Friday, August 30, 2013

Golden Frames with Inglot and Zoya

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Friday! 

  I'm kicking this weekend off in a neutral, but eye- catching look. True story: I HATE Brown nail polish. I don't know why, because they generally look so freaking good on my nails... But I just don't like Brown... I find it boring.... So, needless to say I was not suuuper excited to try Louise from the Zoya Cashmere Fall Collection. But, I was HELL BENT on making myself enjoy this color, because in "normal land" this is a really pretty color... It's just in "Cris Land" that beautiful browns like these don't fly hahaha. So, I went for some glittery frames using one of my new Inglot Striping nail art polishes. I went with #66 Golden holographic glitter stripper to compliment my neutral, Chocolaty brown base. 
Neutral Frame photo DSCN9456_zps015ed070.jpg
 I will be reviewing Louise later on, along with the rest of the Cashmere's. The formula was amazing though. For this post I want to focus a bit more on the glitter striping polish from Inglot. Inglot released an AWESOME rage of striping polishes, which are packed with sparkly goodness and a fine striping brush. I wish the brush on the Inglot strippers was a bit thinner and longer, but it works well if you move patiently. The frames were really easy to do! I had never tried this look before, I was surprised at how quickly and easy they were to do. I finished this look off with two coats of KBShimmer Clearly on top, top coat.

  So, can I honestly say I like this mani? No, I LOVE it! Who knew little Golden frames on a Chocolaty base could be so chic and pretty? I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed this look and happy to have found a way to enjoy a Brown nail polish. 

 What is a color polish you just CANNOT get into? Have you found ways to rock it? 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Seche Nail Color Clever & Confident Fall 2013 Collection Swatches

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Thursday!! 

  If you have been a long time reader of LTHP, you know that for a long time Seche Vite was my go-to top coat. I have since found other top coats I really enjoy, but Seche Vite is definitely "old faithful" for me. So!! Today I have swatches of the Seche Clever & Confident Fall 2013 collection. Ever since Seche announced that they were going to be doing nail color, I just knew I had to try them. I am so happy that the first Seche shades I got to try were their Fall collection, because as many you guys know I just love Fall colors. 
Seche Fall 2013 photo SecheFall_zpsce2e24c8.jpg
To see close up swatches of these pretties just continue reading ♥. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

LTHP Quickies! Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stains

(**Press Samples**)
It's a quickie, humpday treat! 

  Ok, so I am SUUUUUUPER excited to be sharing these!!!! Let me tell you why; I am such a HUUUUGE fan of these types of chubby- pencil balm stains. I know many of us in the beauty community have had nothing but praise for the Revlon balm stains and the like. For me, they are like Pokemon, I've gotta catch em all! 
  Well, Jordana has very recently joined the balm stain game with their new Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain collection. They have done a range of Eight beautiful shades at a price point that makes it impossible not to want them all! These babies will be available at Walgreens stores, as well as the Jordana website and they retail for $2.99!!! You read that right, $2.99!!!!!! And let me tell you, the quality is AMAZING, the wear is incredible and they feel soooo good on the lips. 
Jordana Twist and Shine Balm Stains photo DSCN8777_zpsc9d0a9ce.jpg
 They did a great job of covering the "color bases". The nudes are really wearable and I think they will flatter many skin tones. The Pinks are beautiful and I cannot wait to try the deeper shades. They are opaque, but not so opaque that they do not allow the stain color to work with your natural lip color. I hope that makes sense haha. 
 I've only gotten around to wearing Two of the shades, but the application was really nice, buttery and smooth. I didn't feel any pulling or dragging on my lips. They really do feel moisturizing and the wear on them is absolutely amazing. They are also versatile in that they can be worn as a wash of color, or built up to be full on vibrant. These also make great bases for lipsticks and do not need lip liner.  
jordana balm stains photo JordanaInglot2_zps814fb4b1.jpg
Nude Chic: A beautiful shade of light shimmering Taupe stain. 
Terra Crave: A really wearable shade of Caramel- toned creamy stain.
Sweet Pink: A sweet shade of light, Blue- toned Bubblegum Pink creme stain. 
Honey Love: A soft shade of Honey- toned creme stain. 
Candied Coral: A gorgeous shade of wearable Coral creme stain
Tropical Frenzy: A fun shade of Magenta pink creme stain. 
Rock 'n' Rouge: A beautiful shade of pinuppy Orange-toned Red creme stain. 
Cranberry Crush: A sultry shade of beautiful deep Mauve-toned creme stain. 

 I don't know if there are dupes here for any of the other balm stains in the market as I've not had a chance to compare them. The only comparable ones I own to these are the Revlon Balm stains. I didn't  find any dupes within the ones I own. Texture wise, I found these to be a bit smoother than the Revlon stains. The scent of these is so minimal, it barely needs mentioning. 
 I do have lip swatches of the Two pink shades I've worn so far. The wear on these was INCREDIBLE. I needed minor touchups throughout the day, even after eating and drinking. I would say I wore these for about 12 hours or so, and even after my shower my lips still had a slight Pink tint to them. I was especially impressed with Sweet Pink because it is a lighter shade of Pink and for some reason I was not expecting it to be so opaque and just plain awesome.  

Jordana Twist & Shine in Sweet Pink
 I just adore this shade. I am a sucker for light Blue toned pink lippies. I think they are sweet and fun. 

Jordana Twist & Shine in Tropical Frenzy
 This is right up my alley. Shades like these are my "safe colors". When I doubt, I Magenta. This baby is just my cup of tea.

  So to recap, these are AWESOMESAUCE. Also, at a fraction of the price of most Balm Stains out there, these are a real steal. They retail for $2.99, but they wear and feel like a much more expensive product. These will be available at Walgreens stores as well as online. I really can't wait to wear the rest of the colors and do some mixing too. Of course, it is no surprise that I LOOOOVE the Pink tones. But, I really do love all the colors they released and I think they will flatter a lot of different skin tones. 

Will you be on the lookout for these Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stains? I will say this, if you were my bestie, I would tell you to run out and buy these!! 

Pretty & Polished Fall 2013 Collection Swatches- Fall in Love with P&P

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Humpday!

 Today I have another AMAZING collection from another of my favorite indie brands, Pretty and Polished. This collection is themed around the concept of "Fall-ing in love", in the Fall. Get it, get it? I think it is freaking adorable!! The theme of the collection is very evident in the names of the colors, which are so cute and punny. This is a really fun take on Fall, and I love the variety of colors and textures. Chels did an awesome job on these!! 
P&P Fall 2013 photo PampPFall2013_zps117ca566.jpg
 To see close up swatches of these awesome shades just keep on reading ♥. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Nicole by O.P.I Gumdrops in My Cherry Amour & I Lilac Gumdrops

(**Press Samples**)
Ew it's Monday... 

  But even that can't take away from how much I ADORE these two polishes from the Nicole by O.P.I Gumdrops collection. These are some of the first shades to grace my newly rounded shorties. I had been pondering trying a new nail shape for quite some time, so last week I finally took the plunge and went for some squoval/rounded nails. I must confess that I looove them shaped this way. I loved my squared shorties, but I am loving my rounded shorties even more. I must also admit that they are MUCH easier to keep up with.They are also growing out past my comfort zone, but I am actually liking how they look. 
  So I put these Two colors on last Thursday (8/22), I am still wearing them this morning, and they still look perfect! The only sign of wear is the gap between my cuticles and the colors, where the nail growth is showing. I'm super impressed with these two pretties and thoroughly enjoyed having them on my tips. 
Nicole by O.P.I My Cherry Amour and I Lilac Gumdrops
NOPI MY Cherry Amour and I Lilac Gumdrops photo DSCN8890_zps103f0280.jpg
 Let us talk formula first. Both of these shades have great formulas, I did not even need to clean up around my cuticles. I used Three thin coats of each color, both shades were dry within 45 minutes. My Cherry Amour is a beautiful, rich Raspberry matte texture base packed full of holographic micro-sparkle. This shade becomes more and more sparkly as it dries and the holographic sparkles really give it beautiful dimension and a sweet, twinkly look. 
  I Lilac Gumdrops is a gorgeous Lilac matte texture that has a really pretty metallic sheen to the base, even once it is fully dry and matte. This pretty is packed of glassfleck-y Silver bits that light up the metallic Purple base. From afar it resembles Zoya Stevie, but upon closer inspection, it is set apart by the metallic sheen to the base and the chunkiness bits of the Silver sparkles.  

  I really loved wearing these. My nails looked positively yummy and sparkly the entire time. I am actually kind of sad to take these off because the polishes are still looking so perfect after all these days of wear. One of these days I really want to do an experiment to see how long these babies can go if I leave them be. Did you pick up any of the Nicole by O.P.I Gumdrops? Which were your faves?

Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and what is the longest you have had a texture mani last for you? 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Salon Perfect Neon Collision Swatches

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Thursday!!! 

   Ahhh remember the days of etsy-stalking the Nail-Venturous shop for Floam? I sure do... I remember getting "cart jacked" so many times. I remember throwing hissy fits. I remember the day I finally got Floam in my hands thanks to a wonderful reader. It was a most glorious day. I also remember wondering how long it would take mainstream polish companies to catch on and start releasing dupes of indies.. The answer to that.... about a year and a half...  
  Enter the Salon Perfect Neon Collision Collection, available at Wal Mart, right MEOW! If you were a fan of Floam and all the other "floamy" releases, you will love the Neon Collision glitters. These neon glitter polishes are incredibly bright, fun and reminiscent of Floam. They even released a dead on dupe for Floam, which I will be covering in a later post. Micro neon glitters densely packed in a clear base? I'll take it in every single color combo you can think of!! 

Salon Perfect Zapped over LVX Mynt
neon collision photo DSCN5997_zpsb61ba55c.jpg
 Zapped is a bright, lime neon Green and Blue neon glitter blend suspended in a clear base. The blend is heavier on the Green that it is on the Blue so it creates a cool, speckled effect. The spread of glitter is good on these, just a bit thick, not problematic. I think they could be worn by themselves, but I decided to layer all my Neon Collision shades for my swatches. I used Two coats of Zapped over my base color. 

Salon Perfect Bang over LVX Deco 
Neon collision photo DSCN5962_zps0ce08644.jpg
Bang is an awesome blend of Neon Orange and Marigold glitter in a clear base. This one is the only one that has two different sizes of glitter as it has slightly larger Marigold hexes. I had a HARD time photographing this because it is SOOOOOO bright! I used Two coats of Bang over my base color. 

Salon Perfect Shocked over Sation Queenie in a Bottle
neon collision photo DSCN6040_zps70eacb7b.jpg
Zapped is an even mix of neon Pink and Blue glitter suspended in a clear base. I'd say this is most like Pink Floam. This baby was one of my faves in the bunch. I used Two coats of Zapped over my base color. 

  These babies are top coat eaters!!! You can see that on my photo of Shocked(Pink one). I had top coated it and by the time I had my photo, the top coat had settled into the glitter. So a good top coat is a must to smooth out these pretties. That said, these are awesome, bright, neon and badass!! I can't wait to wear and comp the Floam dupe for you guys! The Floam dupe, btw, is called Kaboom and I will be sharing that one by itself soon. I don't have a fave, I adore all of these!! I was always a sucker for this "colored sand" looking polishes.  

 What are your thoughts on the Neon Collision glitters? 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When it doubt... Wax ALL the Things! Wax That... by Cult Nails

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Humpday! 

  Today I have a quick spammy post. Ever since Cult Nails released their Wax finish top coat, Wax That... I've been putting it over just about everything. I am mad about the effect it creates, it is also a quick way to update my manis when I am feeling lazy and don't want to change my polish. So here are a few looks that I ... Waxed lol... Just one coat of Wax That was done over all these.

Cult Nails Love at First Sight waxed. 
CN Wax That photo DSCN5677_zpsab0f1a88.jpg

Milani Almond Bliss and Cirque Electric Circus waxed. 
wax that photo DSCN7368_zpsf5c2837e.jpg

Inglot O2M 688 and KBShimmer Pastel me More waxed. 
wax that photo DSCN6820_zps697f419f.jpg

Cult Nails Faded and Dance All Night waxed.
CN Wax That photo DSCN5637_zps0a031aa8.jpg

Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle and Center of Attention waxed
Cn Wax That photo DSCN5764_zps0a70649b.jpg

 Cult Nails Let's Get Dirty 
CN Lets get dirty photo DSCN5782_zps672f2f4c.jpg
 Let's get Dirty is a beautiful shade of muted Taupe which dries to this wax finish on its own and does not need a top coat to achieve this finish. There is also a slight, subtle shimmer to this delicate Taupe shade. It has a fantastic formula and does great in Two coats. It dries fairly quick, but do proceed with caution after application.

 I love this top coat because of the finish it creates, but also because it dries quickly. I hate matte top coats that take their sweet time to dry and then you end up with a ruined mani. That was not the case with Wax That... Can you tell I love how glitters look "waxed"? I also love it over cremes and jellies, but over glitters and shimmers it creates some serious badassery. 

 Did you pick up Wax That and have you found any combos that left you speechless? If so, SHARE!!! :D

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

LTHP Loves: Cat Eyes!

(**Some products are press samples**)
Happy Tuesday my beauties!! 

  Today I want to share Three eye makeup looks I've done recently that I really enjoyed. I'm a firm believer in the power of a good cat eye. I don't know what it is about a simple cat eye that makes me feel so complete and glamorous haha. Most of my looks are just not right until a cat eye liner is added. 

Shady Lady 
Primer: Too Faced Candlelight Primer
All shadow colors used are from The Balm's Shady Lady Palette. Wearing Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey Circle lenses in this photo. 
Browbone: Jet Setting Jennifer
Transitional shade: Luscious Lani
Crease: Shameless Shanna
Lid: Curvy Cami
Inner Corner: Jet Setting Jennifer
Outter corner and lower lashline: Caught in the Act Courtney
Cat Eye: Milani Ultra Fine liquid liner in : Prismatic Purple
Mascara: Grandissimo Lashes by Milani
Brows: Milani Shadow Eyez pencil in cafe Au Lait

Desert Sunrise
 Primer: Too Faced Candlelight
All shadow colors used are by NYX Cosmetics Shangri La Trio eyeshadow palette.
Browbone: Beanie
Transitional Shade: Peach Mix
Crease and Outer corner, lower lashline: Shangri La Orange
Lid and Inner Corner: Shangri La Gold
Cat eye: Jesse's Girl Waterproof eyeliner
Waterline: Milani Liquid Eye liquid like eye liner in Brown
Mascara: Milani Grandissimo Lashes
Brow: Milani Shadow Eyez Pencil in Espreso Line

Nude Americana
 This was my #EOTD for Independence Day. I paired this simple eye with a bold Red lip and it was an awesome thing. 
Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
All shadows used are from the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette
Browbone: Virgin
Lid and Crease: Sin
Lower lashline: Sidecar
Inner Corner: Virgin
Brows: Milani Shadow Eyez Pencil in Espresso Line
Mascara: Milani Grandissimo lashes
For my vibrant blue cat eye I used Sugarpill's Chromalust Pigment in Royal Sugar mixed with BFTE mixing medium to create a liquid liner of sorts. I absolutely adored this look. 

 What is a quick makeup look that makes you feel instantly glam? For me a simple face and a red lip usually do it :D. What is your go-to look that makes you fee extra confident? 

Monday, August 19, 2013

LTHP Turns THREE in Inglot Goodies!!

(**Press Samples**)
Hello my painted beauties!

  Time really does fly when you are having fun! Today is LTHP's THIRD BIRTHDAY!!!! I cannot believe Three years have gone by so quickly. I also can't believe how much has happened in those Three years. I've met so many amazing people through this blog. I've had some amazing experiences, and so not so amazing ones too. I've learned SO MUCH about this industry that I love. 
 Through the years this blog has grown to be so much more to me than just a blog. I have a real passion for this industry and I see this blog as a stepping stone to greater things (not that blogging itself is not great:). I have so many goals I know I will achieve some day. Of course, I want to thank all of you who stop by every day and keep me inspired. I really see you guys as my friends and your feedback always means so much to me. You guys really do make this fun and worth it! 
 For this Blogaversary I wanted to do something REALLY bling-y and special. The second I received Inglot's new nail art and body spangles I just KNEW a scale-y, blingy look was in order. And what better occasion to do such a look than on the birthday of mah blog-baby! 
Inglot Nail Art Spangles photo DSCN8591_zps58adf983.jpg
 For this "disco-mermaid" look I started with bases of Inglot O2M polishes. Once my base colors were dry I started placing my circle spangles over a light coat of a slow drying clear coat. I placed the circle spangles one by one on my nails, patiently, with a toothpick. I intentionally overlapped them a bit to create a scale-y look. I finished my nails off with a good coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top. 
 I could not stop staring at my nails once I was done. I've never done such a blingy look. I also had a blast working with these Inglot glequins. 

 Oh... and I rounded my nails.... Yup... I did... 

Inglot O2M #684 and #687
Inglot O2M Bday Look photo DSCN8567_zps59b8d4b5.jpg
 I ADORE these Two shades together. #684 is a beautiful shade of Hot Coral creme with a slight Golden micro shimmer that barely translates to the nail. However, it does aid in the application of the color. #687 is a FANTASTIC shade of Minty Blue creme with that same micro shimmer quality that #684 has, but it does show a bit more when the color is on the nail. These shades have really opaque formulas, they can be a bit streaky if you don't use a light hand. I used Two coats of each shade for full opacity. The O2M polishes are water and oxygen permeable.

  I'm off to celebrate my bloggy b-day by unpacking some goodies that came in the mail today! I can't wait to see what year number Four will bring... More makeup, more nails, more cats and maybe even some fashion. LTHP is my baby, my creative expression and I am so happy to share it with all of you! Thank you to all of the readers and companies for your continued support of my painted ventures!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

KBShimmer Fall 2013 Collection Swatches

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Thursday! 

  Today I am very excited to be sharing the KBShimmer 2013 Fall Collection. This was one of my most anticipated collections for 2013. As always, Christy has delivered a beautifully executed collection. This group is made up of Seven new shades, Two of them are stunning satin-matte finish. There is also a Halloween themed shade, as well as an amazing shimmering shade, and some of Christy's signature jelly-sammiches- in- a-bottle. These really put a smile on my face. They are just beautiful. 
KBShimmer Fall photo KBFall-001_zpse9b00f4d.jpg
 To see close-up swatches of this beautiful collection just continue reading ♥.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cult Nails Just Because

Happy Humpday!!! 

  Today I have a very special shade by Cult Nails. This is Just Because. This beautiful glitterbomb was specially created by Maria for a fashion group she belongs to, the story is quite funny and cute. Just Because is not and will not be for sale, so I feel a bit... mean posting this. How could I not share this fantastic beauty though? I feel so privileged and thankful to have such a special Cult Nails creation in my collection. Just Because is named so because it is now a shade that is gifted by Maria "just because" :D. 
Cult Nails Just Because
Cult Nails Just Because photo DSCN8523_zpsa5fa5adc.jpg
 Where do I start? There is so much win in this polish!! The base is a Pinky-toned, Red jelly PACKED full of Silver micro-sparkles and a rainbow of small hexagonal glitter. Just Because is painfully sparkly and beautiful. Just Because has a very multi-dimensional look to it, jelly sammich in a bottle. The formula is very easy to work with and does great in Two coats. If I had longer nails, I may have needed a Third coat to cover VNL. 
  Even though Just Because is packed with glitters, it does not have a rough finish and it is not a top coat eater. I did Two coats of color and then top coated with Wicked Fast to really make it shine and sparkle. I could not stop staring at my nails when I wore this. I kind of wanted to lick them... Let's pretend I didn't say (type?) that haha. They really looked so delicious. 

 I can't thank Maria enough for gifting me with Just Because. It is such a special shade and I really do feel lucky to have it in (on) my hands. Now, please please don't be mad at me for posting this pretty ♥ ;). 

 Have you been lucky enough to get a Just Because

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

KBShimmer Five Year Anniversary Celebration Duo Swatches

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Tuesday loves! 

  Today I have swatches of the KBShimmer Five Year Anniversary Celebration duo. I must say, I am SOO happy for KBShimmer in achieving such a milestone as a small business in this economy. I really do want to take a moment to congratulate Christy on building such an amazingly successful brand.
  Not only does Christy make stunning polishes, KBShimmer is also a full bath and body line. I have never ever been let down by a single KBShimmer polish. I mentioned this on Facebook, but I truly do feel that what Christy does with her raw materials is not polishes, she makes magic. 
 To celebrate her Five years in the biz, Christy created a celebratory duo. These babies are available separately through the KBShimmer site. Which, BTW, is having a 20% OFF Sale until 8/14/2013!!!!

KBShimmer Would Jubilee It? over KBShimmer The Grape Beyond
Would Jubilee It? photo DSCN8265_zpsc371b0ba.jpg
 Would Jubilee It? is a most spectacular blend of Cobalt, Fuchsia, Aqua and Silver glitters and micro bars. There are varying sizes of dots and hexes suspended in a clear base. Would Jubilee It? is a really chunky glitterbomb, but it did not give me troubles with application. The large bits come out with ease and I just adore the blingy goodness of this glitter topper. I used Two coats of glitter over my base color.

KBShimmer The Grape Beyond
The Grape beyond photo DSCN8235_zps9ace237b.jpg
Mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm!!!! The Grape Beyond is a beautiful, satin-matte finish, dusty Purple with an amazing Teal micro shimmer. The formula on this shade is an absolute dream. The Grape Beyond has a smooth and even formula that does great in Two coats. I couldn't bring myself to top coat it.. I just LOVE the finish of this color and I love how the sparkles still come through as it dries to its matte finish.

 Here is a quick video on how I apply my chunky glitters. It features this lovely duo!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Truffle Thursday! Bettina Watermelon- Swatch & Nail Art

(**Bettina press samples**)
Happy Thursday! 

  And today it is a Truffle kind of Thursday. I'm severely "out of it" as I am trying to type up this post, so I will keep it short and sweet today.Truffle refused to pick a color, so I went with the shade that the husband kept wanting her to pick. He kept telling het to pick the Pink one lol. This look features Bettina Watermelon. 
Bettina Watermelon Clouds photo DSCN8218_zpsff5196a5.jpg
 This look started with a base of Two coats of Watermelon. Then I did some tri-colored clouds a'la Nailside. For the clouds I used all Bettina shades as well. The Blue is Pond, the Purple is Butterfly and the Teal is Sparkle. I finished the look with a coat of Seche Vite to smooth the surface and bring out shine. 
 Cat-stacking level: nail polish.
Truffle Stacks photo DSCN8161_zps2ecefff0.jpg
Polish party photo DSCN8162_zpsc0b958ca.jpg

Bettina Watermelon
Bettina Watermelon photo DSCN8182_zps6b085b66.jpg
 This shade is a hawt shade of hot Coraly- Pink creme with strong Pink and coral micro shimmer. The formula on this shade is really saturated and creamy. I used Two easy coats for my base.

Oh and here is a quick vid to show how I paint my nails :D.

Thanks for stopping by today my loves! I'm off to work on swatching a ton of Fall collections! 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cirque Arcus Collection Swatches- Part One

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Tuesday! 

 Where is the kitteh?!!!! Truffle will be on the blog later on this week. I kinda forgot to have her make a pick for me yesterday while the husband was home. When the hubs comes home later I will have him help me with Truffle Tuesday.. or Thursday maybe. 
 For today I do have some beautiful new colors by Cirque Nail Polish. This is the first half of the Arcus Collection. The Arcus collection was inspired by all the awesomeness of the Rainbow, my favorite color ;). This portion is made up of Six amazing layering polishes.  
Cirque Arcus Collex Pt. 1 photo CirqueArcus_zps9c1a723e.jpg
 To see close up swatches of these beauties just continue reading ♥. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Celebrating International Nail Art Day #INAD in Essie's Naughty Nauticals

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Caturday!!! 

  Today is the first ever International Nail Art Day (#INAD). I remember seeing a post about this on the NAILgasm Documentary Facebook page a few weeks ago, and I thought it was an awesome thing. Of course I have to participate. Although LTHP features a lot of swatches and beauty posts, this bloggity-blog actually has its roots in nail art. I started this blog as a way to share my adventures in nail art and it eventually evolved into something much bigger. 
 To this day though, one of my favorite things to do is to sit down with a ton of color and just have some fun with my nails. For this special day I went with a look that features the shades in Essie's Naughty Nauticals collection. These shades were perfect for the "theme" I had in mind. Yes, there is a theme here haha. I wanted to do a colorful mish-mash of some of my favorite nail art techniques and this is what I came up with. Ten nails, ten different combinations= One awesome mani :D.
Essie Naughty Nauticals #INAD photo DSCN8060_zps9a559fdc.jpg
 To make things easier I will break this look down by finger :D. 
Thumb: starts with a base of Naughty Nautical and then splattered with The More the Merrier and Full Steam Ahead
Index: starts with a base of Rock the Boat then I did some saran-wrap marbling with The More the Merrier and Naughty Nautical.
Middle: starts with a base of The Girls are Out then was dotted with The More the Merrier, Naughty Nautical and  Full Steam Ahead
Ring: starts with a base of The More the Merrier. Once it was fully dry I carefully placed my striping tape then went back over my nail with Naughty Nautical to create a neat striped look. 
Pinkie: starts with a base of Full Steam Ahead then I did some saran wrap marbling with The Girls are Out and The More the Merrier
 I finished off all of my nails with a coat of Seche Vite followed by a coat of INM Northern Lights for some added sparkly goodness. 
 Here is a shot of my Naughty Nautical skittle bases before I went to town on 'em :D.
Essie Naughty Nauticals #INAD photo DSCN7996_zps4452ef40.jpg
From Thumb to Pinkie: Naughty Nautical, Rock the Boat, The Girls are Out, The More the Merrier and Full Steam Ahead. All of these had fantastic formulas, I did Three thin coats of each. I really tried to get a good photo of my right hand, but I simply cannot pose with my right hand lolol. My  right hand truly is my Cinderella-hand. 
 photo 20130802_160652_zpsef66cb5e.jpg
On my right hand I used the same techniques but switched the colors around as well as the pattern of the dots and tape. I had so much fun working with these colors. I didn't really set out with a plan. I just knew I wanted lots of color, I think I achieved my goal hee hee. 
 Here are my, rarely seen, thumbs :D. These colors are just too much fun. I love how there is a mix of vibrant and soft that comes together perfectly.  
 photo 20130802_161010_zpsbc89087e.jpg
 Happy first International Nail Art Day everyone!! I hope to see some awesome looks! Make sure to use the hashtag #INAD when sharing your looks on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.. etc. I'm looking forward to seeing every one's looks!! 

Happy Caturday and thanks for stopping by! 

Friday, August 2, 2013

O.P.I Bond Girls Liquid Sand Collection Pairings

(**Press Samples**)
Happy Friday!! 

  Though I've never really been a fan of the Bond movies, I must say OPI has made some stunning polishes inspired by the franchise. Last year's Skyfall Holiday collection was full of WIN. So many of those shades are really stunning. This year O.P.I came out with a Six piece Liquid Sand collection inspired by the iconic Bond Girls. 
 I rocked the daylights out of these and loved every second of it. The colors and finishes of these are really interesting and beautiful. There is a great mix of classic, flashy and subtle in this group of colors. Overall, I am a huge fan of this collection. 
OPI Bond Girls Pairings photo Texture_zpsc7c2a9f7.jpg
 I went for pairings because most of these were actual manis that I wore for many days. The wear on all of these liquid sands is just ridiculously amazing. These do no chip, they do not fade and they wear like iron. 
 I don't want to sound like a broken record so I will get this out of the way now lol... The formula on all of these is AMAZING. They apply with much ease, I used Three thin coats for all these liquid sands. They were all good to go within 45 minutes. I don't know what sorcery is in these, but as they dry tge sparkle becomes more and more intense! I will never top coat these, they are just perfect in their beautiful matte form! 
O.P.I Jinx and Solitaire
OPI Jinx and Solitaire photo DSCN7850_zpsc80f687e.jpg
Jinx is a beautiful, fiery shade of vivid Coral with a strong Golden duochrome. It reminds me of one of last years Fall DS shades, but in liquid sand form. I literally could not stop staring at this color once it was fully dry. It is just amazing. Solitaire is a really pretty Silvery-White base with little chunky Silver glitter accents. As it first applies it looks like an ugly frosty mess, and then it starts to dry... and it becomes the most interesting shade of shimmering textured White matte. I adore the complete transformation of this color as it dries. It is really chic and different from every other texture out there. 

O.P.I Tiffany Case and Pussy Galore
OPI Tiffany Case and Pussy Galore photo DSCN6377_zps32616c07.jpg
I took this photo Two days after application o.O!!
These Two shades have my full attention hee hee. Tiffany Case is probably my most favorite liquid sand ever. She is GLORIOUS! This shade is a heavy dose of matte cerulean Blue sparkle accented by small light Blue sparkling hexes. Tiffany Case is painfully sparkly and just magical in Sunlight. Pussy Galore is a playful matte sparkling Pink. It was very much like Solitaire, in that it looks frosty and ugly as it applies. As it dries the base becomes this beautiful sparkly Pink accented by micro, barely there, Magenta sparkle. It almost reminds me of a textured version of Suzi and the Lifeguard. I loved wearing these Two together as they reminded me of yummy cotton candy.

O.P.I Vesper and Honey Ryder
I've actually already gone over these two beauties ont he blog before. You can check out the original post for Vesper and Honey Ryder [HERE]. Honey Ryder has a very special place in my collection. She is just BEAUTIFUL! 

 My faves in this group are Tiffany Case, Honey Ryder and Jinx. Though I really do adore all of them and I love that there is a bit of everything in terms of color. They gave us delicate, vampy and flashy all in one collection. 

Did you pick up any Bond girls? Which are your faves?