Monday, May 5, 2014

Zoya Awaken and Monet Swatches

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Hey guys! 

 So, I figured... since I have the Zoya Tickled and Bubbly Summer collections in hand.... that maybe, just maybe... Now is a good time to post my Awaken & Monet Spring collection swatches. Can you say "slacker"? 

 photo 20140429-192244_zps7d2021e1.jpg

Zoya Dot- Dot is a classic ballerina pink creme-jelly. Even though it is really sqishy in finish, the formula was fairly opaque and easy to work with. I used Three thin coats for my swatch. 
 photo DSCN9309_zps9e82f749.jpg

Zoya Cole- Cole is my favorite shade in this entire collection. She is a beautiful shade of perfect peachy creme-jelly. The formula on this color is amazing as well. I used Two thin and easy coats to for my swatch. Shades like this can be so universally flattering. I love how tan they make me look. 
 photo DSCN9376_zps4d676644.jpg

Zoya Rebel- Rebel is a soft sky blue with a subtle micro shimmer running through it. The shimmer gives a really pretty silvery/ golden, almost duochrome, effect. The formula on this color seems a bit sheer at first but is perfect in Two coats. 
 photo DSCN9471_zps2d755da5.jpg

Zoya Dillon- Dillon is the seafoam sister of Rebel. The shimmer in Dillon appears more Silvery than Golden. I used Two thin coats. 
 photo DSCN9502_zpsc61ed4c5.jpg

Zoya Hudson- Husdon is the Orchid sister to Rebel and Dillon. The shimmer in this pretty appears more Golden. I used Two thin coats. 
 photo DSCN9557_zpscaec0af9.jpg

Zoya Brooklyn- Brooklyn is a frosty "White Gold" shade. Brooklyn is a little brush strokey. I used Two coats for my swatch. 
 photo DSCN9610_zpsab2cfdfb.jpg

Zoya Monet over Dot- Monet is a glitter topper. This polish is made up of iridescent hex glitters suspended in a, barely-there, pink jelly base. I had to add a boisterous amount of thinner to get this polish to work. As I received it, it was unusable. The formula was insanely thick and the glitter spread non existent. Once I added the thinner I was able to work with it, but it still gave me some troubles. IDK, I want to love it. t is really ethereal and looks so pretty in the bottle.... the formula leaves much to be desired. 
 photo DSCN9365_zpsec2a7325.jpg

 Overall, I am a bit disappointed in this collection. I'm not sure what, but something is missing for me. While the colors are really pretty, they don't feel special to me. I am SUPER disappointed in Brooklyn. A golden frost? Really?... And while I appreciate Zoya's effort with Monet, the execution of the topper fell flat for me. That formula is like glitter glue. 
 Strangely enough the shades I like best are the Two cremes, Dot and Cole.  Especially Cole... They are effortless and flattering. I almost wish they had released all the other shades as creme-jellies a'la Cole and Dot, I think that would have been a more interesting collection.

 Thankfully, I am stoked on the new Summer shades. I really think they redeemed themselves with the Summer colors. I hope I love them on the nail as much as I do in the bottles. How did you guys like the Awaken collection? Any faves here? 


  1. Nice collection! Love your swatches too.

  2. I'm with you - I like Cole the best!

  3. Great swatches Cristina

  4. I agree 100% with your summation, from Cole being the standout (and Dot second) to how much you wanted Monet to work to the summer collections making up for this relative miss. I will say that Dillon's been growing on me-- a seafoam green that doesn't pull all vestiges of red from my skin has its appeal :)

  5. I really love Cole and I ordered it online but the formula was terrible! I used four coats and it was still streaky and patchy in a few spots. The formula on Monet was also very think but maybe not quite as bad as yours. I'm pretty bummed.

  6. Cole is my favorite. I got it with the Peter Som trio and it is the same one as the summer release. I have already worn it twice. I really love the color and how it pops with my skintone. Dillon, Dot, and Monet are on my wishlist too. I've heard that people are having to thin out Monet though. I did have to work with Cole a little, but the shade is so lovely that it is worth the end result.

  7. Dot looks great on you. It pulled so much darker on me and mine doesn't seem as squishy. I have been disappointed in all the swatches I've seen of this collection with the exception of the cremes and Monet so I'm not going to invest in the others. Sad that they threw in a frost too...

  8. Your swatches are fantastic! I bought Dot, Cole and Monet. I had loved Cole since the first time I saw it. i've been on a bit of a pastel peach groove this spring.

  9. great idea, the shades all being a crelly collection. You should tell them, sometimes they listen ;)


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