Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hot Little New York Color Clouds

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 ... is my apartment a TARDIS? 

 Today I am sharing some hot little clouds because I need something bright, shiny and cheery to combat this dark and gloomy day in "Sunny" 'ol Fl. For this mani I got to play with a brand I had never tried before, New York Color. IDK why I'd never tried them.... But these were AWESOME! 
 I had been wanting to rock a cloud mani for some time now. I just love how cute these always turn out. Anyhow, I saw these three shades together and I just knew they would be my trio for my hot little clouds. These three shades come from the NYC In a NY Minute City Samba collection for Summer 2014. 
 I started with a base of NYC Copacabana, which is an amazing shade of bright, true primary yellow creamy shimmer. This shade reminds me, a lot, of Catrice's Birdie Reloaded; which is supposed to be a dupe of Chanel Mimosa (but, with a significantly better formula). By simple powers of deduction, one could then say that NYC Copacabana is a possible dupe for Chanel Mimosa. As for the formula on Copacabana, it is PERFECT. I only needed two effortless coats (insanely fast dry time). 
 For the middle cloud I used NYC Sweet Melon. This shade is an adorable shimmering true melon shade. There is no better way to describe this color that "melon". For the top cloud I used NYC Tropicoral. This pretty is a super vibrant and saturated shade of vivid, orange leaning, coral creme. I finished my clouds off with a good coat of Seche Vite to make them really shiny and smooth. 
 I feel like I have to comment on the amazing formula on all three of these colors. They were so easy to work with. These suckers retail for $1.99, but apply like a much more expensive polish. Tropicoral is especially amazing. The formula is really shiny and self-leveling. I really enjoyed this shade. These three shades also do live up to the "In a minute" claim. They dried really quickly which made for even easier clouds. 

 If you guys have any suggestions for other NYC In a NY Minute shades I should check out, definitely let me know! Thanks for coming by! 

PS- I am taking requests for nail art tutorials!! What do you guys wanna see? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This is super basic, but I'd love some tips for stamping. Your designs are always so crisp, and mine are always crooked and usually don't cover the full nail. Demonstrations for how to line the stamp up, kinds of polishes that work best,etc would be fantastic.

  2. So pretty! I love these colours together :)

  3. NYC polishes are THE BEST!!! I have this whole collection and am in love with all of the colors. It's almost too good to be true that they are absolutely fabulous formula wise but so inexpensive!! Chinatown is one of my favorites, such a gorgeous vampy, dark eggplant.

  4. I love a good cloud mani! This color combination is to die for :D

  5. Water Street Blue is one of my favorites!

  6. Tropicoral was one of my favs from this collection too! I was so pleasantly surprised by the formula of these polishes, they went on so nicely!

  7. Tutorial, please. ♡This is awesome!

  8. They have a gorgeous yellow glass-fleck called Taxi Cab. The formula is good and not streaky at all! It's worth checking out if you can find it!

  9. Those are the cutest sunset clouds :D!


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