Friday, February 28, 2014

#NailArtFeb Californails Challenge Day 28: Galaxies

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Happy Friday!!! 
  Yesterday I was stuck on what to say... Today I am overflowing with words of excitement. Why is that? Because I took on a nail art challenge and actually saw it through to the end! Today's look is the final prompt in the Californails "Totally Doable- I have a Life Challenge". Day 28 calls for galaxies. 
  I was suuuuper excited to take on this prompt. Galaxy manicures are incredibly fun to work on for me. I wanted to depart from the other galaxy looks I have posted. For this one I went with a Blue galactic feel, instead of Black how I had done for the other two galactic looks I've done. I can honestly say that this is definitely my fave galaxy manicure I have done to date. I was surprised at how fast I managed to get these done too. Normally I tend to overthink my galaxies, for these I just let them flow from me and the results were wonderful.
Galaxies photo DSCN7496_zps2c236ca2.jpg
 For this galaxy look I started with a base of Zoya Dream. For the galactic elements I used Lime Crime Milky Ways(soft off White), Bettina Vanity(pale Sky Blue), Milani Raspberry Delight(vivd Pink creme), OCC Man by Man(amazing Teal jelly shimmer), Zoya Seraphina(shimmery White) and Catrice Heavy Metallilac(metallic shimmer Purple). To create the galactic look I used little tiny bits of cosmetic wedge sponge. I cut them into tiny pieces that I could control with tweezers to get more control of where the color was being sponged. It also helped me keep a light hand when applying color. I used a toothpick to create the little dot "stars". I finished my galaxies off with a coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top. 

 And with this look the challenge is complete! I am so happy to have taken this challenge on. It reminded me of what I am capable of when it comes to nail art. It also reminded me that now I then I need to push myself :D. I will be doing a post soon with a re-cap of all the looks to see them all together. 
Californails Feb Challenge photo Screenshot2014-02-01at115556AM_zps2db93afc.png
 I hope you guys enjoyed this post and this challenge. I had so much fun working on these prompts. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Thanks for coming by! 


  1. So gorgeous Cris! :D

  2. Dying. I am dead. D.E.A.D. These galaxies are OUT OF THIS WORLD (see what I did there?)!!! I am luuurving it! I think you may have inspired me to FINALLY give galaxy nails a try. I have always been so imtimidated by them and afraid I would totally botch them. These are just so pretty and I want them on my nails right meow, so I am going to have to give them a whirl!

  3. Love this!!! Such an eye catching version of galaxy nails :)

  4. Wow, your galaxies look amazing!!

  5. These look amazing! I love that you went with a blue feel instead of the typical black that we usually see :)

  6. I have always LOVED the galaxy nails look! But I especially like this one because of the blue (instead of black) base! I have always been a bit intimidated to try doing the galaxy look for myself, but your nails make me want to try! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. Be Fashion Be GlamourFebruary 28, 2014 at 11:22 AM

    Amazing ! You are an artist ;)


  8. Gillian from PlumeriaPaintedFebruary 28, 2014 at 2:04 PM

    Gorgeous, and I adore the colour scheme of these galaxies!! :)

  9. Sooooooo gorgeous!!!

  10. Gorgeous galaxy mani!

  11. I really gotta try this. It's so cool. And Dream is a perfect backdrop.

  12. That is one wicked galaxy ♥. Gorgeous!


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