Wednesday, September 18, 2013

O.P.I San Francisco Collection Swatches- Part One

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Happy Humpday! 

  This morning I want to share the first half of O.P.I's San Francisco Fall collection. This portion is the creamy pretties from this release. This Fall has been all about deep Blues and Vampy shades. I was really hoping for more Emerald polishes this season. That said, these shades will appeal to many gals because they really do seem to fall into the realm of timeless colors. 
To see close up swatches of these classic beauties, just keep on reading ♥.

 As expected, every single one of these polishes were a dream to work with. Some of these shades were your traditional creamy formula. Some were leaning a bit on the saturated creamy-jelly consistency. I did not run into a single problem color while swatching this portion of the San Francisco collection. All swatches are shown with a top coat for shine.

O.P.I A-Piers to be Tan
 A-Piers to be Tan is a beautiful shade of, what I am calling, leather Brown. This is a really interesting color, I was not expecting to like it as much as I did. This color really does remind me of expensive leather couches. I used Two easy coats for this color.  

O.P.I First Date at the Golden Gate
First Date at the Golden Gate is a classic shade of light-ish Brick red with slight Orange undertones. This shade has a slightly crelly formula and does best in Three thin coats. I had a hard time capturing this color as it wanted to come off more Red in the photos than it really is. 

O.P.I Lost on Lombard
 Lost on Lombard is a gagagorg shade of saturated, deep brick Red. I would say even a red-toned oxblood. This color has a great Two coat formula and is very flattering. 

O.P.I In the Cablecarpool Lane
 In the Cablecarpool Lane is a classic shade of rich Plum creme. The formula on this shade is also in the crelly family and does best in Three thin coats. 

O.P.I Keeping Suzi at Bay
Keeping Suzi at Bay is a pretty, clean shade of light Cobalt Blue creme. This shade has a really saturated formula and could have almost been one coat. I really love this shade, so chic. 

O.P.I Incognito in Sausalito
Incognito in Sausalito is a deep shade of Navy creme with a slight hint of Green undertones. The formula on this color is very saturated and practically applies itself. I used Two coats of color, though I could have done with one coat. 

  And there you have the creme portion of O.P.I Fall 2013. While these colors are not exactly the most unique or exciting; they are still really classy and beautiful. These colors will do very well with the more traditional girls who love their red shades. 

 Which of these would you rock this Fall season?


  1. Okay... I'm normally not a brown or orange person, but I can see why you like A-piers to be Tan... Definitely an interesting shade... I like most of the colors in this collection, but I'm with you on the Emerald... This collection would've been a great opportunity to throw in a timeless teal in addition to all the other great shades...

  2. You know, I am also not a fan of brown. AT ALL, so I was really surprised to enjoy A piers to be tan haha.

  3. Your new nail shape is pretty much how I've been keeping my nails ever since I started doing them! I love this sort of rounded nail, it feels more natural to me!

  4. Stunning swatches! You should do a tutorial on how you paint your nails. They are always perfection!! :)

  5. They all look so liquid in your pictures, smooth and glossy and just GORGEOUS!


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