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Pretty & Polished Fall 2013 Collection Swatches- Fall in Love with P&P

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Happy Humpday!

 Today I have another AMAZING collection from another of my favorite indie brands, Pretty and Polished. This collection is themed around the concept of "Fall-ing in love", in the Fall. Get it, get it? I think it is freaking adorable!! The theme of the collection is very evident in the names of the colors, which are so cute and punny. This is a really fun take on Fall, and I love the variety of colors and textures. Chels did an awesome job on these!! 
P&P Fall 2013 photo PampPFall2013_zps117ca566.jpg
 To see close up swatches of these awesome shades just keep on reading ♥. 
 All of these swatches are shown with a top coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Pretty & Polished Love is Autumn-atic
Love is Autumn-atic photo DSCN9220_zps7f7688b9.jpg
 Love is Autumn-atic is a glitterbomb of EPIC Fall proportions. The blend is a cool mix of Gold, Copper and Orange micro glitter in a clear base. This pretty is PAAAACKED with glitter and does great in Two coats. I absolutely adore the finish of this glitterbomb, it looks like sparkly crushed leaves. 

Pretty & Polished You Make me Feel Gourdgeous
You Make me Feel Gourdgeous photo DSCN9208_zps7d43f3e6.jpg
 Gahh!!! OMG I love this so hard!!! You Make me Feel Gourdgeous is a perfect mix of Fuchsia, Light Blue, Cobalt and Purple small hexes in a purple jelly base. I used Three coats of this glittery beauty for my swatch. The finished result is very mermaid-y and just so pretty and sparkly! Like little crushed gems on my nails. 

Pretty & Polished Over the Harvest Moon for You
Over the Harvest Moon for You photo DSCN9159_zps319ad2cd.jpg
 Over the Harvest Moon for You is a magical shade!! The base on this pretty is a suuuper pretty shade of Cerulean Blue jelly with holo sparkles. The base is accented with soo many different shapes of Blue, Silver and Black glitter. I can pick out Black rectangles, Silver moons and Blue dots and hexes. The effect is like a "Lunar Sea", just beautiful, unique and so complex. I used Three thin coats. 

Pretty & Polished H-equinox my Socks Off
H-equinox my Socks off photo DSCN9150_zps1ffc2282.jpg
 H-equinox my Socks Off is a lovely take on a Taupe shade. The base is a really flattering shade of shimmering Taupe accented with small hexes in a warm Gold and Aqua. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. 

Pretty & Polished When Hearts Kaleidoscope
When Hearts Kaleidoscope photo DSCN9097_zps269e93f1.jpg
 How beautiful is this shade?! When Hearts Kaleidoscope is a beautiful shade of berry-toned crelly base accented by Orange, Fuchsia and Gold glitter in varying shapes and sizes. I am madly in love with the blend of glitters against the base color. I kinda wanted to eat my nails haha. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. 

Pretty & Polished Leaf me Breathless
Leaf me Breathless photo DSCN9082_zps3515b9a7.jpg
 Leaf me Breathless is a really unique Yellow jelly based glitter blend. The Yellow base is accented with White, Red, Brown, Green and Gold glitter. What is cool about this polish is the mix of sparkling and matte glitters. The Yellow base is actually right up my alley. In the bottle, I was really unsure of how I felt about this shade, but I love it on the nail. I used Three thin coats. 

Pretty & Polished Rake a Little Piece of my Heart
Rake a Little Piece of my Heart photo DSCN9048_zps546092f6.jpg
 Another big win for me! Rake a Little Piece of My Heart is a beautiful peachy crelly base accented with Orange, Copper, Red and Gold glitter in varying shapes and sizes. I love the use of dots, hexes and squares in the beautiful peachy base. I used Three thin coats for my swatch.  

Pretty & Polished Forever my Pumpking
For Ever my Pumpking photo DSCN9030_zpsdd0bce2d.jpg
 Forever my Pumpking is a hot Orange matte jelly. Yes, a matte jelly :D. This shade is accented by subtle opalescent flakes. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. 

Pretty & Polished How's About a Roll in the Hay over P&P For Sweater or Worse 
Hows About a Roll on the Hay photo DSCN8989_zps042691ab.jpg
 How's About a Roll in the Hay is a pretty mix of Marigold, Satin White and Pastel yellow hexes, bars and shards in a clear base. This topper is really easy to work with and has a great spread of glitter for how chunky it is. I used Two coats of the topper over my base color. 

Pretty & Polished For Sweater or Worse 
For Sweater of Worse photo DSCN8951_zpsf1a346b3.jpg
 For Sweater or Worse is a beautiful Royal Purple creme. This color is not the most unique, but it is definitely pretty and classic. The formula on this shade is really amazing, smooth and even. I used Two easy coats for my swatch. 

 I didn't really find any problems with the formulas on any of these colors. The glitters have great spreads, the jellies are smooth and the creme was buttery. I adore the concept behind these shades, and Chelsea's take on Fall trends. My favorites have to be Love is Autumn-atic, You Make me Feel Gourdgeous, Over the Harvest Moon For you and Rake a Little Piece of my Heart, though I really adore all of the shades in this release. This collection will be available for purchase on September 5th from the Pretty & Polished site and Etsy store

 Do you have any faves in this group? Which are you looking forward to the most? 


  1. Ooooh pretty colours. I don't know what i like the best. If i had to pick one it would have to be Leaf me Breathless. It reminds me of our autum here in Ottawa Canada. Just love the fall. I sooo want. :-)

  2. oooo! I like them all it's hard to pick a favorite. I'm really loving the, "Love Is Autumn-atic" as it reminds me of fall the most because it looks like leaves. I also love love love the, "You Make Me Feel Gourdgeous" because purple is my faaaavorite color. Pretty! "Leaf Me Breathless" looks cool in the bottle but it's probably my least favorite, I'm not a fan of yellow and it's just not me. "Rake A Little Piece Of My Heart" is soooo cute! I definitely think of fall when I see it, same for "Hows About A Roll In The Hay" very fall! "Over The Harvest Moon" is gorgeous as well.

  3. Haha, I love the name You Make me Feel Gourdgeous! Gorgeous glitter mix too :)

  4. Gillian from PlumeriaPaintedAugust 28, 2013 at 8:06 AM

    I love all the names for this collection!! They are brilliant, my favourites are over the harvest moon for you and leaf me breathless :)

  5. so hard to choose! Any idea how much are they going for?

  6. I love this collection! The punny names (I'm a sucker for a pun) and the colors are really stunning! Over the Harvest Moon for You's name suits it perfectly! PERFECTLY!

  7. Gorgeous swatches, Cris! I love this collection =)

  8. where can one purchase these polishes?

  9. These are all amazing but I love Over The Harvest Moon!

  10. Wow, so many beautiful shades! Love is Autumn-Matic reminds me a bit of China Glaze Pure Joy. :) I think my favorites are Leaf Me Breathless, When Hearts Kaleidoscope, and H-equinox My Socks Off!

  11. They will be available Sept 5th on xo

  12. Aw..great swatches as always, you're truly the best! <3

  13. If you read the post you'll see! :D

  14. Over the Harvest Moon for you. Neeeeeed it :)

  15. "Over the Harvest Moon for You" Rocks.

  16. Leaf me Breathless is really original!

  17. These are gorg! I need to go on line and order a few - the one really capturing my heart is When Hearts Kaleidoscope - Leaf Me Breathless is really pretty too!

  18. When Hearts Kaleidoscope just made my heart skip a beat ♥.


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