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KBShimmer Blogger Collab- Holiday Collection 2013

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Happy Humpday/ Thanksgiving Eve!! 

  Hooray for finally getting swatches of this amazing collection up!!! I am so very excited to share this collection. As you guys know, I am a HUGE fan of all things KBShimmer. When Christy asked me to be a part of her Holiday 2013 Collection I was beyond flattered, honored and just plain excited. 
 For this 11-piece release, Christy went to 11 of her fave bloggers for inspiration. I am just beyond amazed at every single creation. There is not a single shade here that I didn't love. There is a great range of classic, playful and just plain beautiful. Christy did, as usual, a fantastic job of bringing each bloggers vision to life. I had a BLAST creating my shade, and it was a thrilling process to see my dream holiday shade come to life. I am just so excited to be a part of such a beautiful collection, among so many talented ladies!
 Quick note: I'm sorry if my pics seem a bit "off". My light set up has changed for the time being and I'm working my hardest to get them close to what they looked like previously. I think I finally have got a set up that works well and gives me consistency.
 photo KBShimmerHoliday2013_zpsc48c2d83.jpg
 To read more about all these amazing creations, and the bloggers behind them just continue reading ♥. 

KBShimmer Merry Pinkmas
 :D:D!!! Say hello to Merry Pinkmas! This pink- based blend is my very own contribution to this collection. This shade is inspired by my yearly tradition of taking the Holiday mani and giving it a very Pink and girly twist. Originally this shade was going to have a White base, and then it hit me.. Make it Pink!! 
 So Merry Pinkmas  is a bubblegum Pink crelly base packed with Red, Green and Silver Hexes and dots. There are also Red micro- bars, small neon Green and neon Pink hexes. I wanted to have a fun blend of traditional Holiday colors, with a fun girly/ bright twist. 
 This baby is fairly packed with glitter. It is best to wait a minute between coats to prevent the chunky glitter particles from sticking together. The Pink crelly base is just a bit sheer and does best in Three thin coats. The spread of glitter is great, and there were no issues with the larger chunks. Shown are Three thin coats with a top coat. And of course, I am madly in love with my little Pinkmas Baby!!  

KBShimmer Christmas Now
 Christmas Now is a collaboration with Crystal's Crazy Combos. This shade is such a fun an unique look for the Holidays. I love the beautiful grass- Green crelly base. In this base there are dots, which represent ornaments. And squares, which are like little presents. There are also tons of light Green, holo stars. This shade is so playful, like a Christmas party on my nails. 
 This shade has a great formula, much like Merry Pinkmas, it is best to wait a second between coats to prevent the chunkier bits to sticking or dragging to the tip of the nail. Shown are Three thin and easy coats plus a top coat. 

KBShimmer  Snow Much Fun 
 Snow Much Fun is a collaboration with the uber talented Manicurator. This shade is a beautiful Sky Blue crelly base packed with a perfect blend of White, Blue, Silver and prismatic twinkle. This shade is accented by adorable White snowflake shaped particles. Snow Much Fun was a surprise fave for me. I just love how icy and wintery it looks. I used Three thin and easy coats, plus top coat for my swatch. 

KBShimmer Green Hex & Glam
Green Hex & Glam is a collab with Nails by Kayla Shevonne. This shade is so classy, yet sparkly and beautiful. This beautiful shade is like liquid Emeralds. K, the base is a stunning shade of deep Emerald  Green jelly packed with Silver prismatic hexes in varying sizes. The formula on this beauty is easy to work with and deliciously packed with sparkly goodness. I used Three thin and easy coats plus top coat for my swatch. 

KBShimmer Will Yule Marry Me?
Will Yule Marry Me? is a collab with The Nail Network. This beauty was inspired by Chelsea's engagement, which took place on X-mas Eve last year, I believe. The story behind this pretty is really touching. This shade is a gaga-gorg shade of dusty navy crelly packed full of Silver Hologaphic dots and hexes in varying sizes as well as a lovely twinkle. I am mad for this shade and just LOVE how it looks like a star- lit sky. I used Two easy coats plus top coat for my swatch. 

KBShimmer Strung Out 
Strung Out is a collab with Candy Coated Tips. This fun, dotty mix is inspired by Twinkling Christmas lights. Strung Out is a playful mix of dots in varying sizes and colors as well as holo and red micro sparkle in the Black jelly base. This shade can be built up to full opacity on its own. That said, it is best to wait between coats. I can't wait to play with this shade and some layerings. Shown are Three thin coats and top coat.  

KBShimmer Sand in my Stocking over Zoya Natasha
 Sand in my Stocking is a collab shade with The Polishaholic. This shade is inspired by Jen's beachy sand-men ;). This shade is made of pure WIN. It really does look like sparkling sand, accented by Orange and Aqua dots, as well as Golden Stars. 
 This shade is packed with White and Gold glitter and really does mimic the look of sand. I seriously enjoyed this shade and how insanely packed with glitter it is. I used just one coat of glitter over my base color to achieve the look you see. Shown with top coat.  

KBShimmer Toast-ess With the Mostest over KBShimmer Plum Tuckered Out 
 Toast-ess with the Mostest is a collab with Peachy Polish. This beautiful topper is inspired by Champagne bubbles!! I fell in love with this topper, pretty much immediately. Toast-ess With the Mostest is a great blend of Gold, Rose Gold and Silver dots and holo twinkle. The glitter spread is perfect and the chunky bits gave me no problems. I used one coat over my base color. 

KBShimmer I Only Have Ice for You over KBShimmer I'd Rather be With Blue
I Only Have Ice for You is a collab with Chalkboard Nails. This topper is Winter Wonderland perfection. This is one of those glittery toppers that will look good over any and all shades. I Only Have Ice for You is a twinkling, blend of smaller holo glitter. This topper has fantastic coverage. Shown is one coat of sparkly goodness over my base color, plus top coat.  

KBShimmer Plum Tuckered Out 
Plum Tuckered Out is a collab with Pointless Cafe. This shade is a classy shade of Plum crelly, accented with vibrant Blue micro- sparkle. This shade is just classic and I just love the sparkle. The formula on this shade was easy to work with and built up to opacity in Three thin coats. Shown with top coat as well.  

KBShimmer I'd Rather be With Blue 
I'd Rather be with Blue is a collab with Cosmetic Sanctuary. This baby is a beautiful shade of sparkling Sky Blue. This stunner dries to a satin- matte finish. KBShimmer really works so wonders with her Satin mattes. The formula on this pretty is fantastic and does great in Two easy coats. 

 You can expect a giveaway soon!! Christy was kind enough to provide me with a full, second set of this collection.... So I want to share it with one lucky winner! I don't know if I can pick favorites in this group. There is such a great mix of playful, classic and versatile in this collection. It was just too much fun to be able to create a shade to share with everyone, as well as being a part of such a great lineup of bloggers and shades. Christy did such a great job on this collection. 
 I am really thrilled to see everyone's vision, and everyone's unique take on the Holidays. You can definitely expect that giveaway soon, as well as Pinkmas posts!! It's not Christmas in LTHP land until I make it pink ;). 

 Do you have any favorites in this group? Which are just screaming to you? I really hope you guys love my girly take on the Holidays. It was a blast to create my own holiday shade and give it my personal touch, Merry Pinkmas!!! I'm not sure if I will be posting tomorrow, so I want to take a moment to wish all those celebrating a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. I hope you all get lots of yummy noms and fun family times. 


  1. Great swatches! And I'm loving your nails this shape and length!

    1. Thank you!! I'm enjoying the rounded shorties as well. So much easier to maintain as well :D! <3

  2. The more I see swatches, the more I am loving Sand in My Stockings and Toastess With the Mostess! I need ALL the glitter toppers! Lovely swatches <3 can't wait for the giveaway.

  3. The more I see swatches of Toastess with the Mostess and Sand In My Stockings, the more I love them! I need ALL the glitter toppers!

  4. Love these! My faves are yours, Merry Pinkmas, as I love pink (obviously, see my "name", haha)...Sand in My Stocking, as its sooo sparkly and pretty and also because I'm a Florida girl and also have sand instead of snow :)...and Strung Out, as I am a sucker for jellies, and am always on the hunt for a black jelly!

  5. Love the swatches, green hex and glam, wil yule marry me and plum are my favorites. now I see how pretty yule can be

  6. Beautiful swatches! I just placed an order the other day, and now I'm kind of kicking myself I didn't add Sand in My Stocking and Plum Tuckered Out to my cart. Here's hopin' Santa helps me out with those... :)

  7. I love KB Shimmer and this is an absolutely gorgeous collection! Merry Pinkmas is gorgeous! Great job!


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