Thursday, September 5, 2013

Zoya Cashmeres Fall 2013 Collection Swatches

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OMG it is Thursday already!! 

  This week has been such a blurr for me, I'm not quite sure why. I hate the feeling of "missing days". I know I have not spoken much about my health in a while... it's been really rollercoaster-y. The good news is that I do not have Crohn's afterall... It was something else all along, basically my stomach is too slow and does not empty properly.
 It sucks because there is no treatement for it other than "lifestyle changes" which I have been working on since 2010, when these issues started presenting... I'm really frustrated, and a fairly anxious mess, which does not help with my "gastric distress"... Fun, right?! Needless to say all of these things have been getting in the way of life in general. I'm trying my damn hardest to keep a positive midset and stay calm, but some days are harder than others. Today is not so great, my heart feels heavy, my body drained but my mind is doing 100 miles per hour. I'm hoping to dive into some nail art and hopefully get lost in it for a while. I really need to catch up on my #31DC2013 posts. 
 Now that "that's" out of the way, how about some swatches of the Zoya Cashmeres Fall 2013 collection? This portion is the creamy half of this year's Fall releases. Six new yummy shades that range from classic nudes and browns, to bold reds and a very uniqe Green & Blue.  
Zoya Cashmere Fall 2013 photo ZoyaCashmere_zpsf093d486.jpg
 To see close up swatches and find out my thoughts on these shades just continue reading ♥.

 I really don't want to repeat myself over and over so lets get this out of the way now lol... The formula on every single one of these shades is perfection. I didn't run into a single problem color. I used Two coats of each shade and all swatches are shown with a top coat. Though they were very shiny on their own. These all have classic Zoya creme formulas, very buttery, even and soo smooth. I am never unimpressed by Zoya's formulations, and the consistency of their cremes. 

Zoya Livingston
 As you guys know (or may not know), I'm not a huge Red polish gal... except when it comes to Zoya. I am such a sucker for their Red shades. Livingston is a beautiful deep Ruby Red creme with very Pinky undetones. I had such a hard time photographing this rich shade of Red. It is deep, but vibrant. I felt very Snow-White-like with this color on my nails. 
 photo DSCN9565_zps8ad82f94.jpg

Zoya Sailor
 If you were a fan of the shade Natty from last year's fall release, then you will adore Sailor. This shade is a classic shade of slightly dusty Navy Blue creme. It is light enough that it remains Blue toned in all lighting. I absolutely love this color, it feels so classic to me. 
Zoya Sailor photo DSCN9527_zps8b6246e5.jpg

Zoya Hunter
 This shade I'm going to call "Slytherin Green" :D, it seems like the perfect match. Hunter is a really unique hunter green creme. I must say, named perfectly haha. Call it what it is, right? 
Zoya Hunter photo DSCN9505_zps02a7ce90.jpg

Zoya Pepper
 Pepper is a light Oxblood toned creme. Brb... I kinda want a Dr.Pepper now... 
Zoya Pepper photo DSCN9470_zps569395ab.jpg

Zoya Louise
 Louise is my least favorite shade in this collection. I.DON'!!! This shade is your classic Chocolate toned brown creme. 
Zoya Louise photo DSCN9424_zpseb32bcb5.jpg

Zoya Flynn
 I actually really liked Flynn. I was so expecting to hate her. Flynn is a light camel toned nude creme. It was surprisingly werable for me. I bet this looks amazing on darker skintones. 
Zoya Flynn photo DSCN9389_zps7963e3b9.jpg

 So there you have the Cashmere collection. Though these are really classic shades, they don't really say much to me. In years past Zoya has released some of the most beautiful and unique Fall collections. I was a little disappointed in the range of colors this year, they just feel a bit flat to me. Also, where are the Emerald polishes?!! I thought Emerald was supposed to be the "it" color this year, but what I've seen is a LOT of Navy and Monaco Blues... And yes, I know they did Hunter, but I feel like they could have done better... especially looking at Green cremes from years past. 

 So from this half I enjoyed Flynn, Livingston and Sailor. Are any of these speaking to you?


  1. *hugs* I am glad they finally found out what was causing your problems... I have some slight problems with my vagus nerve and it causes symptoms like this occasionally--but thankfully nothing chronic or very serious. I am sorry you have to deal with it, but at least now you can work on treating it the best way possible. Lots of love to you xx
    (also... these polishes are all gorgeous and I want them. Especially Louise and Hunter!)

  2. I love Pepper and Flynn! I got them in the CAMO promo they had a few weeks ago, along with Louise and Hunter! All of these look awesome on you, but those two are my favorites!

  3. they are so wonderful

  4. I actually really like all of these, especially Sailor, Hunter, and Pepper!

  5. Good luck with everything - beautiful fall swatches! Thank God you don't have Crohns!

  6. Great swatches, always a pleasure to see your work!

  7. Sailor looks so GOOD on you! Luxurious ♥.


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