Thursday, September 19, 2013

Lippy Swatch Spam Time!

(**Some products were provided for my consideration**)
Happy Thursday my painted beauties! 

 Today I want to share some swatches of several lippies I can't seem to stop wearing as of late. Lately I've been kinda digging the nudey/neutral lips for some reason. I'm normally into the insanely bright shades, but lately I've been feeling "at home" in neutral-ish shades. Something about a nudey lip with light makeup makes me feel fresh and feminine. 
 photo LippyCollage-JordanaLCMilani_zpse217258f.jpg
To see closeup swatches of these pretties just continue reading ♥. 

 I won't go into much detail about these pretties since I've covered some of them before. Luckily, I've gotten a bit better at snapping pics of my pout and the colors actually came out quite accurate! As always, if you guys have any specific questions please feel free to ask em in the comments! 

OCC Lip Tar January Rising
 I just love this vibrant shade of magenta pink so much. I forgot to do a lip liner this day, so it feathered a bit.. But it was not very noticeable. Also, BIG yay for finally getting the hang of lip tar application :D. I feel like I am getting much better at it. 

Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stain in Nude Chic
 How beautiful is this lovely stain? It is a soft nude with enough hints on Pink undertones and a slight shimmer. I always carry this in my bag because it is a quick way to perk up my pout and make me look a bit more radiant.

Milani Color Statement Dulce Caramelo blended with Sweet Nectar
Dulce Caramelo is a soft shade of shimmering taupe. I decided to then layer Sweet Nectar over my soft shimmering taupe to create a soft shimmering Orange shade. I really adored the color these Two shades created. 

Milani Color Statement Teddy Bare
Teddy Bare is a soft taupe creme with some soft Brown undertones. I was sooo surprised at how much I enjoyed this shade. It was so easy to wear and so very flattering. 

Milani Color Statement Plumrose
 Plumrose is a magnificent shade of beautiful Mauvey creme. This color has such a great creamy consistency and has just enough Pink undertones to make me love it to bits and pieces. I think a lot of girls will enjoy this shade. VERY work friendly. 

Lime Crime Velvetine in Suedeberry over Rimmel Kate Moss Matte #110
 I am SOOO happy to have found a way to make Suedeberry work for me. Turns out Rimmel's Kate Moss #110 is a pretty close match to Suedeberry, so layering them helped achieve a great even tone on my lips. I had some issues when I worked with Suedeberry on its own, as it was a bit patchy. Having used Rimmel #110 as a base made Suedeberry look even and  closer to its true color. I love how matte it is. I am a sucker for an excellent matte lip. 

 With Fall peeking its head around the corner I wonder what that will do to my makeup looks :D. I've never been into following seasonal color trends... But lately I've been trying to work seasonal colors into my looks. I'm excited to shift into darker shades and venture to the land of Vampy lip colors. I've been a bit nervous about darker colors, but I LOVE how they look on other girls. So, I'm hoping I can pull them off too. 

 Are any of these lippy shades speaking to you? ANDD are you excited about the weather cooling off and darker colors? 


  1. I love and need that Milani Color Statement in Plumrose!! Gorgeous!


  2. These are all super gorgeous on you and I am all for beautiful but subtle lippies like Nude Chic, I might have to pick that one up! It looks like such a nice palette cleanser! As far as vampy shades? You would totally rock those! I don't think there is a lippy that you couldn't wear!!! You were totally made for nails and makeup posts! Rock on Cris!!!

  3. I need to find the Jordana lip stains. Chic Nude looks great on you.

  4. I also love the Milani in Plumrose - one of my "go to" shades when nothing else is calling me.

    I'm going to have to try the Jordana Balm Stain - it's a lovely color, and it's funny, for fall I'm liking less saturated colors on my face. Go figure. :)

  5. This was really nice. I really like nude lips, nude lips also emphasize a great makeup! :D

  6. Oooh I think I'm going to have to pick up Nude Chic! I love the Jordana Balm Stains so much.

  7. Yaaaay! So glad you found a way to make Suedeberry work! Remember me? I was the one who talked to you about the fact that Suedeberry was weird! :)
    Note: I like the way you take pics of your lips, they make me feel like smiling along haha!

  8. OCC January Rising and Milani Plumrose are my favorites out of these!

  9. I love the Milani lipsticks - so creamy. I have Plumrose too and love it. I think you would also like Maybelline Colorsensationals Bit of Berry. A bit darker if you want to gradually transition into a deeper fall shade.


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