Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Mani Spam

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Good evening my darlings!! 

  Today I have some random mani-spam for you guys. I also have a teeny bit of "news" today. If you follow LTHP on Facebook, you may have already seen this update, but I wanted to post it on the blog too. 
 Muffin's passing was a very hard, sad and almost traumatic experience for me, she was such a big part of our home, and this blog. I was heartbroken to have to bring "Muffin Mondays" to a close in such a sad manner. But that said, I knew that I had to keep the tradition of polish-picking kitties going on the blog. SO, starting tomorrow a new weekly feature will begin with Truffle picking up where Miss Muffin left off. Every week, on Tuesdays, Little Truffle will be picking me a polish to work with. Truffle Tuesdays are a-comin'! After all... my blog tag line does promise Nails, makeup and CATS!!!  
Monday Spam Collage photo Spam1_zps491f8798.jpg
 To see closeups of all these pretties, just continue reading after the jump. 
Sation Queenie in a Bottle
Sation Queenie in a Bottle photo DSCN6025_zpsd1c246d2.jpg
 Queenie in a Bottle is a delicious shade of bright Raspberry creme-jelly. This shade was significantly brighter in person, like a hot Magenta Pink? I was honestly amazed at how much I loved the color on my nails because it did not look that special in the bottle. The formula on this shade is a dream to work with and only needed Three thin coats for full coverage.

Lac Attack The Horcrux of It over A England Tess D'Urberville 
LA The Horcrux of It photo DSCN5928_zpsa0f2cc8f.jpg
 How cool is this polish? It is so deep and mysterious. Anywho, The Horcrux of It is a deep, Blackened jelly base packed full of Copper, Gold and Green hex glitters in varying sizes. For this swatch I did layer THOT because I really wanted to bring out the glitters in it. I used Two coats of The Horcrux of It over my base color.

A England Tess D'Urberville
A England Tess d'Uberville photo DSCN5912_zps4dd9bf65.jpg
Oh Tess... A England always takes my breath away. Tess D'Urberville is a Blackened base packed full of micro Emerald Sparkle. This shade is very deep and vampy, the shimmer comes out to play the most in Sunlight. I could have almost done with one coat of Tess, but I used Two. 

Lac Attack Weasley's Wizard Wheezes over Zoya Gaia
LA WWW over ZOya Gaia photo DSCN5891_zps0d7a5619.jpg
 Weasley's Wizard Wheezes is an amazing Blend of vivid Orange hexes and Bars accented by Marigold hexes in varying sizes all suspended in a clear base. This shade has a great spread of glitter, and how AMAZING does it look over Zoya's Gaia?

Cadillacquer The Dark Whatever, Easy as Pie and Cute Poison 
Cadillacquer Skittles photo DSCN5530_zpsc7254538.jpg
 Cadillacquer!!!!!! I am SOOOO into these creations. I mean, seriously.. Just look at these! Ok, The Dark...Whatever is a true Grey jelly base packed with small Black and Violet glitter, accented with Blue hexes. Easy as Pie is a lovely lavender crelly base packed full of Fuchsia dots, and varying sizes and shades of Purple hexes. Cute Poison is a magnificent, dusty Teal crelly base packed full of small Violet and Aqua sparkle, accented by Black squares. All Three of these pretties has great formulas and all did well in Three thin coats. 

Sation No Rings Attached over O.P.I A Definite Moust Have
Sation No rings Attached over OPI photo DSCN5368_zps6119ee06.jpg
No Rings Attached is a glitter topper made up of all vivid Yellow- Gold hexes and bars suspended in a clear base. This baby is insanely packed with glitter and has a great spread. I used one coat of glitter over my base color. 

Incoco Applique Skittles
Incoco Skittles photo DSCN3825_zps58b60bce.jpg
.... Oh Incoco how I wanted to love you.... Here's the deal. These are a great innovation, they really are. If you are not very good at painting your nails, not a fan of dry time, not good at nail art or just all around impatient; these are great for you. They give a lot of options for gals who want cool nails, but don't want to go to the salon, or just can't do them themselves.... 
Onto the issues I ran into with these: 
1. There are not enough small sizes of appliques. This is why I had to go through Three different styles of appliques to get all of my nails covered. If you have small/ narrow nails, these will be a slight pain. 
2. The application was not all that easy. This might have something to do with my narrow nail beds. But I found myself swearing a lot and wasting several appliques... Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist for these? But it was killing me not to have a perfect look with an applique, because I know I can get pretty near perfection with some plain 'ol polish and a brush. I expected these to apply with ease. 
3. They did not wear for more than Four days. The glitter one lasted 24 hours.... 
So MY opinion on these is that.. They are simply not for me. The ones on my toes wore a little better, but they were still a very frustrating experience. 

  So!!! Any faves here? Also, are you guys excited about Truffle Tuesdays?! I am, kitties will always be a part of LTHP ♥. Thanks for stopping by loves! 

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  1. I'm sorry for your loss but I'm glad you're continuing the tradition. I look forward to Tuesdays now. :)

  2. Thanks for this great spam post, Cristina! I just picked up two of the Cadillacquers you show here - The Dark...Whatever and Cute Poison! I am so excited for these polishes and am generally wowed by Cadillacquer's creations as well! I have been lemming Lac Attack Weasley's Wizard Wheezes FOREVER - it's just never in stock anywhere for me. Your swatch of this topper is gorge!

    I am also very glad to hear you will be launching Truffle Tuesdays soon. I can imagine the pain of losing your good friend, as I have had to say goodbye to my beloved pets as well.That said, I think it's really wonderful you are in a way celebrating Muffin by passing down her tradition to a new inheritor! And anytime I can have kitties and nail polish in the same post, I am personally a very happy camper! ;)

  3. so sorry about muffin but glad that the tradition will continue. i am sure truffle will choose some winners. :)

  4. yay for truffle tuesdays!! :)

  5. Very beautiful nails! Looove!


  6. Gillian from Plumeria19July 9, 2013 at 2:19 AM

    Great post!! I enjoyed all the swatches, especially Wheasleys wizard wheezes :) I'm glad the tradition will continue with Truffle Tuesday though the loss of Muffin was heartbreaking

  7. I love every single swatch here! Too bad the appliques didn't work out for you. I also don't have great experiences with appliques so far, my small nailbeds don't fit the sizes they come in and I have curved nails so lots of times there are wrinkles and such :(.


  9. I actually LOVE Incoco! Been using their strips for years- I can't even deal with liquid anymore! That's really strange that you say they didn't last, especially about the glitter. My glitter Incoco manis last FOREVER!! Did you use strips that were left over from a while ago? Maybe that's why...

  10. All my strips were brand spankin' new. I think the big problem is that they werent a good fit on my teeny nails and that allowed for water and hair styling products to get inbetween and reduce the wear. I've just been painting for so long that I prefer the 'ol paint and brush. the perfectionist in me could not handle the poor fit of the strips :(. But as I said, for many people/ situations they are awesome, just not for me.

  11. I agree with your opinions on the appliques. I've never tried the Incoco brand but, the Sally Hansen ones are the same. Also, you didn't mention this but, I see it in the photo, the edges curl up after you apply top coat. *SO* annoying. Like you said, they're pretty but, a pain in the neck. Esp. when you can get a similar, better finish/design with plain ole' polish.

  12. That is true! I made the mistake of adding a fast drying tc to the appliques, only to learn later on that it was a no-no lol. But I still dont really feel like giving them a second go. It was just too frustrating haha.


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