Thursday, August 15, 2013

KBShimmer Fall 2013 Collection Swatches

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Happy Thursday! 

  Today I am very excited to be sharing the KBShimmer 2013 Fall Collection. This was one of my most anticipated collections for 2013. As always, Christy has delivered a beautifully executed collection. This group is made up of Seven new shades, Two of them are stunning satin-matte finish. There is also a Halloween themed shade, as well as an amazing shimmering shade, and some of Christy's signature jelly-sammiches- in- a-bottle. These really put a smile on my face. They are just beautiful. 
KBShimmer Fall photo KBFall-001_zpse9b00f4d.jpg
 To see close-up swatches of this beautiful collection just continue reading ♥.
KBShimmer Teal Another Tail
Teal Another Tail photo DSCN8460_zpsaeec8bda.jpg
 Yeah, I am still in awe of this fantastic shade. Teal Another Tail is a stunning shimmering-glassfleck Teal base with strong flashes of Violet and Pink, at extreme angles it flashes Golden. This pretty is so multichromatic, at any given point you can see several colors on the surface of the nail. I took about 1,727 photos of this.. I might just make a video instead to show the shifting goodness of this beauty. This might just be the ultimate "Mermaid Polish". I used Two easy coats for my swatch. 

KBShimmer Turbulence
Turbulence photo DSCN8442_zpsadb44507.jpg
 Turbulence is one of the Two satin-matte shades. This pretty is a deep, slate Grey base packed with gorgeous Pink and Blue glassflecks. The formula on Turbulence is so easy to work with, and did great in Two coats. I really love what KBShimmer is doing with these mattes. They are stunning. 

KBShimmer Excuse me, I Blurped. 
Excuse me, I Blurpled photo DSCN8388_zpsfa28862d.jpg
 Excuse me, I Blurped is a beautiful shade of, you guessed it, Blurple jelly. The base is packed with beautiful Cobalt and Purple hexes in varying sizes. The formula on this jelly-based beauty is flawless and does great in Two easy coats. This is a beautiful take on the Navy Fall trend. 

KBShimmer Vicious Circles
Vicious Circles photo DSCN8361_zpsa95e61f8.jpg
 Vicious Circles is a juicy Pink-toned, red jelly base packed full of prismatic Silver hexes and dots in varying sizes. There are also a ton of micro bars and sparkles in the base. This shade applies really easily and has a great spread of glitter. I used Two coats. 

KBShimmer You go Ghoul!
You go Ghoul photo DSCN8332_zps53df0357.jpg
 Hahah I adore the name on this one. You go Ghoul! is a Blackened jelly base packed full of Orange and Purple hexes in varying sizes. This shade also has little micro bars and sparkles in the base that give the finished look a lot of dimension. I used Three thin coats. 

KBShimmer You Autumn Know
You Autumn Know photo DSCN8308_zps6a3a38a4.jpg
 You Autumn Know is a delicious, marshmallow-y white- crelly base. There are hexes and micro bars in Orange, Yellow and Purple packed in the lovely White base. I just adore the look of this polish. It reminds me of Fall, but a fun take on Fall. I love the White base with this mix of glitters. I used two easy coats.  

KBShimmer Every Nook & Cranberry
Every Nook & Cranberry photo DSCN8431_zps7fbfe41f.jpg
 This is the second matte shade in the collection. OH. MY. GLOB!! I just love this shade. Every Nook & Cranberry is a beautiful cranberry shade packed full of Golden and Violet shimmer. The formula on this color is fantastic and I only needed Two coats for full coverage. I just LOVE how the sparkles look in this when the color is fully dry. 

 This collection is full of WIN for me. KBShimmer really knows the way to my heart :D. Christy's creations are always so inspired, unique and beautifully made. I don't know if I could pick favorites from this collection. I love them all equally, for different reasons. I must say, at the very top of the list is Teal Another Tail, closely followed by... everything else. 

Will you be picking any of these pretties up? Which ones are speaking to you most? 


  1. Yes! I want Teal Another Tail! I have Every Nook and Ghoul, and I can't wait to wear them. Beautiful swatches as always xo

  2. I completely agree....this collection is a total win!

  3. Cristina, they all look so delish, what type of camera do you use? I don't know if I wanna eat the picture or the polish lol

  4. Beautiful swatches! So many pretties... I want them all! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  5. Turbulence and You Go Ghoul...I love both of those the most!

  6. Ummmm what?! These are fantastic!! Lol KB Shimmer always amazes me with their collections and I'm so in love with this one. You Autumn Know has to be my favorite it reminds me of the colors of fall so much. Your nails are crazy perfect as always lady beautiful swatches!! :)

  7. These are so fun.

  8. Wow!! These are incredible! Teal Another Tail and Excuse Me I Blurped are seriously calling my name!

  9. Holy cow! I absolutely need You Go Ghoul! and You Autumn Know!!! So gorgeous

  10. These are all so amazing! I need ALL of them!

  11. Excuse Me I Blurped- just for the name alone! And You Autumn Know- KB Shimmer knocks it outta the park every time! :)

  12. I am so in love with these. And stop it with your perfect cuticles!

  13. Um. Amazing. I'm so excited for these! I have been looking forward to fall way too much... and You Go Ghoul and You Autumn Know are just perfect.

  14. IKR!! Everything about her collections is awesome. And I also love her names. They are always so quirky and perfect.

  15. All these swatches are just STUNNING!!

  16. I NEED You Autumn Know for obvious reasons but the non-obvious are I LOVE fall and that polish is the epitome of what I think and my favorite colors. *swoons*

  17. i checked on the KBShimmer website and i cannot find when these will be available... do you have any clue? TIA

  18. YES - Teal Another Tail is defo the ultimate mermaid polish. That description is bang on. Also, 'Excuse Me, I Blurped' hahaha what a name.

  19. Hahah I use a Nikon S9100 Point and shoot :D

  20. If anyone in the UK/Europe would like to purchase a KBShimmer nail polish or another American brand, without paying the high shipping costs, please email me at thank you :)

  21. i would like to sell this locally in the UK but struggling to find a USA source who will ship wholesale to the UK? Any help? Hollie Jones i have emailed you thanks

  22. i am trying to find a wholesale outlet for kb shimmer to sell locally here in the UK. the companies in the usa will not deal with wholesale shipments to the UK. Can any one help? Hollie jones i have emailed you. thanks

  23. i would like to sell this locally in the UK but struggling to find a USA source who will ship wholesale to the UK? Any help? Hollie Jones i have emailed you thanks


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