Monday, May 6, 2013

Sation Candylandia Gradient Nail Art and an Update

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Good afternoon everyone!! 

  Last night I took a little poll on the Facebook page to see what you guys were interested in seeing today. Out of all the options you guys voted for "a gradient", so a gradient it is :D! Many of you also suggested a Textured gradient, that will DEFINITELY be happening soon! Today's gradient features some lovely, awesome shades from Sation's Candylandia collection. For this gradient I was inspired by [THIS PAIR] of Black Milk Clothing leggings.
  Before I go onto the nail art I wanted to give you guys a little update on my visit to The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. Not much happened as this was an initial consult visit. I did get scheduled to go back in June for about Four days of tests. It is going to be a long process, but I finally feel like I am at the right place, with the best doctors. I have not felt hopeful in a long time, this visit changed that for me.      
  The doctor who consulted with me was like no doctor I've ever spoken with before. He really inspired a lot of confidence in me and was very kind. He actually listened to what I had to say and showed legit concern. This is not something I want to be going through, but I am glad I am finally being treated by a great team of doctors at an amazing facility. 
  Now for a miss Muffin update: my poor kitty has a cold! But worry not, she has been to the Vet. She was given a shot of slow-release antibiotics. She is acting fine and active, eating etc, but I didn't want to bug her over the weekend as I could tell she felt "off". How 'bout that gradient!!? 
 This look started with a base of Sation's Love is in the Heir, which is a light, Greyed out Blue crelly. Using this shade as my base color mae all the difference when it came to building up my gradient. The light Blue tone really brought out the colors I was using to gradient over my light Blue shade. For the gradient I used colors from Sation's Candylandia collection. I went with Plenty of Frogs, Cast a Spill on You and Super Nail-tural Powers. I.LOVE.THIS.GRADIENT!!! I loved it SO much I didn't even do my signature coat of INM Northern lights!! WHAT?!! LTHP didn't put Northern Lights on a gradient?!!!!!! I know, I know haha... But just look at that shimmer from Cast a Spill on You(Blue) and Plenty of Frogs! 
 This was probably the easiest gradient I've ever done and I chuck that up to combination the base color and the formula of the shades I used to gradient. The shimmers really made the seams blend effortlessly and created such beautiful airbrushed-looking surfaces. Choosing the correct base color for gradients really does make a difference and I am just now learning this myself. I should film a tutorial on how I do my gradients, huh? I know everyone has their own way of doing them, and you guys have been asking for a while... I've just been a horrid Youtuber :(.

 Here is a shot of my base color Love is in the Heir. This shade comes from Sation's Marie Antoinette inspired collection. This shade is a soft, muted Blue with some slight Grey undertones and a subtle twinkling Silver sparkle. Finish-wise it is between a creme and a jelly, more jelly than creme. The formula was smooth, even and easy to work with. I used Three thin coats since I wanted to show you guys a swatch of this shade as well. Girls with longer nails, or those of you who are not a fan of "visible nail line (VNL)" might need a few more coats for full coverage. I really enjoy soft, dreamy shades like this one. Do you?
 I am SO sorry about the hiatus over the past week. I'm hoping to break that cycle of absences for a while. I have SO much nail polish to go through. I also got some new stamping plates, the Pueen sets! I had not gotten new stamping plates in like a year or so! I am SO excited about these Pueen plates though, they are ADORABLE!

 And just a quick reminder that Google reader will be going away on July 1st! I've set up shop over at Bloglovin. I just LOVE how easy it is to use and they also have an iPhone/Droid app! Make sure you are following LTHP on Bloglovin so you don't miss out!! Also, [HERE] is a full list on ways to keep up with the Let them have Polish! nonsese!
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 I've really missed you guys so very much! I hope you guys liked this gradient! I kinda wanted to eat my nails when I wore it :)!

(**Press Sample**)


  1. WOW!!! Love the color combo on the gradient! very pretty

  2. beautiful gradient! and i am so glad to hear that your new doctor sounds hopeful. it's just the worst when you're with a dr who doesn't seem to take you seriously.

  3. FromPolishwithLoveMay 6, 2013 at 12:56 PM

    Love Is In the Heir is such a gorgeous polish! I got Love at First Byte in my Ipsy bag and now I know what polish I want to use the discount code on ;-) Beautiful gradient too!!!

  4. This light blue looks good enough to eat, it's gorgeous. I don't give a rotten fig about VNL... Where can I get this beauty?!

  5. Hi Magda (that is my mommas name too!!). They can be found at as well as under Sation, then New Sation. They are also available at select marshalls, TJ Maxx stores.

  6. I cant wait to try Love at First Byte. It looks like such a good "your nails but better" type of shade.

  7. I own those leggings :) Got them years ago! They are awesome and I love your gradient :)

  8. Hi,, this gradient made me feel peaceful like I am at the beach with those colors in the water...beautiful! I'm glad Magda asked where to get Sation because I've been wondering that for awhile as well and now I know! Also, I follow your blog via having signed up to be emailed whenever you've posted something new. However, I didn't see email on your list of how to follow you. Will my email notices be going away as well?

    I'm so glad your Miss Muffin is feeling better. I have a cat with feline herpes. Herpes present different symptoms in animals, or at least cats, than in humans. While in humans the symptoms are blisters, in cats, herpes is a respiratory disease so the symptoms present the same as a cold: leaky eyes and nostrils, sneezing, loss of appetite and energy. Like humans, there is no cure but when cats have an outbreak of herpes, there are medicines to give them that dry up all the leaking. Once they can smell again, their interest in food returns and once they're eating again, their energy returns. In cats, herpes is caught by being around other cats with feline herpes. If the other cat has an outbreak of herpes, it's as easy as sneezing on another cat and that cat then inhaling particles from the sneeze. We've been incredibly lucky as we have two other cats but neither of them have caught it because our particular three like to stay away from each other. Many cats like to sleep and play together and that makes the passing on of feline herpes much easier. When our cat has an outbreak, we have to give her three medicines for basically three times a day for three weeks to dry her out good and get her back in shape. Two of the medicines are oral and one is eye drops and they aren't cheap. I'm sooooo glad the adorable Muffin only had a cold. I saw an opportunity here to talk about feline herpes because it's often misdiagnosed as a cold and then the cat doesn't get the proper treatment. Thank you for letting me post this information along with my raves for this gradient.


    P.S., I'm also very glad to hear you are making headway with your health! I have a male cousin who is a nurse at the Jacksonville Mayo Clinic...such a small world!

  9. That gradient is awesome! I love it!

  10. FromPolishwithLoveMay 7, 2013 at 1:51 PM

    It definitely is! It's super sheer though so I needed about 3 coats to where you couldn't see any VNL. I did a blog post on it and got a ton of comments about how great it looked on me when I thought it really didn't compliment my skin tone well. I used it under Shimmer Jennifer and it was perfect for that!!

  11. The gradient is beautiful!! :D I need to do one in those colours!

  12. Gorgeous! I love it!~

  13. That gradient O.O god it is beautiful! Really well done babe.


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