Thursday, November 21, 2013

LTHP Quickies: The GEO Mari Gold Circle Lenses in Blue from

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Hey people hey! It's Thursday,
It's what?!! Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I for one am just a little blown away by how fast the year 2013 has felt for me. Did the Earth's speed pick up, are we spinning around the Sun faster? A lot has happened this year... Including my "discovery" of circle lenses! 
 Today I want to give you a quick, close up look at one of my favorite pairs. These are the Mari Gold in Blue by Geo.
 photo EosMarigoldBlues_zpsdb092d91.jpg
 The reason why I wanted such an extreme closeup is because I really wanted to catch the reflection of the beautiful, Blue, micro sparkles that are embedded into these lenses. These have a 14.2mm diameter and a base curve of 8.6. Sadly, this particular style is only offered in "plano" (non script).
 These don't have a whole lot of an enlarging effect, but they do give amazing defintion to the iris as the outer ring is fairly darkened. What I love about these is how natural they look over my light Green eyes. Yes, in these extreme close-ups you can see the "pixelation" of the lenses, but the fact is that they are beautifully smooth. The sparkles are subtle, I had no issues wearing these. They have actually become one of my favorite pairs. I love the soft gradient of Blue tones. I just love how beautiful they look over Green.
 These babies are so comfy. Normally I can only wear most of my lenses for about Four hours or so. These pretties I wore for about Eight hours. I had absolutely no discomfort or blurring issues.

 For full face shots you can head to my Instagram account (@L_T_H_P) or the Eye Candy's IG account as well (@eyecandyscom). These are available from and retail for $26.88

I'm just in love with these, and kind of would love to have the entire family of colors. I think the flecks really give them that extra- special touch. These are just so comfortable as well. 

 Thanks for stopping by today loves. I'm so very sorry about my absence. It has been a sucky few weeks, but things should hopefully settle down soon... Mainly I just need to get my shiz together ♥. 


  1. I love how much you wear contacts for beauty purposes - I really want to get some brown contacts soon though I need ones with prescription.

  2. Contacts scare the bejesus out of me due to a bad experience I had when I was a teenager. Think Hot Topic Fire Contacts, inexperience and burning. But those look beautiful. I've always wanted to try again with color contacts maybe even blue but I think that because my eyes are naturally such a dark dark brown it would look purple rather than blue.

  3. My eyes are already blue...I bet these would make my eyes go POW lol. But alas, I can't wear contacts anymore. I got a severe case of viral conjunctivitis aka pink eye and I now have scars on my retinas and blind suckssssssssssssss. I hate wearing glasses but I can't see very well without them. Back before the eye problems I wore contacts the majority of the time. I also worked in the eyecare industry for years so I got to try all the colors. They weren't like these that you review...they are prescription and look more natural. My 2 favs were royal blue and aqua. I miss wearing them. =/

  4. I remember wearing the acuvue enhancers from years ago. I used to have all three colors. I used to wear them mixed and matched lol. The aquas were my faves


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