Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cirque Arcus Collection Swatches- Part One

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Happy Tuesday! 

 Where is the kitteh?!!!! Truffle will be on the blog later on this week. I kinda forgot to have her make a pick for me yesterday while the husband was home. When the hubs comes home later I will have him help me with Truffle Tuesday.. or Thursday maybe. 
 For today I do have some beautiful new colors by Cirque Nail Polish. This is the first half of the Arcus Collection. The Arcus collection was inspired by all the awesomeness of the Rainbow, my favorite color ;). This portion is made up of Six amazing layering polishes.  
Cirque Arcus Collex Pt. 1 photo CirqueArcus_zps9c1a723e.jpg
 To see close up swatches of these beauties just continue reading ♥. 
 All of these swatches are shown with a top coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top to smooth out the surface and bring out shine. 

Cirque Magic Hour over A England Jane Eyre
Cirque Magic Hour photo DSCN7979_zps47eb8f30.jpg
 Magic Hour is a beautiful mix of iridescent/ opalescent glitter suspended in a clear base. This baby is PACKED with all kinds of beautiful shapes; squares, bars and hexes. The name on this polish is quite adequate as magic truly does happen when you layer this baby. Here I used Two coats of Magic Hour over my base color. This pretty has a good spread of glitter, the base is a bit thick, but not really a problem. 

Cirque Iris over Milani Blue Jay
Cirque Iris photo DSCN7667_zps8648b56d.jpg
 Iris is a gorgeous micro-shimmer topper. The sparkles in Iris flash Pink, Purple and Blue. There is a slight hint of a duochrome when it is layered. I used Two thin coats of Iris over my base color. Over this shade of Blue Iris created a stunning effect. I quite dig it.

Cirque Lullaby over Milani Purple Martin
Cirque Lullaby photo DSCN7625_zps671895bf.jpg
Lullaby is a dreamy blend of soft, satiny pastel glitter in varying shapes and sizes suspended in a clear base. At first glance I can pick out pastel Green, Purple, Pink and White glitter. This pretty has a really good spread of glitter for how chunky it is. I used Two coats of Lullaby over my base color. I love how delicate this looks.  

Cirque Le Invader over Milani Mint Chip
Cirque le Invader photo DSCN7441_zps87ba299e.jpg
Le Invader is a super fun mix of, all square, sparkly glitter in a rainbow of colors. Literally, a rainbow of colors. This baby is PACKED, and I mean packed with glitter, in a thick clear base. I only needed one coat of Le Invader over my base color. This pretty needed quite a bit of manipulation to get the squares distributed evenly on my nails. 

Cirque Kaleidoscope over Milani Peacock
Cirque Kaleidoscope photo DSCN7401_zps7cad34de.jpg
Kaleidoscope is a party in a bottle. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colors of glitter in this topper. There are diamonds, hexes and squares in a fairly primary blend of colors. The base in this color is clear and fairly thick, which works with the chunky bits. I used two coats of Kaleidoscope over my base color. This shade also needs a bit of manipulation to get all the bits into place. 

Cirque Electric Circus over Milani Almond Bliss
Cirque Electric Circus photo DSCN7351_zpsa5725c84.jpg
 Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this glitter topper!! Electric Circus is made up of non-reflective neon hexes in Blue, Green and Pink. The bits are soo bright and completely awesome! This pretty has a fantastic application and great spread of glitter. I used Two coats of Electric Circus over my base color. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this glitter topper? Yeah, it is a lot :D. 

The Arcus collection is available now from Cirque Nail polish as well as several other etailers. They range from $13- $15. I will have the second part of the collection up very soon. They are so beautiful and  unique, as I've come to expect from Cirque. My favorites from this group would have to be Electric Circus, Iris, Magic Hour and Lullaby. Though, I really am enjoying all of them quite a lot. 

Which of these are you loving? 


  1. Serious swooning going on over here, at my lunch hour, and it's all do do with these polishes. YOWZAH! :)

  2. The last two are my ultimate faves girl!!

  3. Been following you for awhile and love your swatches. I seriously need Cirque in my life.

  4. Electric Circus is amazzzzzzing!!

  5. Oh my. Magic Hour is stunning! Well, actually they all are!

  6. Beautiful! I love your blog! Already following!!



  7. are the glitters curling on Le Invader or is it just the way the light hits. i really like it.

  8. Woooow, really pretty and unique!

  9. Oh no, no culing at all, just the way the light was hitting the pieces. I mean, the might have the slightest curve to them... But there was not taco-ing or lifting at all.

  10. Gillian from Plumeria19August 7, 2013 at 11:47 AM

    I LOVE the pairings you did with your swatches!! Electric circus and kaleidoscope are so lovely!! :)


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