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CrowsToes 9 Realms Collection Swatches

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Hi and happy Monday!! 

  I am SOO sorry I am late with these swatches :(:(. If you have been stalking the polish interwebs you may have noticed a lot of buzz over the newest collection from CrowsToes, The 9 Realms. This collection is my introduction to this brand, and I am entirely just blown away. There are 12 new shades in this collection. Each shade is unique and so very inspired. 
 The theme of this collection is inspired by the Nine realms in Norse mythology. Score yet another point for this fantastic collection :D. 

 You seriously want to see these pretties up close so keep on reading ♥.

CrowsToes Asgard- Asgard is a spectacular sky Blue holographic shade. The holo in Asgard is extremely linear, yet kind of "chunky", and completely AMAZING. The formula on this color is perfectly smooth and does great in Two coats. In Norse mythology Asgard is the home of gods and goddesses. 

CrowsToes Vanaheim- Vanaheim is a very complex shifting shade that goes from gilded Peridot green to copper and teal. Along with the amazing shifting base there are small contrasting glitters which go from copper to golden to teal. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. In Norse mythology Vanaheim is the home of the Vanir gods, an old branch of gods.

CrowsToes Alfheim- Alfheim is a beautiful shade of seafoam linear holographic. This shade is soft, feminine, yet so very interesting. The holographic finish makes this shade of green extremely wearable for me. The formula is perfection in every way. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. In Norse mythology Alfheim is the home of the Light Elves.

CrowsToes Midgard- Midgard is a delicate "white gold"/ nudey linear holographic shade. This beauty also has a soft green duochrome (which I was unable to capture). I love the perfect shade of "nude" as it does not make my skin look too red. I used Three thin coats. In Norse mythology the Midgard is planet Earth, the home of humans.

CrowsToes Bifrost- Bifrost is a blend of micro glitters in a rainbow of colors and prismatic particles. If you were a fan of O.P.I's Mad as a Hatter, then you will be IN LOVE with Bifrost. They are not dupes by any means, just a similar concept.... but Bifrost might just be a little more awesome. I used Three thin, easy coats to achieve full opacity. In Norse Mythology the Bifrost is the Rainbow Bridge connecting the Midgard and Asgard.

CrowsToes Jotunheim- Jotunheim is a glorious deep grape purple jelly base packed with bright Golden and prismatic Golden glitter. I love that the particles are small, yet very sparkly. I think this effect is really interesting. I love how the golden glitter pops against the rich purple base. I used Three thin and easy coats for my swatch. In Norse mythology Jotunheim is the home of the giants. 

CrowsToes Svartalfheim- Svartalfheim is a mysterious blend of gunmetal, aqua, blue and cobalt blue glitters in varying shapes and sizes suspended in a blackened navy blue base. There are also micro twinkling sparkles suspended in the jelly base that create a cool cosmic look. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. In Norse mythology Svartafheim is the home of the Dark Elves.

CrowsToes Nidavellir- Nidavellir is similar in concept to Vanaheim. In this shifter we have a blue to pink, purple and teal shifting base accented with small contrasting shifting glitters. This shade is a true stunner and it is extremely multi chromatic. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. In Norse mythology Nidavellir is the home of the Dwarfs.

CrowsToes Niflheim- Niflheim is a blackened, micro glitter Amethyst purple. This baby is deep, moody and just beautiful. It is a blackened jelly base saturated full of micro Purple glitter. I used Three thin coats of this beauty. In Norse mythology Niflheim  is the world of fog and mist.

CrowsToes Muspelheim- Muspehlheim is a similar concept to Nidavellir and Vanaheim. This beauty is a royal Purple base which shifts to copper and pink. This shade is accented by small shifting copper glitters. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. In Norse mythology Muspelheim is the land of fire.

CrowsToes Helheim- Helheim is an inky Black jelly base accented with muted flakes which shift from red, to purple, copper and pink. I love how this polish looks like the left overs from a huge bonfire. The flakes in the deep base give a neat glowing ember look. I used Three patient coats for my swatch. In Norse mythology Helheim is the underworld.

CrowsToes Huginn & Muninn- Huginn & Muninn is a smooth shifter that goes from deep violet to teal. If O.P.I Russian Navy and Zoya Ki had a love baby, on steroids, it would be this beauty. The shift is really noticeable in just about any light and angle. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. In Norse mythology Huginn & Muninn were Odin's ravens which kept an eye on all the lands. 

 The 9 Realms collection by Crows Toes became available on Saturday May 10th on Llarowe. Sadly these pretties are sold out right now.. BUUUUUT fret not! Llarowe should be having a restock soon. The task of picking favorites is simply impossible. This collection is truly inspired and unique. I love how every shade perfectly captures the inspiration/ realm it represents. 

 I definitely suggest heading over to the Llarowe Facebook Page and the CrowsToes Facebook Page to be kept up to date with restock details as well as promos.

Which of these did you pick up? Which are you still wanting? 


  1. Some gorgeous colors in this collection! Great swatches :)

  2. PolishedtoPrecisionMay 12, 2014 at 5:00 PM

    I was lucky enough to snatch up 4 of these! Beautiful photos!

  3. LacqueredWithLoveMay 12, 2014 at 5:19 PM

    All of these are absolutely stunning!

  4. Ooohhhhh... who knew you could get such beauties from a line called CrowsToes?! Alfheim and Nidavellir are my favorites. (Asgard is not too far behind though!) Bonus points - and my official nerd seal of approval - for being inspired by Norse mythology :P

  5. These are all gorgeous! Although, Bifrost is easily my favorite. :D

  6. This collection really is amazing! Jotunheim is my favorite.

  7. I will keep this specific post open so I can stare at these pretties all the time ♥!

  8. Wow - what a great collection! Not only are the polishes awesome, but the theme is so interesting!

  9. these are all stunning. just gorgeous polishes.


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