Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zoya Naturel Collection Swatches

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Good afternoon my pretties! 

 Who else is kind of glad that the Holidays are over? Don't lie... You know you are hahah. In my case the Hoidays are also laced with many birthdays, I'm celebrated-out. And I still have my birthday coming in 14 days. Yikes! 
 You know what else is nice to get a break from? Glitter polishes! I LOVE glitter. I love that the Holidays usually inspire many glittery nail polish shades. It is a great thing. That said, I am always glad to have a break from all the flash.
  Say hello to the Zoya Naturel Collection. This was Zoya's last release of 2013. Perhaps, they were inspired by the success of recent "Naked" eye palette releases when thinking up this soft, creamy color range. These shades may not be everyone's thing, but there is a nude here that will suit any skin tone. 
Zoya Naturel photo ZoyaNaturel_zps8c61fbd7.jpg
 The Naturel collection is made up of Six new, full- coverage, nude creme tones. To see close up swatches and find out more about these shades just continue reading. 

 I was really impressed with the formulas of every single shade. With nudes I always expect to run into a problem shade here and there, especially full- coverage nudes. Lo and behold, every color had a very smooth and self- leveling formula. They were all just thick enough to cover completely, but smooth enough to spread evenly and smoothly. I used Two coats for every color. All swatches are shown with a top coat for full shine. 

Zoya Chantal
 Chantal is described by Zoya as a French Vanilla creme. I was worried this shade would lean too Yellow and make me look red. My worries were for nothing. 
Zoya Chantal photo DSCN3426_zpsba7265c6.jpg

Zoya Taylor
 Taylor is described by Zoya as a light Toffee creme. This shade has just a bit more Brown to it than Chantal and may be easier to wear for more skin tones.  
Zoya Taylor photo DSCN3483_zps8d161a9e.jpg

Zoya Rue
Rue is described by Zoya as boudoir Blush creme. ???? Huh? Anywho, this shade is a very light nude with slight Rose undertones. Think of it as the lightest Nude-Mauve you've ever seen. As you can see, very "mannequin hands" on me. Not bad though. 
Zoya Brigitte photo DSCN3541_zps10646aae.jpg

Zoya Brigitte
 Brigitte is described by Zoya as a Bombshell Mauve creme. And we are back to rational descriptions haha. I think Mauve creme is pretty dead on for this shade. I really liked this particular color. The formula was a bit crelly which gives Brigitte a squishy finish. 
Zoya Rue photo DSCN3610_zps69fec8f0.jpg

Zoya Odette
Odette is described by Zoya as a sultry Orchid Maroon creme. Odette is one of my favorites in this release. I love a smoked out, light Plum. It is basically Grey- Purple- Perfect. 
Zoya Odette photo DSCN3665_zps7aa9f8f7.jpg

Zoya Normani
Normani is described by Zoya as a Sable Mauve creme. This shade is the holy grail of neutral cremes. You know? Those creamy, Grey-Putty shades that flatter anyone and look good in any season. Yeah, I love Normani. She is classic and perfect. 
Zoya Normani photo DSCN3733_zps2de58f17.jpg

 These are like foundation for nails. Even though there are no remarkably unique shades, there is a nice range of neutrals for many different tastes. They created a lovely palette cleanser palette haha. The Naturel Collection is available from now and retails for $9.00/ color. 

Which of these would best suit you? 


  1. I usually don't care for nude polishes as I like to wear bold nails, but this looks like a pretty "not too nude" collection. I'd probably go for Brigitte :)

  2. I love nudes and this collection looks so creamy, dreamy and flawless. I fear both beige nudes are too yellow for my skin tone - although my coloring is similar to yours, those yellow-y beiges never look good on me (where they look gorgeous on you). I am one of the youngest people I know to like mauve, so I am really drawn to Rue and Brigitte (Rue especially).

    I think I get what they mean by boudoir the color of light pink satiny lingerie or of one of those talcum powder poofy puff things, lol. Or make-up blush. Rue has a very demure, romantic feel to it, so I think I get the reference.

    I am not glad the holidays are over - I go into major withdrawal, actually, as New York will be nothing by grey bleak winter for the next three months (no warmth or brightness to be found, wah). But nail polish and flawless swatches such as these certainly bring a smile to my face! ;)

  3. I love this collection so much! The four purple shades are just so gorgeous. It's a great start to nail polishes in 2014!

  4. This is like my favorite collection ever! Chantel is absolutely stunning. :)

  5. Wow - Normani is the mani for me! Happy New Year <3

  6. those colors are soooo adorable! not for my crazy nail art of course, but for everyday nails - for sure ))

  7. They are beautiful! I already have Chantal, now I want Rue too.

  8. Brigitte must be my favorite on your skintone - enough color in it to look "alive" but still very nude and soft looking. I am kinda glad all the eating and family visits are done now for a while lol.

  9. I'm soooo glad the holidays are over! They are overrated imo. I have rue, brigitte and odette. They are just amazing in both color and formula.

  10. I'm soooo glad the holidays are over! They are overrated imo. I have rue, brigitte and odette. They are just amazing in both color and formula.


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