Wednesday, June 4, 2014

School Spirited in China Glaze

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Humpday humpday! 

 So, my little brother had his high school graduation this past Saturday :D. As the proud older sister that I am I showed up with some nails in his school colors. I'm sorry this photo is a bit "off". I took this pic with my iPhone because all the batteries for my camera were dead lolol. That said, I am so impressed with the photos my new baby takes :D. I think I might invest in an Olloclip. 

 My bro graduated from Southeast High School. Their colors are Blue and Orange. I used two shades from China Glaze's latest release, the Off Shore collection. The orange shade is Stoked to be Soaked. This shade is a perfect tangerine orange that has a subtle shimmer. I used two easy coats of this color. Once my base was dry I used some bolt-shaped nail vinyls to tape off the sections I'd be painting in blue. For the blue I used China Glaze I Sea the Point. This color is a magnificent shade of true Monaco blue creme. The formula is perfectly saturated with color and so very creamy. 
 To seal em off I used LVX's new gel top coat. OMG!!! I am SUUUPER impressed with this new gel top coat from LVX. It was ridiculously glossy and did not smear my nail art (no fumes!!!). It should go without saying that it dried insanely fast as well. I experienced some shrinkage, but I think it may have been because I did not properly wrap my tips with the Blue shade. Regardless, I'm super impressed with it and definitely recommend it. 

A huge congrats to all the Seniors who had their graduations over these past few weekends!! 


  1. Wow your camera on the phone looks like amazing quality!

  2. Love these nails x the quality of your phone camera is amazing! X
    Sophie Jenner
    My #guessthepolish Competition *Enter Here*

  3. Wow! :) The image quality is still amazing! That's an awesome phone! :) And congratulations to your brother :) Beautiful nail art, btw!

  4. This turned out super cute! Blue and orange were my high school colors too, but I had no idea what nail art was then!

  5. Congrats to your brother, and I am super jealous! I'm a teacher but we still have 11 days of school left. It is going by too slow!! Question about the shrinkage... do you have a post where you explain how you wrap your tips?? In the photo it looks like they are wrapped, but maybe you are just more thorough than me. :-P

  6. Those shades look super awesome together! Really gorgeous ♥

  7. Okay, you've totally convinced me to get LVX's gel top coat. It sounds some kind of awesome. And stunning look. My sister graduated from UF and would be alllllll over this.

  8. I think the phone quality is amazing! I want an olloclip too, they seem great. Cute idea to show some school sprit for your brother!

  9. Congrats to your brother! I remember high school graduation, it was the best day of my life! Loving the nails and you took this picture with an Iphone! Nice. I have an Iphone 5s but I've never taken a picture this clear. I obviously suck lol
    - Emmy

  10. Wow! This is amazing! I really love how crisp the lines are. I might have to get that bolt tool you used!


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