Monday, March 31, 2014

O.P.I "Glitter-Off" Natural Nail Peel Off Base Coat Review

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Hi hello! 

 Are you a polish picker? C'mon admit it.. We've all picked on our nails before... I'm kicking this week off with a review of one of the most exciting products I've come across in Three+ years of blogging. Many of us love our glitter polishes. Many of us also HATE the removal of the awesome sparklers that bring such joy to our nails. It is no secret that removing glitter nail polishes can be a time consuming, frustrating and nail damaging process. 
 While a few tricks have popped up here and there to remedy the awfulness of glitter- removal, non of them were efficient enough for me. I had tried the White school glue method for glitter removal but I ran into many issues with this method. The glue would take forever to dry and my nails would be popping off within hours of application. 
 I was stoked to find that the O.P.I peel off base coat wore decently, dried quickly and actually worked as advertised. This base coat applies nicely and also has a good dry time. I can also appreciate the fact that it wears much nicer than I had anticipated.  
 photo DSCN8077_zpsec7e91ed.jpg
 This base coat is meant for use with natural nails. I can't say if it will work with acrylics or fake nails in general. I just love that I can actually peel off my nail color with out worrying about damage to my nail beds. This product peels off clean. In my case, the peels would not start unless I did so myself.
 The brush on this base coat is a pro-wide. That said, it is a little bit shorter than the regular O.P.I brush. I think it works really well with the consistency of this base coat. This base does best if applied in thinner coats. Keeping a light hand is key in application. 
 photo DSCN8083_zps10ab1789.jpg

 As you apply it, it goes on a bit milky white. 
 photo DSCN8091_zps99b1fc57.jpg

You will know when it is fully dry when your nails look like this. The White disappears and you are left with a clear, matte, surface. 
 photo DSCN8093_zps2d558db9.jpg
 I've worn this base coat under textured polishes and it was AMAZING. Textures can be a pain to remove too. I actually changed my polish about Three times this weekend. All three times I was wearing textures. It was such an amazing feeling to be able to change my nails so often with no hassle. The removal is my LEAST favorite part of polishing so the ability to be able to peel off my polish makes me a happy girl. 

 Here is a little video demo of this awesome innovation. 

 You bet your bum I will be repurchasing this. I am excited to try if out for nail art as well. I think O.P.I really hit Gold with this release. 



  1. I'm going to have to try this one! :-)

  2. This is a great review! Looks like it does a great job on it too.

  3. I was really excited about this until you said '4 days'. I do not pick nor do I want my polish to come off (unless I want it to) for less than 7 days (Approx). Glitter is a pain to get off so I'm completely torn now.

  4. I tried the glue method and it just failed for me. I love textures but find them almost as difficult to remove as some glitters. You make this sound so good! Do you use a traditional base coat underneath?

  5. No base coat underneath. I think if you wwre to do that, the peeling would not work properly and you'd end up with damaged nail beds.

  6. "Four days" is subjective. I will never know if it lasts longer than that because I can't wear anything that long. It could last longer if left alone, but I am not the person to have the patience to find out hahah. In terms of glitter removal, nothing beats it!

  7. Thanks for your thoughts on this! I have been on the fence about it because some bloggers have mentioned that it didn't last long enough for them. I can usually refrain from picking at my nails until they start to chip (and I'm usually tired of them by then anyway)... and then they drive me crazy and all bets are off! It does damage my nails tho. :( I also hate removal - it's the stinkiest and messy! It never occurred to me that Glitter Off might be the best of both worlds when it came to my preferred method of polish removal! :D I'm gonna have to give it a try.

  8. The wear on it can be an issue for most ppl, for me it is what makes it the best thing ever. For me it is perfect as I have "nail ADHD".. cant keep a color or look on for more than a few days, if hours hahaha.

    But I did read several ppl have gotten up to four days of wear with it. I havent experienced chips or pop offs while wearing polishes over it. the peels started because I picked at em haha.

  9. Thank you for the info. I'm going to be picking this up eventually.

  10. Looks like I'm going to have to get this, try it, and report back. =)

  11. Oh that would be awesome! Please let me know if you do end up purchasing and truly testing wear. Now I'm curious :D

  12. I am a total polish picker!! I'm definitely going to have to invest in this!

  13. I love listening to your voice :)! I have the Essence Peel Off base but it stays gooey quite long and also sometimes "pulls back" the nail? So if you polish it on, it won't stick everywhere... this one doesn't seem to do so.


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