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KBShimmer Spring 2013 Collction Swatches

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Good afternoon lovely people!!! 

  Today I have a very... VERY delayed post. I feel like a complete tool for getting these out so late. This is the AMAAAAZING Spring 2013 collection by KBShimmer. Worry not, I will be having the KBShimmer Summer Swatches up early next week! I was just saying on LTHP's Facebook how behind I am in my collections. However, I've been feeling well and I'm ready to tackle the mountain of polishes I have to swatch.  
 Onto this collection, I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get these swatches done and up. I do hope you still enjoy these swatches though! I am just enamored with KBShimmer. Her polishes are perfection in every way. I always look forward to a good KBShimmer swatchathon because they never disappoint. 
KBShimmer Spring Collage photo KBShimmerSpring_2_zps55e596d4.jpg
Since there are a lot of pretties to cover I am doing a jump today. Trust me, you want to see these up close and personal, so keep on reading ♥. 

This collection was made up of Nine glittery beauties. Four of the polishes were creme-jelly based, Two were jelly based and Three were layering toppers. I was just on KBShimmer's site and most of these pretties are still available, but some have been discontinued. All swatches are shown with a top coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.  

KBShimmer Pastel me More over Inglot O2M #688
KBShimmer Pastel me More photo DSCN6804_zps67c20278.jpg
 Pastel me More is a beautiful glitterbomb made up of all hex shaped glitter in varying sizes suspended in a clear base. There are a TON of colors in this blend. I could make out Blue, Copper, Yellow and Pink and maybe some prismatic shades as well. This baby is packed and has a great spread of glitters. I used Two coats over my base color.  

KBShimmer Squared Away over O.P.I You're Such a Budapest
KB Shimmer Squared Away photo DSCN6761_zps0ef040dc.jpg
 Squared Away is a great mix of  Blue, Magenta and Silver prismatic squares in varying sizes suspended in a clear base. There is also a heavy dose of beautiful micro Blue shimmer suspended in the base. This glitter was so easy to work with, I was really impressed. There was no need for fishing out the large pieces and there was no issues when getting them on the nail. I used Two coats of Squared Away over my base color. 

KBShimmer A Dot Mess over O.P.I My Vampire is Buff
KB Shimmer A Dot Mess photo DSCN6712_zpse7d0bf3c.jpg
 A Dot Mess is this cool mix of Black and Fuchsia glitter. There are small hexes, micro bars and then tons and tons of dots!! I LOOOOOVE dot glitters. They are just so cute, different and surprisingly easy to work with. I used Two coats of glitter over my base color. This shade also has a great spread of glitters. 

KBShimmer Lottie Dottie
KB Shimmer Lottie Dottie photo DSCN6665_zpsc9534419.jpg
YAYAYAY for more dotties! Lottie Dottie is an adorable Blue and Magenta glitter blend suspended in a White creme-jelly base. There are dots, small hexes and micro bars packed in this cutie. The formula on this color was utter perfection. I could have done with Two coats, but I used Three thin ones instead. I absolutely adore this shade and still can't get over how amazing the formula was on this color.

KBShimmer Get Clover It
KBShimer Get Clover It photo DSCN6569_zpsb565d1c0.jpg
Get Clover It is a stunning, deep Forest Green jelly base packed full of Twinkling shimmer and many dots in Blue, Green, Light Green and Gold. This is such an interesting shade and I love how the glitters look like they are swimming on your nails. I used Three coats of color for my swatch. The formula was really good with this one. Delicious jelly! 

KBShimmer I Got a Crush on You
KBShimmer I got a crush on Blue photo DSCN6548_zps3848d05a.jpg
 I Got a Crush on Blue is a stunning Cobalt Blue jelly base packed full of prismatic Silver hexes in varying sizes. This shade has that same effect that Get Clover It has, where the glitter looks like it is swimming in the base. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. 

KBShimmer Iris my Case
KBShimmer Iris my Case photo DSCN6540_zps956f6e82.jpg
Iris my Case is an absolutely stunning, perfect crelly Lilac base packed with glitters. All the glitters are hex shaped, in varying sizes. There are Purple, White, Silver, Pink and Fuchsia glitters that give a lovely "speckled egg" effect. The formula on this shade is absolutely perfect. What you see in my swatch is Two effortless coats. 

KBShimmer Spring Training 
KBShimmer Spring Training photo DSCN6522_zps25e017f9.jpg
Spring Training is a playful, muted Mint Green crelly base packed full of all hex glitters. There are varying sizes of glitter in Purple, Pink, Yellow, Lavender and Blue glitters suspended in the base color. I LOOVE the bigger chunky bits in Spring Training. The formula on this baby is perfection. I only needed Two coats for my swatch. 
KBShimmer Where my Peeps At?
KB Shimmer Where my Peeps At? photo DSCN2077_zps9fffdf04.jpg
 Where my Peeps At? is an adorable, soft Yellow jelly with small Pink, yellow and green glitter accented by Circle glitters in Gold, Green, red and Pink. This polish is just TOO CUTE!!! The formula once again, PERFECT!! I used Three thin coats for this swatch. 

 What always gets me about KBShimmer nail polishes is that they are always SO easy to work with. There is no fussing, no manipulation, no fishing. You can just apply them and not worry about anything. I enjoy swatching her polishes so much. I am always excited for KBShimmer's creations because I know I never have to doubt the formula or creativity of the polishes. It is always such an eyegasm to wear a KBShimmer color. I really cannot wait to show you the Summer collection!! I could never pick a favorite polish from my KBShimmer stash. They are all standouts in my collection.  

What are some of your favorite KBShimmer polishes? 

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  1. I always hope to be disappointed with KBShimmer but alas, I love them all. She is killing it with her collections!

  2. Great swatches Cristina - thanks! I loved this collection from KBShimmer, which is one of my fave indie brands! I own Spring Training, although on me the base color looks a little more minty green than in swatches (where it looks more muted/dusty) - maybe that is just my skin tone. It has a light flowery (freesia?) scent to it that I personally love. I jut picked up a mini-bottle of Iris My Case that I'm very excited for, as well as a full-size of Pastel Me More, which I believe is being discontinued so it's on sale. But yeah, these are all pretty fantastic!!

  3. Oh, they are all beautiful! But my favorites are Iris Case and Spring Training.

  4. Alessandra Ferreira M MJuly 11, 2013 at 5:29 PM

    Todos lindos!

  5. FromPolishwithLoveJuly 11, 2013 at 5:34 PM

    I have Where My Peeps At? and Lottie Dottie and love them BOTH!! All of these look gorgeous on you!

  6. Gillian from Plumeria19July 11, 2013 at 8:01 PM

    I love this collection, it's so amazing. So I'm happy to look at more swatches. I love I got a crush on blue (dem big hexes), where my peeps at, a dot mess and all of them haha.

  7. I need that green! My only KBShimmer is Shipwreck, which is 100% TOTALLY AMAZING AAAAHHHHH.

  8. Love them all but I NEED Lottie Dottie in my life. LOL.

  9. That combo of Pastel Me More is stunning! And Get Clover It ♥♥♥

  10. ooooh now I feel bad for not finding time to use Lottie Dottie. I bought it and Iris My Case, but Lottie Dottie hasn't been used yet...thanks for inspiring my next mani :-)

  11. Your combinations are genius! I love looking at you blog :)

  12. Iris my Case is absolutely gorgeous. Such a great review, I need to look in to these!


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