Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When it doubt... Wax ALL the Things! Wax That... by Cult Nails

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Happy Humpday! 

  Today I have a quick spammy post. Ever since Cult Nails released their Wax finish top coat, Wax That... I've been putting it over just about everything. I am mad about the effect it creates, it is also a quick way to update my manis when I am feeling lazy and don't want to change my polish. So here are a few looks that I ... Waxed lol... Just one coat of Wax That was done over all these.

Cult Nails Love at First Sight waxed. 
CN Wax That photo DSCN5677_zpsab0f1a88.jpg

Milani Almond Bliss and Cirque Electric Circus waxed. 
wax that photo DSCN7368_zpsf5c2837e.jpg

Inglot O2M 688 and KBShimmer Pastel me More waxed. 
wax that photo DSCN6820_zps697f419f.jpg

Cult Nails Faded and Dance All Night waxed.
CN Wax That photo DSCN5637_zps0a031aa8.jpg

Cult Nails Nakizzle's Shizzle and Center of Attention waxed
Cn Wax That photo DSCN5764_zps0a70649b.jpg

 Cult Nails Let's Get Dirty 
CN Lets get dirty photo DSCN5782_zps672f2f4c.jpg
 Let's get Dirty is a beautiful shade of muted Taupe which dries to this wax finish on its own and does not need a top coat to achieve this finish. There is also a slight, subtle shimmer to this delicate Taupe shade. It has a fantastic formula and does great in Two coats. It dries fairly quick, but do proceed with caution after application.

 I love this top coat because of the finish it creates, but also because it dries quickly. I hate matte top coats that take their sweet time to dry and then you end up with a ruined mani. That was not the case with Wax That... Can you tell I love how glitters look "waxed"? I also love it over cremes and jellies, but over glitters and shimmers it creates some serious badassery. 

 Did you pick up Wax That and have you found any combos that left you speechless? If so, SHARE!!! :D


  1. so cool! I'll have to get that!

  2. This looks awesome over everything! I need it!

  3. I love this topcoat, it creates such a cool effect :)

  4. Let's Get Dirty is on my wish list. Such a gorgeous color and finish!

  5. It makes such a great effect! I haven't tried Wax That but I may have to after seeing your examples :)

  6. i love the wax top coat, too. it's so fun!

  7. Love love love this! It's so unique and I absolutely love the finish it gives. Stunning swatches lady!! :)

  8. I love this top coat, its absolutely not only my favorite matte top coat, but also the only only only product I have a backup of!

  9. Stephanie Indah MulyaAugust 22, 2013 at 1:38 AM

    The wax effect looks like orly plastix polishes that was released years ago, sadly they don't make the top coat

  10. I want that too. It looks so cool!

  11. Very cool texture!

  12. i feel like i need it.

  13. First thing on my mind with that post title was waxing OTHER things LOL :P. These looks are all gorgeous!

  14. I love the wax look too! NYC has a matte top coat out, but it dries to more of a wax finish than a true matte. I love Cult Nails, but for the ladies who need a cheaper option, that is only about $2 at Wal-Mart and looks quite like this!


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