Tuesday, September 10, 2013

LTHP Quickies! Jordana 12 Hr. Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencils & Bold Liquid Felt Tip Liner

(**Press samples**)
Happy Tuesday! 

 This past weekend was pretty quiet for the husband and I. I was not doing too great and had to take it easy. Yesterday was not good either... Then, there was a not- so- nice comment in my inbox this morning... It not- so- kindly requested that I post something... "Post something already, I know you are depressed but c'mon".... Something along those lines.... How sweet, right?
  I don't even know how to follow up to this comment. Let's just say it's not OK to talk to anyone this way. That is all. I am fairly transparent with you guys about my health struggles because this blog originated as a result of these very struggles. Every now and then these issues will rise up and get in the way of my ability to produce content. This is out of my control, and I know a lot of you are very understanding of this matter. Sometimes, no matter how badly I want to post, swatch or do nail art.. I just don't feel well enough to do so. This has nothing to do with my depression or mental state. This is a physical thing, my body is not running at 100%. I do as much as I can, when I can. I don't think I should even have to explain this... Oh wait, I don't. But, I won't lie... It was hurtful to see such a comment. Behind all these pretty pictures of nails, and behind every single word; there is a person. A real human being with real human feelings... and they can get hurt too. 
  Right... the #31DC2013... I still have not decided if I will continue on with it. There is A LOT going on in my "real life" right now. The husband and I are doing a BIG MOVE in a few short weeks so there are a lot of preparations that have to take place. In hindsight, it was not a good idea for me to join in the challenge, but I might still take on the prompts in my own time. 
 I have SO MUCH product I want to/need to go through. I really don't want the blog to go dead during the time it will take us to move and settle in, so I have to swatch a lot and draft like a crazy lady. There is just an insane amount of work I have to get done in a tight time frame. We are very, very excited about this move though. It is something we have been wanting to do for a very long time.  

 So, now that we are kinda caught up... You guys, seriously, Jordana is KILLIN' IT right now with all their new releases. This post will focus on their new 12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Pencil eyeliners and their new Bold Liquid felt tip eyeliner. These new Jordana products will be available at Walgreens stores as well as online. This new range of Six new eyeliners will retail for $2.49 each. I am so madly in love with these pencils. 
Jordana 12 Hr. Made to Last Liquid Liner Pencil photo DSCN8673_zps873f5962.jpg
 They have done a classic, creamy matte Brown and Black, along with Four shimmery, metallic shades. These all have such creamy and highly pigmented formulations. They glide with easy and don't feel like they pull at any time. The Black and Brown pencils are fantastic for the waterline and tightline. My eyes can be fairly sensitive and I have ran into no irritations with any of these pencils. They don't make my eyes tear up when I am applying them either.
12 hr eyeliners photo JordanaInglot1_zpsf7186f28.jpg
Aqua Last: gagagagorge metallic Sky Blue pencil. 
Purple Fix: smokey shade of Amethyst Purple with hints of Silver sparkle pencil.
Jade Jewel: deep shimmering Olive drab pencil.
Espresso Last: creamy coffee brown pencil. 
Charcoal Definition: super shimmery shade of charcoal grey pencil. 
Black Point: opaque black matte creme pencil. 

 I don't have favorites here. I adore them all. Of course I am really enjoying all the shimmering shades. But, a girl can't have too much Black or Brown eyeliner. Jordana also did a bold eyeliner pencil. These retail for $2.99. The only issue I have with this liner is that it is not waterproof. Other than that it has great pigmentation and good wear (long as it does not get wet). This pencil creates really awesome bold lines with ease. 
Jordana Fabuliner Bold photo Aug222013_2_zpse898dbd9.jpg
 I am so impressed with all these new Jordana releases. The quality has been incredible, they have released beautiful colors, and the price has been oh-so-right. I also have some new mascaras by Jordana and I think that should do it on all the new Jordana products. These are available at Walgreens stores. 

 I hope you guys have a great day today! I am off to do a ton of work around the house. My motto for today is "swatch, drink (water lol), breathe". Mama has a LOT of work to get done. 


  1. You know what honey, this is YOUR blog and you can post or not when you want to. To whomever was so inconsiderate and rude, START YOUR OWN BLOG and YOU post everyday or even every hour if you feel inclined. Cristina, I am happy that you do this blog and love the posts when you do them and realize the great amount of time and effort you put into these. But you want to know a secret... if you don't post - my world doesn't crumble and life goes on. I wish you health and happiness! (((HUGS))) God bless you.

  2. 1. haters will be haters and I think sometimes people get too dependent on reading blogs and being disappointed when there's not a new post everyday. I love reading blogs but I also understand that the amazing women, like you, running these blogs also have lives. You have a wonderful blog and keep doing it for you and stay healthy and happy! =]

    2. if you had a choice, would you go for these eyeliners or for the eye shadow pencils?

  3. That sky blue is amazing.

    And yeah, I'm going to go ahead and agree with the others... excuse me but... fuck the haters and their selfishness. You're awesome and we all need a break sometimes, even people who don't have health problems. You do even more! We can wait and will be happy to see what you can post, when you can post it. For now just focus on what you need to! People who act like that have no sense of perspective and their mama should have smacked them a few more times as a child ;)

    As for the other bit... I like doing challenge prompts on my own schedule anyway... it means it is not as stressful + you get to wear each design for longer, which I really like when I spend time and energy coming up with something fun and creative. So relax, enjoy your exciting move, and take a little break if you need to. We will be here for you when you get back :) xx

  4. Hi.. I'm a long time reader, first time comment poster... Just couldn't resist. It must have really bothered you for you to have addressed those rude comments in your post today. I look forward to reading whatever you have to say every day and have learned to trust your reviews! When you don't post for a few days I miss it BUT instead of getting mad and messaging inconsiderate things I wonder if all is well and then patiently wait for the next post. It just stinks that people can be so mean and thoughtless. I just wanted to let you know that all of your true friends and fans will be happy to see whatever you have to share whenever you can share it. Keep ya chinny chin chin up!! We luv ya!!

  5. All the crayon type liners are very wearable shades...I am not a fan of the felt tip liner pens only because I have yet to find one that did not run off into my eyes making them water a little and then having even the ones supposed to be waterproof really run all over making this type of liner the absolute worst other then one in a stick that is too hard to move into a line on the eye...I have yet to figure out how to get any felt tip liner to stick in place...maybe it's just me - seems to happen if I wear my contacts or not.

  6. As someone who has been dealing with depression and anxiety for several years, I can relate to what you're dealing with. Try to ignore the rude and misguided comments. You can't argue with stupid, so don't even try. Just remember that there are a bunch of us out here in blog land who love what you do, and appreciate all the effort you put forth.

  7. Too bad about the comment, but I guess that's just how some people are. Please continue the challenge! I love seeing what you do for each day. Doing it on your own time is a good idea. Good luck with the move!

  8. Wonderful post!

    I know how much a hateful comment can effect a person, even if that person has lots of supporters also. I just want you to know that 99% of your readers love and respect you, and will be completely understanding if you have hiatuses from blogging. Your Heath, life, and such are priorities, and you shouldn't feel guilty at all if you need to break from blogging. Love you and your blog :)

  9. Even though I had barely worn any makeup since the baby was born, I am dying here with those pencils, especially the black and the green one. Total Makeup Addict here! :-P

  10. I rarely post but wanted to say ignore the haters. For that one negative person who obviously can't understand you are having some personal issues that are a lot more important than a blog, you have a lot of fans/followers who support you and understand you need to concentrate on yourself and your personal life. Keep up the great swatches and we support you all the way! (Obviously not speaking for everyone, this is just my opinion)

  11. Wow, some people just have no clue... Moving is stressful for anyone, even if you are excited about it. I hope all will go well and that you will feel better soon! Hugs!

  12. Also, if you want to let us chip in for a while, just say the word! I'd be more than happy to do a guest post and I am sure other bloggers would too :)

  13. Try not to let the trolly/demanding 12 year olds ;) get to you. Or tell yourself that English isn't the persons first language, so maybe the way the rude email came off, wasn't the way it was intended OR just say in your mind, 'go eff yourself' to the person?
    Okay, I hope that helped slightly… Some people just do not think before they type and send. You know your fans understand and the new ones will too but if they don't, too bad for them.
    They aren't worth the energy wasted thinking about them, right? :)

  14. Yeah, I HATE moving. The last time I moved, (I lived in one place for 13 yrs.) I had a nervous breakdown… So hey, be glad that hasn't happened, right? Lol! :)

  15. (LTHP has Crohne's so sometimes she has no energy to get up and has pain/feels sick.)

  16. Cris! Help! I just bought the liquid pencil and it won't sharpen for me without the tip breaking off. Do I maybe need to just suck it up and go buy a better quality pencil sharpener? Have you tried sharpening these yet?

    BTW, I do love the Fabuliner! I've been wearing it for at least a year, love love love it! And I really like these liquid pencils too but they just keep breaking in my sharpener :( ~workinggirlnails

    1. A good sharpener def makes ALLLL the dif in the world. I use the one by Urban Decay and don't have any issues with them breaking off. But they are really soft indeed so a careful hand is needed when sharpening.

  17. ... and now I read this blog post. Ppl say the meanest things sometimes. I hope you are feeling better! Crohn's is such a hard thing to deal with :(


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