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Dollish Polish Halloween Frights Collection Swatches

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Happy Humpday!! 

 I am a baby, a huge scaredy cat. I don't do horror movies. I don't do "horror theme park nights". I remember one year I tried going to Busch Gardens Howl-O- Scream, which is apparently tame... And I left in a panic attack. I remember a boyfriend took me to see "Silent Hill" when it came out in theaters, I didn't sleep for weeks. I. DON'T. DO. HORROR. I just can't. I have this scumbag brain, that can create all sorts of horrifying images all on its own, I don't need any help hahha.... 
 That said.. I LOOOOOVE Halloween Nail Polishes.. Especially of they are by the amazing Dollish Polish! Last year Dolly blew us away with her This is Halloween Collection. Which, BTW will be making a short comeback this year for a limited time during the month of October. This year Dolly has created Eight new, horror- movie inspired polishes. Each individual polish is inspired by a cult classic horror movie and they are just spectacular! 
DP Halloween Frights photo DPHalloweenFrights_zps67261f9a.jpg
 I must confess I've not seen most of the movies that inspired these shades, for the reason mentioned above lol. I am a huge baby, like seriouly haha. And even these beauties will not make me want to watch them hahha. Well, Ok I have seen "The Shining" and "The Exorcist"... but I hated every second of it ahhah. To see closeup swatches of these Halloween Beauties just keep on reading. 

 All swatches are shown with a top coat for smoothness and shine. To see more about the movie inspiration behind each shade head to [THIS ALBUM] on the Dollish Polish Facebook page.  

Dollish Polish Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake
Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake is a crazy beautiful Cerulean Blue jelly base packed full of prismatic Silver dots and hexes in varying sizes. There is also Blue, Black and Aqua glitter in there that gives incredible depth to this color. There are also HUGE dots, but I had no luck getting one of those on the nail. This shade is really easy to work with and the glitter spread is fantastic. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. I did not want to take this off at all! 

Dollish Polish The Cuse of Michael Meyers over Sation Wine-y Happy People
 The Curse of Michael Meyers is a crazy amazing blend of Copper, Orange, Yellow, Gold and Gold shifting glitter in a clear base. There are hexes, dots and squares in a mad mix of fiery tones that all seem to come together perfectly to create the most beautiful effect ever. I used one coat of glitter over my base color. The spread of the glitter is fantastic. 

Dollish Polish I'll Swallow Your Soul 
I am just in complete and utter awe of this shade. If all Brown polishes were this amazing maybe I'd dig 'em more. So this beauty is a rich shimmering Brown base packed full of small Golden, Copper and Red flakes. This shade is just magnificent and has so many qualities that make it a huge win for me. It has a great formula, looks lit from with and the flakes are just beautiful. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. I love the "ember-y" look of this pretty. 

Dollish Polish What and Excellent Day for an Exorcism
What and Excellent Day for an Exorcism is a neat, toxic sludge, neon Green crelly base. Packed in the base is a beautiful micro shimmer, neon Green shards, Black shards, neon Green squares and Silver dots. This shade is insanely insane and I love it for that. The inspiration behind this one is so clearly represented. I don't think Dolly could have done a better job capturing the essence of this movie with this shade.  

Dollish Polish They're Hereee!
 O.M.Geeee!!! They're Hereeee! is an amaaaazing shade of Blurple shimmer packed in a Blurple jelly base. This pretty shifts from Blue to Violet and there are also hints of Pink at extreme angles. I could not get over how shimmery this shade is, just amazing! I used Three thin coats for this swatch. 

Dollish Polish Redrum
Holo's Here!!!!!!!!!! Redrum is a beautiful shade of deep, Mauve- toned, Red holographic. The holo effect is somewhere in between scattered and linear.  This shade is really saturated with color and does well in Two coats. The holo is insanely in Sunlight of course.   

Dollish Polish They're Coming to Get You Barbara over Sation Tirra-Miss You
 They're Coming to Get you Barbara is a sheer green jelly base packed with an interesting blend of Red bars, Red squares Black and slight Grey hexes as well as bright, neon Green (Back light reactive) hexes and Skully shaped glitters. There are also huge Black dots and Black moons but I had no luck getting those on my nails. This is a really interesting shade and feels very zombie-esque. I just love the Skull shaped glitters too. I used Two coats of TCTGYB over my base color. 

Dollish Polish 1, 2 Freddy's Coming for You over Sation Don Wanabe
 1, 2 Freddy's Coming For You is a glitter bomb made up of all hexes in Green, vivid Magenta Pink and Black as well as Silver micro shimmer suspended in a clear base. I LOOOVE this glitter bomb. I wouldn't sat it necessarily feels very Halloween to me.. But who cares!!? Just look at it!! It is gorgeous!! I used one generous coat of glitter over my base color for this swatch. 
 Now, this shade is really packed with glitter and I thought I could have worn it on it's own, so I I tried... It went.. Ok haha. I like it MUCH better layered because then you can really see all of the different glitter colors as well, as the awesome texture/effect this blend of colors creates. I used Three generous coats of 1, 2 Freddy's Coming For You to achieve this look below. 

 The Dollish Polish Halloween Frights Collection will be available online from the Dollish Polish Online Shop on October First. Dollish Polish will also be bringing back the This is Halloween Collection again this year for a limited time only. These shades will on sale for TWO weeks only, October 6th through the 19th. So if you missed out on this amazing collection last year, this is your chance to snag the ones you missed!

 I am really just LOVING what Dollish Polish does with her Halloween collections. The girl sure knows how to capture her concepts so clearly with her polishes. I really love that each polish here honours a classic horror film, and that each polish really does beautifully represent the film that inspired them. Brava Dolly!! 

 My faves here are I'll Swallow Your Soul, Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake, What an Excellent Day for an Exorcism and The Curse of Michael Meyers. But they are seriously all spectacular. I hope she has made LOTS of these, because I have a feeling you guys will really love these!! 

Now tell me? which of these are you loving?? Also, what are your feelings on horror flicks? 


  1. They're Coming To Get You Barbara is my absolute favorite. I love it so much!

  2. I love the mix of glitters in the They're Coming To Get You Barbara one! The skull shaped glitters look great :)

  3. I love of the Curse of Michael Meyers. I too can't do horror, I couldn't even watch King Kong because of all the giant bugs and stuff. bleh x(

  4. welcome to the crystal lake and redrum are completely my favorites (:

  5. Gorgeous!!! I love them all. Beautiful swatches.

  6. Oh my goodness, I NEED The Curse of Michael Myers, Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake, and I'll Swallow your Soul! SO gorgeous! And I totally agree with you on the horror thing!! I can't do scary movies or anything remotely scare related because my imagination will run wild with it forever. I'm still partially traumatized from the three horror movies I watched at a Halloween party from my freshman year of high school! Being that it was eight years ago, I totally, totally get how you feel! haha!

  7. I seriously want these colors just because of the names and the theme. Okay, so they're beautiful and fun, too. :)

  8. "They're Coming to Get you Barbara" is realy in Halloween theme

  9. Oh boy, why are your nails round shaped now??? I miss the old shape so, so much!

    1. Bcause I can lolol? For reals though, I needed a change. I made a whole post about it lol.

  10. Wowee! They are beautiful <3 You made a fantastic job showing them off, as usual!!

  11. Replies
    1. Yup, but then life got in the way and now I'm taking on the prompts in my own time. I made a post addressing this a few days back. Hubs and I are in the mid of a cross contry move so I am doing what I can, when I can. At least I am still posting :D

  12. Replies
    1. Yup, but then life got in the way and now I'm taking on the prompts in my own time. I made a post addressing this a few days back. Hubs and I are in the mid of a cross contry move so I am doing what I can, when I can. At least I am still posting :D

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  14. For the life of me I don't know how this woman is still in business! All of her polishes have sinking glitter and too thick base and you can't add the glitter properly w/o it being huge and thick on the nail. I wasted so much money last year and gave up when I couldn't even sell them off to recoup my spending.

    1. That's odd. I've never had a single issue with any of my DP polishes. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with them. Have you contacted DP about these issues? Because there is nothing I can do lol. I enjoy her polishes, I've never had any of the issues you claim to have, so I can't very much help you there. Im sure if you contact her she can help you.


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