Friday, November 8, 2013

LTHP Style! Burning Artists Collective Geode Designs 'Ello Scratch Leggings- A Story of how Mr. LTHP and I Tried to Meet Aliens

(**BAC Press Sample**)
'Ello Lovely readers!!! 

  Today I have a story for you. A story about how the husband and I went to Cali and back, saw some awesomeness, and tried to meet some aliens. As you guys know I have an affinity for all things nylon, shiny, tight and quirky. So.. coming across the awesome indie clothing company, Burning Artists Collective, was an awesome thing for this nylon addict. I absolutely adore their awesome designs and the part where they embrace indie artists... I scored their awesome Piano Score dress, and fell in love with their clothing. I've been very lucky to form a friendship with Teagan Tyze, who created the piano score dress. We loved each others vibe, and they were kind enough to send me a pair of kick ass leggings by Geode Designs called the 'Ello Scratch legs to have some fun with.  
  So, I wore them in an attempt to be friendly to any visitors we might have encountered... Just in case we met any aliens while at the Petrified Forest in Arizona. This was easily one of the most amazing and beautiful places I have ever been to. So husband and I decided to do a little shoot in featuring my neat-o leggings and document any alien encounters that might have happened ;). We had a ton of fun working on this little story so I hope you guys enjoy this post. Something a little different for funsies ♥.  
 There are a few pics so just keep on reading to find out what happened. Oh and... I just had to "meme" this pic lololol! I'm having fun with this whole "blogging thing" from now on! I want to share all of my creativeness with you guys. I always welcome a new challenge and transitions. But, oh yes... There will be nails.. and makeup... and fashion.. and kitties and nonsense. Afterall, my "tagline" does promise all those things hahaa. Let them have Polish!!! From head to toes!!!
 photo ellofront-1_zpsd8c3bc5e.jpg

 SO! Mr. LTHP and I went to the Petrified Forest in Arizona. Well, we stopped there on our way to Cali. Let's not talk about Cali, BTW. Things happened, things went wrong.... Bad timing, whatever, just was not meant to be right now. We are back in Florida safe and sound and that is all that matters. So, we went to this beautiful place and had out minds completely BLOWN by the beauty of the painted desert. There were so many colors, such a quiet beauty. I never wanted to leave... So anywho... we were hoping to meet some aliens ;).

 So, I wore my friendly 'Ello legs from BAC. I wanted to be friendly, just in case we met any friendly aliens. After all, it did feel like we were on an alien planet! I just wanted them to know, I just came to say 'Ello!!
 The top came from Picked it up a while ago :D. It looked so awesome against the colorful desert background. So anywho, I was trying to be friendly and welcoming. These are the 'Ello Scratch legs by Geode Designs. Which, BTW are on sale!! Oh and yas, I went back to dark hair. Now I have a deep Plum thing going on and totally loving it!!
"So raise your peace sign if you're not useless. We took our peace signs and reduced them to deuces"- Watsky. Of course we had to get shots of the bum details haha.
 Me trying to look fierce and such. I figured maybe if I looked fierce the aliens would come and say hi, or beam me up.

 But we waited and waited... They never came... Where are you guys?
 We looked up and everywhere... But, alas, no friendly visitors. But, let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty that is the colorful, painted desert. This place was just amazingly stunning. I wanted to spend forever here.

 So we hung out for a bit :D.
 Then I tried doing a peace dance to give the aliens one more shot to come and say 'Ello. :).
 But I guess it didn't work :(. But who knows, maybe later on they did come and we just didn't stay long enough haha. 

 So I had a sad, but gave em one last 'Ello before heading out...
 Having some silly fun times with an actual Petroglyph.

 And then we merrily skipped off, on our way.

 I am really sorry about the posting hiatus. I have been going through some rough times, but things are settling down. Things will be ok. Plan to see a lot of nail art, as I am in a situation where I can't really swatch a lot, but I do/will have the time to focus more on nail art, makeup looks and such.
 This makes me happy as this blog is rooted in nail art. I never set out to be a "swatcher". I never set out with any real intentions of this blog even becoming a "thing"... So every day I get t do this, and share my passions with my readers is a gift to me. If you follow me on Facebook, you may also know that "The Black Swan" project awakened a new level of nerdiness in me and I really want to take on the challenge of more character transformations, and even cosplaying. There is so much more to this gal than nails, and I need a new challenge.. I know I keep saying that... So I really hope you guys will stick around for the ride because things should get really fun and interesting in the land of LTHP. I want to share all of my creativity with you guys. I want to empower and inspire.

 So, with all that rambling out of the way... I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. The husband and I had a BLAST working on the photos and I am just madly in LUUUUB with Burning Artists Collective. I really hope you guys will check em out, they are having all kinds of sales right now :D!! Who knows, you may just see some designs by LTHP on BAC soon ;)!!!

 Thank you all for stopping by today!! I hope you enjoyed this post! And remember to keep it nice if it is not up your alley, please :-|. I hate that I have to even say that, but this blog will be going through a transition and it will not just be nails, all the time anymore. I want to share all of me with you guys and I hope you can appreciate that. Remember, I always pour my heart into each an every post that goes up ♥.


  1. Wonderful post - I really enjoyed it! Your creativity is inspiring :-)

  2. Sorry that CA didn't work out for you this time. I hope you come back one day and hope everything is OK with your family. I have never been to the Painted Desert but it looks beautiful. Glad you are having fun with the blog and excited to see what's next for you.

  3. So looking forward to all the new things to come! Can't wait to see where your creativity takes you. :-) nbl, leanna

  4. I definitely subscribe to the 'it happens for a reason and when it's meant to, it will happen' theory and have my fingers crossed for you guys! I'm loving the style of blog posts. Keep up the clothes and creativity!

  5. First time commenting but been following you here and on IG for a while. I love this post ! I really like your personnality and creativity. Can't wait to see what's next :-)

  6. Oh wow, what a gorgeous location. You could take some amazing photos there (*more* amazing photos, I love the ones in this post! You are beyond beautiful!).

  7. Great outfit... nice color combination of awesome outfit... and you have enjoyed to wear this outfit...

  8. Ms C, dahling, you live your life out loud & that's as it should be!

  9. whatever the reasons Cali didn't work out, hope you're safe and happy x

  10. Such fun pictures! Glad to see your happy face and hope you find new energy and happiness in your blog and the path you are taking now!

  11. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! If you're planning to branch out to other blog topics, I would love to see a post from you about how you style leggings. I love the look but I'm always afraid to wear them myself because I feel like I'm doing it wrong :/. I'm excited to see what comes next on your blog!


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