Thursday, September 19, 2013

Getting alll Warm and Fuzzy


  Sure! Why not?! Sally Hansen jumped on the funky texture bandwagon some time ago. I don't remember exactly how many different variations of these micro-bar blends they came up with; I picked up Five. I really adore these funky, fuzzy- feathery looking polishes. They make me crave ice cream with sprinkles SO bad! 
fuzz coat photo FuzzCoat_zps04147311.jpg

 These are all really densely packed with micro bars in clear bases. They are not necessarily the easiest to work with. They all did require a bit of manipulation to get an even spread of the bars all over the nail. That said, they are easy enough to work with and can look good with just one coat over your selected base color. All swatches are shown with a top coat to smooth the surface and bring out shine. 

Sally Hansen Peach Fuzz over O.P.I A-piers to be Tan
Peach Fuzz is a pretty even blend of light, pastel Yellow bars and pastel Peachy Orange bars in a clear base. I loved this combination to bits! 

Sally Sansen Fuzz-Sea over O.P.I Incognito in Sausalito
Fuzz-Sea is a really fun mix of  vivid Aqua Blue micro bars and vivid pastel Green bars in a clear base. I really loved how the bars looked neon over my base color. 

Sally Hansen Wool Knot over O.P.I Keeping Suzi at Bay
Wool Knot is a blend of micro bars in Sky Blue and White suspended in a clear base. This mix felt very Holiday to me for some reason. Like a neat little snow-fall on my nails.  

 I also picked up Tweedy, which is the Black and White blend and you can see it on [THIS POST]. I also got All Yarned Up which is an adorable mix of pastel Yellow, pastel Peach and pastel Blue micro bars. I am still trying to find a good base color for that one :D. 

Did you guys pick up any of the Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coats? What have been your favorite layering combinations? 


  1. I almost picked up a sugar coat the other day.. but I decided to be good. Beautiful swatches!

  2. I just can't get on board with these fuzzy polishes, just aren't for me :-/

  3. While I don't love bar glitter, I really like these! Weird! LOL

  4. I did a jelly sandwich with fuzz sea and just loved it! I'm struggling with All Yarned Up too.

  5. Rhonda (nailsbeautiqued)September 19, 2013 at 9:07 PM

    I really like these fuzzy coats. I need to pick up Peach Fuzz and Tweedy to complete my collection. I love pairing them up with base colors that you wouldn't think would look good together but it turns out amazing :)

  6. I have All Yarned Up and it looks AMAZING over a navy blue.

  7. I got the pink one and love to layer it over dark shades like black, grey and taupe. but it also does a good job on darker pink shades as well. great polishes!

    love from germany

  8. Very beautiful!

  9. Sally Hansen sent some of these to me and I absolutely love them! I think my favorite is Wool Knot and I've been wanting All Yarned Up! How do these compare to the China Glaze polishes?

  10. Ah, I'm so jealous of these! They're not sold in sweden where I live and they're all so smazhingly gorgeous, I live on the wrong continent I think! ;)

  11. These look amazing, you did a great job with the combinations!
    Sadly, they don't sell Sally Hansen where I live... I imagine the pastel mix one would look good on a very pale pink or a tinted white (offwhite-ish, if I'm making any sense :D)


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