Tuesday, July 29, 2014

LTHP Quickies! Milani Bella Blues LE Collection

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   Blue lips, Blue veins, Blue, the color of our planet from far far away..... 

 Say hello to the Milani Bella Blues limited edition collection. This smaller release is made up of Three new Lash Art colored mascaras, a Lip Art saturated lip color and a beautiful shimmering nail color. As you can guess the theme behind this collection is trendy Blue shades.

Milani Bella Blue nail color is a beautiful shade of blackened teal/blue shimmer. This shade has an impressive formula and does not require "undies". The base is a saturated jelly-like consistency packed full of beautiful Sapphire blue shimmer. In the bottle there is a slight shift to deep Violet but I could not really detect it on the nail. The shade is beautiful regardless and has a great "lit from within" quality. I used two effortless coats of Bella Blue nail color.

 The new Lash Art blue tinted mascaras were a real treat. I was not sure what to expect with these, but I was pleasantly surprised. These shades showed up even on my jet black lashes. These don't necessarily add length or volume but do give a really interesting look and don't clump :D.

These mascaras feature a "spiky" type of brush. I found that regular methods of application did not really work with these (for me). I had to essentially press the brush onto my lashes and slowly wiggle it to the ends. A similar technique to regular application, but a bit slower. Basically "dab" the brush onto the lashes. I also found that they worked well layered over regular mascara for a pop of color.

Check out Bella Blue and Mediterranean Blue mascaras in action.
 Bella Blue is on my top lashes and as you can see it shows up really well. I absolutely love the effect that Blue lashes create. On the bottom lash line I have Med Blue. This shade in particular shows up really well and has the most saturated formula. It also got on my waterline, but I really dug the look ;). I think all three of these shades look amazing on gals with dark eyes. 
  All of the eye shadows used in this look come from the new Milani Bella Eyes gel powder eye shadow line. Which I cannot wait to share with you guys because I am BLOWN AWAY by them! They are incredible. Anyhow, how cool do those Blue mascaras look? I actually like them sooo much more than I was expecting to. One of my new favorite things to do is to wear these just on my lower lashes for an interesting pop of color.

 And then came the Bella Blue lippy....
 Bella Blue lippy is not meant to be opaque... However, on the day I swatched it I ran a little "experiment". I prepped my lips with foundation then layered the lip color over it. It was still problematic and quite patchy, but it did manage some sort of opacity. She still settled into the lines in my lips and faded quite funny. IDK, I give them an "A for effort" ahha... She does look really cool layered over violet toned shades. I'm determined to make this lippy work somehow!
 The Bella Blues collection is a limited edition release which is (was) available in drugstores and online. I honestly do not know if these are still readily available for purchase. It seems like this was a really limited release. 

 I actually really enjoyed the Lash Art mascaras and the nail color. I was not expecting much from the lip color so I can't really say I was disappointed by it. Were you able to snatch up any of these Bella Blue collection products? What do you think about these?


  1. I like the way you tried the lippie! I think next time I try it (gonna post about the lippie and mascara again if I get the time!) is try it over a pale, pale lipstick to see how it goes. Thanks for the tips on the mascara!

  2. What fun blue beauty products! The nail polish is pretty and the mascaras and lipstick is fun.

  3. I really want to try it over my Milani Violets and plums as well as some pinks. I wanna see wht it can do when layered. I just wish it was not so patchy :(.

  4. I love the bottom lash color, have to have it!!

  5. These should still be out at Walgreens. They're still in my store and we keep up on sending stuff back when we have to. So if it's still at my store, it's a good sign someone might be able to find it at their local Walgreens if they're not sold out.

  6. Cristina ImpoverishedJuly 30, 2014 at 12:11 AM

    You can try wearing the blue lipstick in combination with a more opaque red/pink base color to come up with some cool purple combos. Nouveau Cheap did some interesting looks with all the colors from the NYX macaroon lip collection she swatched.

  7. Mary Uberti LibertiJuly 30, 2014 at 10:01 AM

    I must have the mascaras!

  8. That polish O.o it's too pretty!


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