Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pink Wednesday! Happy 10th Mean Girls!!!!

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Happy Pink Humpday!! 

  Seriously though.. where did 10 years go? I highly dislike reminders of how fast time is flying by haha. It certainly does not feel like 10 years since I first saw "Mean Girls" in theaters with my mom. I remember, we had made a mom-daughter date out of it. We left the theater with sore sides from laughing so much. Today I am celebrating 10 years of "Mean Girls" by rocking some cute pink nails, pink clothes... you get the picture ;D.... You better be wearing some Pink too.. or you can't sit with us.  

nopi look photo DSCN7392_zps56846f1e.jpg
 For this look I used shades from the Nicole by O.P.I 2014 core expansion. I started with a base of NOPI I'll have the Salmon. I waited for my base to dry off and the applied striping tape in a random fashion to create fat and thin stripes. The hot magenta shimmering shade is NOPI Always a Flirt
 I accented my pink nails with some tiny gold beads. I topped these off with a coat of Seche Vite. Of the three "mean girls", I can picture Gretchen wearing nails like these :D.

Hilarious timing note: I was watching Mean Girls while working on this post. It is ending as I am typing this very last sentence ;). Happy pink humpday beauties!!


  1. What a pretty manicure to celebrate the anniversary! I really liked that movie when I was young too.

  2. I'm wearing my soul.

    Kidding, I have to wear black scrubs for school. My shoes have pink laces though!

  3. Oh man I can't believe it's been 10 years either. Kinda depressing! Love this mani.. The colors are perfect for summer!

  4. Eek! *excited shriek* One of my coworkers wore pink today... I was very sad that I didn't remember this uber important anniversary! Love the nails - so fetch ;)

  5. 10 years! I should probably, um... get around to watching it then, shouldn't I? *hides in shame*
    Cute nails! I really like the gold beads on the thicker stripes--a simple step that makes a big difference.


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