your swatches of this collection! I ended up getting all but When Monkeys Fly; the bottle I picked up looked REALLY curly. Which is Witch is my favorite; I bought a backup! It looks good over everything!!

  9. I have colecction, very beautiful!


  10. Great swatches. You make me want to buy everything! I love Lights of the Emerald City, but I'm a little scared of wearing the big-ish white squares. haha


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