Thursday, February 27, 2014

O.P.I L.A.M.B & Hey Baby Ruffian Nail Art

(**Press Samples**)
Good morning beauties! 

 Pink & Gold.... Can't really go wrong with those two together, right? Ahhh blogger's block, how I loathe you lol... This might be a post about how I am stuck trying to come up with something witty to say today :D. This is the "darker side" of blogging... You know, that moment when you are sitting there with a blank screen and nothing but a picture? Yeah, that is me today haha. I'll admit it, the muses forget me sometimes, and I am left speechless... Not because of beauty, but because I literally have nothing remarkable to say. Which then makes me feel like a slacker, which then makes me not post at all.... 
 But then I thought, why hide the fact that somedays aren't as productive as others? I know I'm not the only one who struggles with blogger's block. We all go through it, probably more often than we would like to admit. So here is my confession: I'm fairly blocked today, the words keep escaping me and I have nothing special to say.... But I did want to share this look that has been sitting in my drafts for a while :D...
 photo DSCN6440_zpsd037b8a6.jpg
 This look started with a base of O.P.I L.A.M.B. I am so madly in love with that shade of satin matte Gold. I went for a contrasting ruffian using O.P.I Hey Baby. I decided not to top coat my final look because I wanted to keep a slight contrast between the glossy Pink and the matte Gold. Looking at pics now, I kinda wish I had top coated the finalized version. I've yet to see L.A.M.B all glossed up :(. Regardless, I still really dig this look. 

Thanks for coming by today. And on a more random note; thank you all for your support and feedback, even on days when I get stuck! You guys rock my worldview! 


  1. Love this look! I've never attempted a you freehand it?
    The fear of running out of ideas and things to say are what keep me from starting a blog;) I am in awe of yours!

  2. Stuck or not, this post was still a good read :) Even when you talk about not knowing what to talk about it's entertaining :) But I do hope you get your muse back so that you don't shy away from posting. Love this look by the way!

  3. Hahah thank you! I thought it would be a funny, honest look at what being a blogger can be really be like somedays haha. It's funny, one day I will be totally stuck, and the next I will be waay to chatty hahah. :D

  4. LOVE THIS!!!! I have yet to master the ruffian manicure! this is gorgeous!

  5. Funny how the pink kinda takes on the texture of the gold! A gorgeous look, can you believe I have never tried a ruffian before? Might try with the gold and Kiss Me On My Tulips since it's so close to this pink :).


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