Sunday, November 10, 2013

Amazing Times at The Make Up Show Orlando #TMSOrlando

Hi guys,

  As many of you know, I'm blogging out of my parental units house and have very little material to work with. Sad Panda... Anyways.. I did want to share with you some of the amazing artistry and random good time photos from The Makeup Show in Orlando. One of my favorite parts of the trade shows is seeing the artistry all around. Seeing normal gals transformed into incredible creatures by uber talented makeup artists... So here are some of my fave pics from TMS Orlando
 The Makeup Forever Academy ALWAYS blows me away with their creations. They literally take ALL day to complete, and are always AMAZING.
 photo 20130929_163041_zps2a45bde1.jpg
 I could have never "out-fierced" her.. but I sure tried haha!
 DAT SPARKLE!! This was my fave "creature" out of the whole show.
 For more awesomeness just keep on reading ♥. 
Getting started. Several different artists worked on this look. 

 Look by the Cosmix School of Special FX makeup. 

 Look from day One by The MUFE Academy. I never got to see this one finished as I started feeling a bit sick on Day One of the show :(.

 Body art at the OCC booth on some mancandy.

 Work by Kett Cosmetics.

 Um hawt Zub Zero- YAAAASS!!!!

 This group was AMAZING!! They were always in character, all the time. SOO much fun!!

 Some amazing prosthetic work.

 Artwork by Mehron Cosmetics.

 One more with this awesome group!

This girl was FIERCE!!

 More work by the awesome people at Mehron.

 face chart competition. Notice an awesome theme here? 

 This was mine and the hubs' favorite.

 I'm fairly certain that The Makeup Show has a pop up Holiday Show happening soon in NYC. I can't stress enough how amazing this show is. They embrace so many different kinds of artistry, and really give you the opportunity to get to talk to the actual owners and people behind our favorite brands. I'm already impatiently waiting for next year's show!! 
 So, be honest, how many of you want to be a fierce Ice Goddess right now? I totally do!! 


  1. So great! I love the Ice Goddess sparks, so full of color and bright!!!! I liked also the group of characters, specially the fierce lady, how cool is her look! So amazing that this is a public event, the level of work is great. Thanks for showing this to us.
    A big hug,

  2. UGGHHH! I wanna go to a makeup show soo bad! Thanks for sharing pics and info from the Orlando show :) I love the starry sparkles in the first photos. Hope you get your nail goodies soon!

  3. I love seeing pics of these events; they look like so much fun!

  4. Sub Zero! Everyone looks amazing, I'd love to go one day x

  5. You can find the finished Body Painting you missed here :

  6. ahhhhh! Freaking amazing! I loved seeing everyone work at IMATS, and the people being done up were always so in character. I'm headed to the Makeup Show in NYC next year, can't wait!

  7. Where did you get that skirt??? And where do you get your cool leggings?

  8. And I LOVE your blog!!!


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