Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy International Nail Art Day #INAD2014

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 Today is the Second Annual International Nail Art Day!! My look for the holiday this year is tame compared to my crazy skittles from last year. That said, OMG DAT SHIMMAH!!! This look features the beautiful new shades from the Cirque Kontiki Collection and a cute charm from The Sparkly Shop. 

 I am MAAAAADDDLY in love with the shades in the Kontiki collection. These polishes are nail art all by themselves. But, I could not resist playing with them for this special day. 
 This look is all Cirque shades. On my Index nail I wore Cirque Midsummer Night topped with Cirque Au. Adding the golden flake over the amazing indigo shimmering jelly created the most magical effect. On my pinkie nails I wore Cirque Thicker than Water. This shade is a stunning shimmering turquoise beauty. I stamped my pinkie nail with Bundle Monster plate BM21 (original set) and Sally Hansen Liquid Gold. This particular stamp is, and will always be, one of my favorite designs.

 The vertical gradient nails started with a base of Cirque Carpe Diem, which is a stunning white creme. The shimmering pink is the amazingly unique Cirque Dear Dahlia.  I especially love the look that Midsummer Night and Dear Dahlia created when brought together. I will be going into more detail about the Cirque Kontiki shades very soon as I must see them swatches as well :D.
 The smiley charm came from The Sparkly Shop.I can't help but smile along with my nails every time I catch a glimpse of the adorable smiley face charm. While on the topic of The Sparkly Shop; they have been lovely and created a code for LTHP readers! Use code LETTHEMHAVE15 at checkout for 15% off your next purchase :D. 

 I hope your nails are decked out in something cute and fun today (and every other day ;). Happy #INAD2014 my loves!!


  1. These are nice. I love that smiley face charm!

  2. I can't WAIT for your swatches of the Kontiki collection :D!

  3. The Dalai Lama's NailsAugust 2, 2014 at 9:12 PM

    Happy International Nail Art Day :) Thanks for being such a nail art inspiration!

  4. These are so so cute! Very fun and happy :)

  5. Okay... so I knew I wanted Dear Dahlia before I saw your post, and now I'm convinced that it's a MUST have... I'm such a sucker for a pretty pink!


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