Thursday, July 31, 2014

Nicole by O.P.I Nude & Neon Stamped Gradient (+ Video Tutorial)

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 A while back Nicole by O.P.I shared this awesome gradient that went from nude to neon. This girl right here fell in love with the look pretty hard and decided I need to try the combination for myself :D. The contrasting geometric stamp was an impulse add. I had been wanting to play with this Red Angel plate. The design is really interesting and eye-catching. Tutorial after the jump .

 For this look I used Nicole by O.P.I shades (of course!). I went for a subtle contrast of bright and nudey. The nude shade is NOPI That's Putting it Mild, which comes from the core collection. The sweet lime shade is NOPI Lay it on the Lime. I really dig this gradient even though the contrast is not super "in-your-face". Lay it on the Lime turned out to be much more of a "mellow" color than I was expecting. I really dig this squishy shade of vivid lime.

 I know I don't got into much detail about the stamping itself in this tutorial. That is because I plan on dedicating a mini- series to the topic of stamping. That is one of my most requested tutorials, and I fully intend to go into more detail about stamping in future videos. I'm also still trying to work out the best camera angles where I will be able to stamp with ease and still capture the entire motion and such. There is a lot I have learned about stamping over the years that I would love to share and it will definitely take more than one video :D. I'm not stamping as often as I used to, and I feel a bit sloppy when I do so now.

stupid smudges.... :\
Thanks for coming by today!


  1. I just love the combination of the gradient and the stamping. I am looking forward to seeing your stamping series! I am still kinda new to stamping (meaning I've been trying forever and just can't get it right), so I am always looking for new tips and tricks!

  2. These look awesome! Great tutorial for it too.

  3. That gradient is lovely, I might have to try that myself! I love this look!

  4. You mentioned really quickly in the video what brush you used for clean up but I didn't catch it. Even after watching the video 4 times. Ive been looking for a better brush to use and was wondering where you purchased yours and what the name of it is.

  5. It is a Kolinsky England 666 #16 brush. I found mine on :D. I also keep a 666 #14 at hand for more detailed cleanup jobs.

  6. Thanks. I feel kind of like an idiot. After I commented I watched the video again and saw that it was in there. I must have been remembering a different video where I heard it said.

  7. I love the idea of layering the glitter under the stamp!


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