Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Swatch Spam!!

(**Press Samples**)
 Happy Sunday!!! I was just thinking, not long ago, that it had been a while since I last did a swatch spam post. Then, yesterday, as I was going through some drafts I found all of these. The timing was kind of perfect! More after the jump. 

Color by Llarowe Opals & Lace- Opals & Lace is a beautiful blend of satin white and opalescent glitter in varying sizes of hex and square shapes. These beautiful and delicate-looking glitters are suspended in a clear base which is also accented with micro twinkling glitter. This topper has a great glitter spread and looks wonderful over just about everything. Shown over CbL Smokin' in the Boys Room.

Sally Hansen Goldie Flecks- Goldie Flecks is a mix of light golden and white glitter suspended in a clear base. There are hex shapes in varying sizes, as well as bars making up this fun topper. Something about this glitter blend feels super "Holiday" to me. I really dig it. I need to comment on the smell of this polish... It is absolutely heinous lolol... Shown over NYC Carnival Red.

This is the manicure I wore during Independence Day weekend and it was done in ALL Salon Perfect Shades and glitters :D. I can quite recall all the names of the colors, but they were definitely all Salon Perfect. I will research and edit later on.

China Glaze Stoked to be Soaked- UNGGGGHHH!!! This shade is a magnificent, perfect shade of vivid  shimmery tangerine orange. This pretty is saturated with color and has a perfect formula.

China Glaze I'm a Go Glitter and Shine-nanigans- Both of these glitter toppers come from the China Glaze Surprise Collection. All I remember about my base colors is that they are also from China Glaze. I'm pretty sure they were both from the City Flourish collection from Spring 2014. I really loved the Surprise collection, it was a really fun treat from China Glaze.

LVX Monaco- This shade is such a perfect shade of, you guessed it, Monaco blue creme. I love how balanced this beautiful color is. The formula is absolutely perfect on these LVX polishes.

Barielle Cream 'n' Sugar- This shade is a soft beige crelly. As you can see I had a stain on my ring nai,l and even after three coats this color would not conceal the stain. I still really enjoyed this soft and flattering shade.
 I really loved how it looked with some INM Northern Lights over it :D.

 I hope you lovelies had a great weekend! Thanks for coming by today! 


  1. Awesome swatches! There all very nice.

  2. Great swatches! I think Opal and Lace looks amazing and the Monaco blue creme polish is a wonderful shade!

  3. I just bought the China Glaze Shine-nanigans at Sallys for $1.65 and it is an all glitter polish. It is identical to the glitter on the pointer and pinkie fingers in the China Glaze is a pink, purple and green hexes in a clear base.

  4. You are absolutely correct. That one is actually shine nanigans, I think I read the wrong notes :S. Thank you so much for pointing that out :D:D.

  5. Stoked to be Soaked ♥♥♥ it's so pretty!

  6. China Glaze Stoked to be Soaked is GORGEOUS.

  7. I'd LOVE to wear SH's Goldie Flecks for my Christmas nails <3xx


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