Friday, July 26, 2013

Milani Retro Glam LE Collection Swatches

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Happy Friday my lovelies!! 

  Today, I have another of Milani's new nail polish collections. This pretty group is the Retro Glam collection. This adorable release is made up of Five dainty cremes and one adorable Black and White glitter topper. I really love the range of colors in this collection. There really is a retro feel to them. They remind me of those old kitchen wall-phones with the 27 foot cords. The ones that would get tangled into an unholy mess... Remember those? Ahh the good 'ol days when you could still slam a phone down to end an angry conversation.... Anyways, back to polish, I adore these colors to bits, but some of the formulas were... interesting...
Milani Retro Glam photo RetroGlam-001_zps3c7c8f81.jpg
 To see close up swatches of these adorable colors just continue reading. 
 All swatches are shown with a top coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top. 

Milani Creamy Pistachio
Creamy Pistachio photo DSCN7234_zps41ba9146.jpg
 Creamy Pistachio absolutely lives up to its name, as that is exactly what it is. This beautiful shade of pastel pistachio Green is so yummy-looking. The formula on this color was strange. It was thick, but crelly; opaque, but sticky. I got it to level out at Three patient coats, and the color is worth the work I out into it, it is lovely. The key with colors like this is to keep as light a hand as possible when applying to avoid dragging the polish and creating bald spots and streaks. 

Milani Almond Bliss
Almond Bliss photo DSCN7333_zpsf47aa156.jpg
 Almond Bliss is a super interesting shade of very, very light Beige-Yellow pastel. I love this color. I love how color like this look on my nails. They are always really chic and different. The formula on this shade was very difficult to work with though. I ran into issues with streaking, bald spots and it just not wanting to level. I needed FOUR coats to get this swatch to look photo-worthy. 

Milani Strawberry Shake
Strawberry Shake photo DSCN7272_zps34de2900.jpg
 Strawberry Shake is a yummy shade of light bubble gummy Pink. There is a slight Pinky micro shimmer that definitely aids in the application. The shimmer does not really translate to the nails, but it is there. The formula on this shade was quite nice, I used Three thin coats. I want a lipstick in this color and finish. 

Milani Mint Chip
Mint Chip photo DSCN7421_zps026363a7.jpg
 Mint Chip is one of the more vivid shades in this group. This shade is a Spearmint green creme with a good formula. It was a bit uneven, but opaque. I used Two coats for my swatch, adding a top coat evened out the surface. 

Milani Raspberry Delight
Raspberry Delight photo DSCN7462_zps17358d0f.jpg
 Raspberry Delight is a lovely Magenta Pink creme. This shade also has a soft pearly, barely-there, shimmer. This color has a great formula and does well in Two easy coats. 

Milani Sprinkles
Sprinkles photo DSCN7487_zps7b3f09a0.jpg
 Sprinkles is a great blend of Black and White Hexes in varying sizes accented with Black bars suspended in a clear base. This topper is fairly easy to work with as the glitter is really packed in the base. There is no fishing required, some slight manipulation is needed on the nails though. I really love this topper. It looks great over, just about, everything! 
Sprinkles photo DSCN7302_zps31f8ff0c.jpg
 I only needed One coat of Sprinkles over my colors to get a good spread of glitter bits. 
Sprinkles photo DSCN7263_zps84f13adc.jpg
 What are your thoughts on this collection? I LOVE the colors, I am a bit bummed about some of the formulas being so poor. That is very uncharacteristic of Milani polishes. That said, the colors are well worth the effort. Nothing a good top coat can't help fix ;). The wins for me here are Creamy Pistachio, Sprinkles and Almond Bliss( despite the horrid formula).... Patience young Padawan.

These will be available at select CVS and Meijer stores starting early August, though some stores may already have them out. They are also available online. 

 Are any of these speaking to you? 


  1. I absolutely adore the Creamy Pistachio, esp. withe the Sprinkles top coat. Fabulous!!!

  2. I absolutely love all of the colors in this collection but it kind of stinks that the faves I have were crummy formula-wise. With your gorgeous swatches you wouldn't even be able to tell you had issues with the application! I love that glitter topper. Definitely have to add it to the long list of black and white glitter toppers that you have to own every one of even though they all look similar, ha!

  3. Think they're all gorgeous! Love the toopcoat, so funny!

  4. Lovely colors, but all of my Milani polishes have this same problem no matter what the color or formula/finish. I really love a lot of their colors but I shy away from them quite often because application is such a pain :(

  5. Love the colors! Shame about the formulas though.

  6. Strawberry Shake and Almond Bliss look soooo yummy!

  7. Love the light colors! :D

  8. I'm lusting over Almond Bliss, Creamy Pistachio and Mint Chip

  9. Raspberry, Pistachio and Sprinkles! Beautiful pictures!

  10. Cris are beautiful!
    I love Milani
    = ^. ^ =

  11. These are all so gorgeous! And I have to have the topper because I have to own ALL the black/white glitters!

  12. Letícia BaltieriJuly 27, 2013 at 1:17 PM

    Just love this black and white glitter *-*

  13. Martha 10NiceNailsJuly 27, 2013 at 5:33 PM

    Ooh! Love these, particularly the pistachio and almond!

  14. I am sad that they were difficult to work with. The Almond and both greens are so pretty. If you find them difficult, I would find them impossible. The topper reminds me of Cover Band Sticks and Stones. Your swatches are flawless as always.

  15. Almond Bliss is such an unusual yet STUNNING color! Wow!

  16. Melissa Shmeldon BennettJuly 29, 2013 at 2:58 PM

    I've never heard of this brand before but your swatches and the colours are so gorgeous! Definitely getting the retro feel from them :D

  17. I love all these! Especially Creamy Pistachio and Mint Chip! Love me some greens.


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