Monday, February 3, 2014

#NailArtFeb Californails Challenge Day One: Glitter

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Good Morning!! 

  Today I am starting a cool nail art challenge that will spread through the month of February. This challenge was put together by Californails. The challenge has a fitting, and hilarious name. This is the "Totally doable- I have a life! Challenge". Instead of daily prompts, this challenge gives us Three days between each design. The prompt for day One is glitter. I decided to go with a bridal- "Something Blue" theme for my glittery look. You can follow the hashtag #NailArtFeb on various social media outlets to see looks from many people participating. 
Nail Art Feb day One photo DSCN5656_zps100e91ad.jpg
 For this look I started with a base of Milani Aqua Brisk. I just love this fantastic shade of creamy Sky Blue. On my index and pinkie nail I did some freehand glitter placements. I went with a Silver to Aqua glequin gradient placement. On my Middle nail I did a coat of INM Northern Lights and then stamped in Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and Konad plate M77. I accented my stamp with a teardrop rhinestone. On my ring fingernail I did a coat of O.P.I In True Stefani Fashion and added a cute bow charm from Winstonia. This was my first time rocking nail charms, and I am charmed (badum tsssss). They add such a whimsical touch to the final look. To finish my nails off I did a generous coat of Seche Vite top coat.

 Just to comment really quickly on my glitter placement. I am really happy with how these turned out. The inconsistencies on my index nail were due to inconsistencies in the glitter sizes themselves. The pinkie nails turned out really good as I took a bit of extra time to make sure all the glitters were as close to shape and size as possible. I even went as far as to cut some of the glitters to fill in gaps at the cuticle line and free edges. My thumb matched the middle nail.

 If you want to join :D,
Californails Feb Challenge photo Screenshot2014-02-01at115556AM_zps2db93afc.png

 I'm very excited to take this challenge on! The prompts are really good and they are spaced apart just right :D. 

Thanks for stopping by loves! 


  1. Oh this is so pretty and blingy - well done!

  2. So pretty! What did you use to affix the nail charm? I feel like when I use Seche Vite to attach nail charms, they always fall off within 12 hours. If I use nail glue, it stays on as long as I want it, but the nail glue really destroys my poor nails :(

  3. Awesome, I'll have to try the toothpick tip! When I apply straight from the applicator I always end up with too much product. Thanks for the reply!

  4. This bow is so girly, I love it ! This new nail art challenge seems really cool maybe it will inspire me for this month and maybe the next one too =)

  5. I wad going to participate in this challenge but I really don't want to change my nail polish on the 4th from what I have currently done. Besides, this mani involves glitter, polka dots, AND hearts so it should carry me for those challenges ;)

  6. Very fun! I love following along with these prompts on Instagram, so I'm glad you're participating!

  7. I love this SO MUCH! That colour and the glitter placement and that stamp and the bow charm I am in LOVE with. omg. Also I wish I'd known about this challenge! I already have things lined up for this month, though. Hopefully there will be more collabs/challenges like this where you have a few days between prompts--it sounds perfect!

  8. Natalie Carlson BrownFebruary 4, 2014 at 1:05 AM

    Absolutely beautiful!! I love light blue & silver glitter and you took them over the top!!

  9. I LOVE this! I have been obsessed with Glitter Placement lately so I'm definitely in love with your entire mani!

  10. Thank you! I've kinda become obsessed with glitter placement as well. I so desperately want to master it.

  11. Thank you!! You can still take it on :D. But keep an eye on the @Californails account. She seems to come up with all kinds of cool challenges.

  12. I wish I had been a hard core nail gal when I got married. I think this would have been my mani :D


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