Wednesday, February 12, 2014

O.P.I Gwen Stefani Collection Swatches

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Happy Humpday!! 

 Today I want to share my swatches of the O.P.I Gwen Stefani collection. I won't even lie. I was SOOOO excited to find out that O.P.I would be doing a collaboration with Gwen Stefani. She is such a music and fashion icon. But what I love best is that Gwen is one of the original "nail girls". I remember watching No Doubt music videos and always admiring her long vampy nails, Pink hair and fantastic Red lips. This collection is such a beautiful representation of Gwen's style. 

opi gwen photo opigwem_zps073fbb8a.jpg
 For close up swatches and more details just keep on reading. 

O.P.I Over and Over A-Gwen. This beautiful shade of Red is inspired by Gwen's signature Red lippy. Over and Over A-Gwen is a fantastic shade of balanced, uber shiny, Red creme. The formula is absolute perfection and does great in two coats.  This shade comes in its own individual packaging which also includes studs, gems and nail glue. 

O.P.I Push and Shove. This shade has gotten a lot of hype as well as criticism. When this collection was announced/ marketed this shade was promoted a being a "mirror finish" chrome. Many people were disappointed to find that they could not see their reflections on their nails. 
 While O.P.I may have exaggerated claims a bit, I think that this polish is a fantastic innovation. While it is not a true mirror finish, it is definitely a smooth, metallic Silver chrome. The finish is extremely intense, shiny and futuristic. In a way it looks like when you smooth out aluminum foil. I am extremely, VERY impressed. Push and Shove comes with a mini bottle of a special base coat called Lay Down that Base. Push and Shove will not work without this special base coat. I have nothing like this polish in my collection.
 I was also very impressed by the application of this polish. I only used one coat of P&S for my manicure. It is best to buff nails to avoid the polish showing any imperfections on the nail surface. I wore my chrome nails for about 24 hours.  

O.P.I Love.Angel.Music.Baby- This shade is one of the Two satin-mattes. L.A.M.B is a perfect shade of Golden- Yellow smooth shimmer. At a glance this baby looks almost holographic because of the intense micro shimmer that builds up so beautifully. The formula is smooth and perfect and does great in Two coats. 

O.P.I 4 in the Morning- This is the second of the satin-mattes. 4 in the Morning is a fantastic shade of deep Graphite with subtle Silver micro-shimmer. This shade is unbelievably sexy and has a great formula. I used two easy coats for my swatch. For some reason I also decided to show one nail with top coat. O.M.GEEEEE! How beautiful is this color with some shine on it as well? 

O.P.I Hey Baby- This shade is a classic and punky shade of Hot Magenta Pink creme. This shade isn't extremely unique, but it is really cute and has a great formula. I used Two coats of color for my swatch. 

O.P.I I Sing in Color- This shade takes me back to the days of Tragic Kingdom. I Sing in Color is a classic shade of deep vampy Oxblood creme. I used Two easy coats for my swatch. This shade, along with all the other cremes in this collection, is very very glossy. 

O.P.I In True Stefani Fashion over O.P.I 4 in the Morning- In True Stefani Fashion is a playful glitter topper made up of small and small square Silver and Silver prismatic glitter packed in a clear base. While I chose to layer it for my swatch, I think with enough patience this shade could be built up to opacity on its own. I do love the effect it creates when layered as it is very sparkly and gives a fun disco ball vibe to any mani. 
 This collection is available now. I am so madly in love with these shades. My faves here would have to be L.A.M.B, Push and Shove, In True Stefani Fashion and Over and Over A-Gwen. Even though many people think the signature Red looks a bit dupey, I can't find any dupes in my extensive stash. I think this is because Red polish isn't something I gravitate towards and don't have many of. 

What are your faves in this release? 


  1. Well, I had a couple of these on my wish list, but I just went ahead and added the whole darn collection. :) Amazing swatches!!

  2. What great shades in this collection!

  3. I'm wearing I Sing In Color right now! I got five of the collection (I skipped LAMB and 4 In The Morning), and I love them all.

  4. i'm still debating whether i want push and shove.. i think i'm just sad that you get such a small bottle of the base coat? do they sell that in a full size? i'd be sad to run out of it and then have trouble trying to use up the rest of the silver..

  5. I own 3 of this collection and I loooove them!

  6. Looooved the glitter topper! Was it easy to apply? In your swatch it looks very well dispersed along the whole nail. I really like glitter polishes but it's so hard to make them look good and evenly distributed. Maaaybe, pretty please, someday you could make a tutorial showing us how you apply glitter toppers/glitter polishes? Thanks! Kisses

  7. I had the same thought. I really dont know if a full size of the base coat is or will be out. It would be smart on their part to release it individually and in a full sized bottle though. The polish itself is amazing and I hope they do more colors in the finish.


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