Friday, May 23, 2014

#FAILFriday- Sad Day for the O.P.I Summer 2014 Neons

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Happy Friday!!! 

 Today I am sharing a manicure I had very high hopes for, and ended up as a FAIL haha. I have not done one of these FAIL posts since 2011 lolol... I had a good streak, right? It is not that I absolutely loathe this look, I don't. It's that I think I could have done a MUCH better job at it. I think my marbling skills are just hella rusty. 
 For this look I decided to play with the new O.P.I Neon shades. For this Summer season O.P.I released Six new neon shades along with a "special" white- creme base coat you layer them over to get the full neon effect. For reasons that seem to elude me now, it seemed like a good idea to marble with them. So I gave it a try...
 photo DSCN0379_zps233a7ecb.jpg
 Of course I started with the special base coat, which is really just a white creme. It is no secret if you want your neon shades to really pop, and apply smoothly, a white base makes all the difference. For the marble on my Pinkie and Index nails I used O.P.I Life Gave me Lemons, Hotter than you Pink and  Juice Bar Hopping. For the marble on my Middle and Ring nails I used O.P.I Push and Pur-pul, You are so Outta Lime  and Down to the Core-al
 I was a bit worried that they would not work at all for this technique because neons can sometimes spread funny in the water, or dry too fast. These Six pretties actually worked really well. I love how the colors kinda mixed with each other creating new colors in the swirls. Since I was not entirely pleased, and because it is me... I added a coat of O.P.I Desperately Seeking Sequins over my marble to hide/ distract from some of the imperfections. 

 The O.P.I neons should be becoming available at O.P.I retailers now. They are a recent release so they are probably still trickling into stores. I hope to do some more successful nail art looks with them in the future. The shades are really fun and have really nice formulas. 

Will you guys be giving any of the new OPI Neons a try?


  1. I think this looks great, Cris! The index and pinky fingers in particular really pop :)

  2. Gillian from PlumeriaPaintedMay 23, 2014 at 2:18 PM

    This looks brilliant, you have very high standards for your marbling. I think the glitter is a nice touch, and you should be proud of this one, it's really pretty!! :)

  3. Kindly point me to the marble tut, please. I'm a latecomer to this party... Thanks a million. This mani looks great, don't be so hard on yourself!

  4. You can check out My Simple Little Pleasures on You Tube. She has the best tutorials for this technique.

  5. I don't think it's a fail, I like it, a lot! And I'm in love with this neon collection by OPI. ^_^

  6. Please watch this video, share it with as many people as you can. this changed how I perceived gender issues.

  7. You have got to quit holding yourself to such impossibly high standards! The plum-ish neon jelly might not mix as well with the others in a marble, but those funky, neon swirls are awesome. :D


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