Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KBShimmer Winter 2013 Multichromes Swatches & Video

(**Press Samples**)
Oh Multichromes ♥!! 

 Can KBShimmer make polishes or what?! Seriously, this girl has such immense talent for her craft. Back in winter of 2013 Christy released Seven new multichrome polishes. Three of these are smooth shifters and some have an added flash of holographic sparkle. There is also a Blue based shifting glassfleck. 
 I will warn you now... My skin tone looks awful in all these photos. My ultimate goal with these photos was to capture as much of the shift as possible. I was not concerned with my skin color. All photos were taken in the shade so that the shift would come through a bit stronger in photos.
 photo KBShimmerChromes_zps881a595e.jpg

 But, that said.. I did make this quick video which shows these babies in action. It was the best way I could think of to try and capture as much of the shift as possible. 

 To see close up swatches of these beauties just continue reading. 

 All swatches are Three coats of color. As you can see, they can be built up to full opacity on their own. That said, these can also be layered over just about anything as they are the right kind of sheer. My next venture will be to see them all over a Black creme. The formulas on all were very easy to work with, as usual with all KBShimmer polishes. 

KBShimmer Pigment of my Imagination- Smooth, Purple based, shimmering multichrome. This shade goes from a dark Grape Purple to Copper to Gold. At extreme angles is can also look Magenta. 
Pigment of my Imagination photo DSCN5375_zps452af7e6.jpg

Pretty in Punk- Green based shimmer with subtle linear Holographic shimmer. The color shift on this one is softer and goes from Green to Blue- Purple. 
Pretty in Punk photo DSCN5338_zps1659f234.jpg

Urban Camo- Smooth Emerald Green based shifting shimmer. The shift on this shade goes from Green to Blue to Golden Copper. 
Urban Camo photo DSCN5314_zpsc647099d.jpg

Myth you Lots- Purple based holo shifter. This one is along the same line of Pretty in Punk. The shift is from Purple to Magenta to Blue and Copper. The holographic effect is linear, yet subtle. 
Myth you Lots photo DSCN5288_zpse8747f95.jpg

Rollin with the Chromies- Light Blue based holo shifter. The shift here is from Blue to Pink and Purple. This pretty also has a subtle linear holographic sparkle. 
Rollin w the chromies photo DSCN5260_zps4ab00b8a.jpg

Maybe Navy- This pretty is a deeeep navy jelly based packed full of Midnight Blue, Pink, Aqua, Violet shifting glassflecks. As far as shifts go, this one has the least color changes. However, the particles themselves do change colors very noticeably. Those who are not huge on the multichromes might actually like this one quite a lot. 
maybe navy photo DSCN5242_zps2d27855f.jpg

Shade Shifter- Smooth Sapphire Blue based shifter. This pretty goes from a deep Blue to Violet, Magenta and Pink. 
shade shifter photo DSCN4106_zpsb9faa29a.jpg

 All of these beauties are still available from KBShimmer as well as other KBShimmer e-tailers. They retail for $8.75. I do ADORE these. I've been a fan of these types of shifters since I was introduced to Ozotic multichromes back in 2010. I cannot wait to do some funky nail art with these and some layerings as well. I love that Christy of KBShimmer did some Holographic and smooth shifters in this release as well as the glassfleck. It's just a beautiful collection. 

Which are speaking to you the most?


  1. WOW! :D They are very beautiful! :)

  2. WOW! :D They are very beautiful! :)

  3. I think the greens are my favorites. I'm seeing so many of the blues now, it's a great change!

  4. Beautiful polishes! I picked up more than a couple of these just recently. Can't wait to try.

  5. I know!! In 2013 I was left wanting more Emerald. Even though it was the Pantone shade of the year, we did get SOOO many Blues! Not that I dont love Blue, but I love Emerald too!

  6. So, so pretty!


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