Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fun with the Sugarpill Elektrocute Pigments and Cold Chemistry Palette

Good evening loves!!

  Today I have a makeup post for you guys... Mainly because I have no nails ready to go just yet. I'm drowning in Fall nail polish collections and trying my hardest to get trough them as quickly as possible. So, this past weekend I got to attend The Makeup Show in Orlando, as many of you guys may already know, if you follow me on Instagam (@L_T_H_P). I always take these shows as an opportunity to really go kind of crazy(er) with my makeup, because no one judges you there, in fact it is embraced. I live in "small town Fl" and here ppl look at me as if I ate babies for breakfast because I am different....and awesome.. lol.
 I was super excited to finally get a chance to play with my Sugarpill Elektrocutes neon, sparkly pigments. I also got a chance to play with my Cold Chemistry palette, which I got a few weeks back and just had not had a chance to play with it.
 I also listened to you guys on my last #EOTD post and I am (with much trepidation) sharing full face pictures on this post as well. A lot of you beauties suggested that I show how the eye makeup worked with the whole face look so.. yeah :D.... Granted they are IG shots, but... baby steps :D. 
 photo newersp_zps205f3e08.jpg
 To find out what I used for these looks and see some full face shots just continue reading ♥. 

  All of these looks feature Sugarpill eye shadows. From their ChromaLust pigments, to their new ElektroCute neons pigments. I also feature the Cold Chemistry Palette in this post.

Violet,Bright and Fun
- Prep: Urban Decay Anti-Aging primer potion. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk concentrated on the lid area. 
- Browbone: A mix of Tako and Lumi. 
- Transitional shade: 2am and a bit of Flamepoint towards the inner corner. 
- Crease: Decora and Dollipop layered.  
- Lid: Love Buzz (neon Pink), Hysteric (shimmering Purple), Hellatronic (Neon Blue) 
- Crease: Decora and Dollipop layered. Darkened at the outer edges with Poison Plum, which I also blended over my lid shades. 
- Lower Lashline: Inner corner: Lumi and Tako, middle Dollipop and Poison Plum. The whole outer V  of my eye (top and bottom) is done in Hellatronic and a bit of Velocity to darken it a bit. 
-Waterline and Tightline in Urban Decay Perversion glide on pencil. 
- Cateye: Nars eye-paint in Black. Inner corner point I did with the Jesse's girl waterproof liner pen. This was only my Third time trying out the inner corner. I really love the look, though clearly I've not mastered it quite yet hee hee. That will not stop me from practicing though. 
- Mascara: Ellis Faas Black Mascara
- Brows: Milani Shadow Eyez in Espresso Line set with Senna brow gel. 

I am wearing circle lenses from Pinky Paradise. These are the Vassen Lollipop series in Violet. I must say I just love them. They really give that "anime" dolly look to the eye... and they match my hair :D. These are also really comfy!! 
 Here are some full face shots of this look. I forget what I was wearing on my lips. I want to say it was NYX Matte lippy in Shocking Pink. I got told on FB that I looked kinda like a drag queen (not the first time it's happened, won't be the last. I wear loud, obnoxious makeup... it makes me happy and I'm not hurting anyone)... Which I guess must have meant I was looking FAAAAAAABULOUS lololol. BTW, I make lots of faces haha. And yes, I am aware my features are androgynous. It's all good. 
 photo spneons_zps0fe43d67.jpg

Neon Peacock?
- Prep: Urban Decay Anti-Aging primer potion. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk concentrated on the lid area. 
- Browbone: Paperdoll mixed with Tako. 
- Transitional shade: 2am very softly blended out. 
- Crease: Paperdoll with a bit of Poison Plum layered over it. 
- Lid: Hi-Viz ( neon Yellow), Sparkage (neon Green), Darling was placed on the entire outer corner of my eye and then slightly blended up into my crease. 
- Lower Lashline: mimics the lid area with Hi-Viz, Sparkage and Darling. This look was my next attempt at the inner corner and I was a bit happier with this one. 
- Waterline and Tightline: Urban Decay Perversion glide on pencil. 
- Cateye: Nars eye paint in Black. For the inner corner I used my Jesse's Girl pen for better control. 
- Mascara: Ellis Faas Mascara in Black and Benefit Bad Gal Lashes layered over to give a falsies effect. 

  For this look I am wearing circle lenses from Pinky Paradise. These are the Geo X-tra Bella in Blue and these are some of my faves in my little circle lens stash. 
 Here is a full shot of this face. I didn't really manage to get a good shot of this one because I was in a rush this day. Look! There's even a Mr. LTHP photobomb. I want to say I was wearing a Revlon Balm Stain on my pout... I just cannot remember which one haha. 

Dark and Moody
Disclaimer: This photo was taken after this makeup had been on for about 12 hours or so o.O

 I went really dramatic with this look, but I absolutely loved it! This look features shades from the Cold Chemistry Palette. 
- Prep: Urban Decay Anti-Aging primer potion. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk concentrated on the lid area. 
- Browbone: Tako mixed with a bit of Diamond Eyes.
- Crease: Elemental Chaos, the outer corner of my crease is darkened with Soot and Stars, which I also took all the way into the inner corner of my crease. I love the color that Soot and Stars creates when mixed with Elemental Chaos.
- Lid: Diamond Eyes. The outer corner is darkened with a bit of Soot and Stars.
- Lower lashline: Inner corner- Diamond Eyes. The rest of my lower lash line was done with Subterranean.
- Waterline: Jordana 12hr made to last pencil in Jade Jewel set with Subterranean
- Tightline: Urban Decay pencil in Perversion. 
- Mascara: Ellis Faas Black Mascara
- Brows: Milani Shadow Eyez in Espresso Line set with Senna brow gel. 
 Here is my full face shot for this look. This pic was taken at around 10:00-ish PM, after a very long and exciting day at The Makeup Show Orlando. I am just beyond impressed at how well the vibrancy and shimmer held through the day. I also had zero fallout of shimmer or creasing of my shadow. On my lips was Revlon Balm Stain in Smitten. 
 photo spcoldchem_zpsc05345e9.jpg

 I hope you guys enjoyed these looks. I know they are very bright, and kind of really out there for a lot of people.. But let me tell you, they were just SO much fun to work on! This kind of makeup makes me happiest. Sometimes I look crazy, and that is ok. That is how I learn what works best on me, and what techniques work best for me. Like everything, it is a definite learning process. 
 I really encourage you guys to have fun with your makeup. On days when I feel really sick and the world looks bleak... I play with makeup, I practically play "dress up"... like a little girl :D. Sometimes dealing with what I deal with can leave a girl feeling pretty damn bad about herself, and one has to find ways to cope, right? Mine is to dress up, paint my nails and face and go around like Purple hair is the norm. Oh, I also have this crazy blog thing I do ;). You guys seriously don't know how much your feedback and interactions mean to me... I refuse to look on the outside as bad as I feel on the inside. I love that with makeup I can, in way, hide what is wrong with me (health wise) and feel like a normal, fierce girl. When I am in my crazy colorful, and even "dragtacular" faces I'm not "sick Cris", I'm "Cris the Colorful".... and I'd rather go by that ANY day :D. Sorry for getting a bit off topic there. I just really wanted to vent I guess... 

 I really appreciate you guys stopping by today!! 


  1. Cristina, I just wanted to say that I think you look smashing! It's not a makeup style I can wear on a daily basis (working in a courtroom), but I love it on you. You should be proud of your talent and style :)

    1. Thank you so much!! Hey, nudey makeup can be awesome too!

  2. You are WAY to hard on yourself! I am a long time reader because I love nails and makeup looks LIKE WHOA. You are a gorgeous woman who is so damn talented its insane! Drag Queen IMO is a compliment!! Also, a couple years ago I had a boyfriend who told me he hated my eye make up because it was colorful and I took time doing it. It made him "embarrassed" because we stood out (ME). People would compliment me, his friends too and he hated that. Your husband is obviously very supportive but this is about negative comments in general. Well I got rid of him (not the make up!). And now I am ALWAYS having to do eye looks for my friends (and I have met the love of my life who thinks I am the bees-knees no matter what!). I just wanted to tell you that you pressure yourself to perform here, work hard and also try to heal yourself. Stop saying negative stuff about yourself on here! You are inspirational and a hard working woman! Anyone who takes the time to make a negative, rude or backhanded comment...Sounds like they need a make over of their personality! Keep posting (whenever you can) and you have your loyal readers no matter what!!

    1. Hee hee tortured artist I guess? Hhahha <3. It is something I am working on :D

  3. Cris, these looks are crazyfabulous! Gorgeous pigmentation, too. I'd be incredibly boosted too if my makeup looked even a tenth as amazing as this. ♥

  4. I've just found out about your blog and I have to say "It's terrific"!
    Eva -

  5. Love all of these looks. Makeup should make you feel happy so do what you want.

  6. You're amazing! So gorgeous and so talented!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for celebrating such spectacular colors and sharing with us all!

  8. LOVE the bright eye looks on you, especially with the bright hair :) you look awesome!

  9. You said on days I feel sick.... Do you have an illness , :-( I don't read enough to know, but it sounded very alarming

  10. You ARE fierce! That second one is my favourite and all of these look fabulous. Keep doing what you're doing and play dress up forever <3!

  11. The neon peacock eyes are incredibly pretty! Well done!

  12. loooove number 2! I love when you feature eotd! you are crazy, mad, gorgeous! I'm glad you had the opportunity to wear your color loud and proud mamacita :)

  13. Wow, you look so amazingly fabulous!! :) I relate to the dressing up and painting nails & face when feeling low, that's my coping mechanism too (in my case when I'm struggling with my companion rheumatoid arthritis). Bad days feel much better when you do something fun & colourful, it's kind of like an armor against all bad ^^

  14. You are an inspiration! This world is too negative- why not infuse our lives with as much beauty as possible?

  15. Omg, I love this. I don't think I could pull it off as nicely as you do.. but omgsh I am so jealous! I think I would also kill to have your hair LOL. I bet it's a pain to keep up with though. :P

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  16. WOW! Amazing colours and great looks!

  17. these looks are AH-freaking-mazing. Pleeeeaseee share more fabulous makeup looks in the future!! You look so great. I'm glad you had fun at the makeup show, I really wish I could have gone and said hi to you!

  18. Oh my gosh, I've seen youtubers do looks on Sugarpill, but yours are sooooo awesome! <3 Love your choice of colors in all these looks <3

  19. I love your look and don't think it look out there at all. I love all the colors and how your personality is out there for all to see. I took your pic with me awhile back to have my hair colored pink and blue so my small town would know what I was talking about. I just wish I could have done it sooner, I am now 56. I never go out without some one telling me they love my hair. I did it just for me!

  20. I love your look and don't think it look out there at all. I love all the colors and how your personality is out there for all to see. I took your pic with me awhile back to have my hair colored pink and blue so my small town would know what I was talking about. I just wish I could have done it sooner, I am now 56. I never go out without some one telling me they love my hair. I did it just for me!

  21. I love your look and don't think it is too much or out there at all. I love that you have the courage to be who you are and let the world see your wonderful personality. I took a pic of you to the salon to get my hair dyed pink and blue so they would understand what I wanted and I don't ever go out without someone telling me that they love my hair! I wish I have done it sooner as I am 56! I too do it for myself. It makes me happy when I look in a mirror

  22. Peacock's my favorite too! Love all the looks. I think it's amazing how great you look with all that color including your hair. I couldn't pull it off but just looking at your wonderful face makes me happy. I suffer from chronic depression (yes, I take meds) and want to thank you for making my day brighter!(no pun intended!)

  23. Love the peacock the best too! You make my day better just seeing your crazy, beautiful looks. Thanks for being you!

  24. These looks are all so gorgeous and so are you! You are awesome and one of my favorite blogs!

  25. I can relate to how you feel regarding your health problems.That's what got me into nail polish during a very bad arthritis flare up. You look amazing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are seriously talented and can totally pull it off.


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