Monday, August 18, 2014

Zoya Naturel Deux Collection Swatches & Review

(**Press Samples**)
 Behold the, not so, triumphant return of my ultra nubby nails! No, I definitely did not intend to make my nails this short. Last week I had two awful breaks, both my middle nails went not-so-peacefully. To add insult to injury, the middle nail on my right hand broke twice in one day. It was a bad day that day. It is probably a good thing that the Zoya Naturel Deux collection looks so beautiful on short nails too :D. 
 I was sooo excited to see Zoya expand their "Naturel" range into a deeper, more fall oriented palette. These six creamy beauties all remind me of delicious coffee and rich chocolatey confections. To see these six, new, nudey beauties up close and person just keep on reading after the jump. 

 First thing is first, I want to comment on the formula of these six babies. They were all absolute perfection. All of these nudes have a very saturated and buttery formulation. I found them all to be very self- leveling and perfectly pigmented. Out of all the shades Zoya Emilia was the "sheerest", but it still has a great formula. I used Two coats of color for every shade. All swatches are shown with a top coat of Seche Vite.

Zoya Spencer- Spencer is a brown-toned sandy beige creme. This shade reminds me of yummy latte drinks. I love that it has those brown undertones to bring it out of "mannequin hand" territory. I am so happy with the wearability of this color. I'm noticing a trend of camel toned shades for this fall which makes this beauty perfect for the season.

Zoya Chanelle- Chanelle is a GORGEOUS shade of beautiful light milk chocolate toned creme (this collection made me really hungry when I was swatching it :D). Once again I am beyond the moon with the wearability of this color. Chanelle is not too dark or too rich, it is just the right tone of neutral brown creme.

Zoya Madeline- Madeline is a classic mauve creme with some slight rosey tones. Madeline is a classic beauty, she will look good against all skin tones and she is perfect for all occasions. Shades like Madeline are like red lipstick, you can't have too many of them :D.

Zoya Aubrey- Aubrey is another classic.  Remember a few years back when oxblood tones were all the rage? This shade is a muted, smoky take of those awesome shades.

 Zoya Marnie- Marnie is a deep raisin toned creme. Think of a plum shade with some deep brown undertones. This shade has me so ready for Fall!

Zoya Emilia- Emilia is a deep espresso toned brown creme. She is super smoky, deep and rich. I wasn't sure how I would feel about this shade, but it is actually one of my favorites in this release. I find this color really interesting and beautiful.

 I am really pleased with this collection. The range of shades is really interesting and they are all so flattering. I also find this collection to be very cohesive. I really want to do some nail art with these soon. They will also look beautiful together. 

 These shades seem to be in very high demand, so I can't say what the current availability is like. The best news is that this is not a limited release, so no worries on that front. They are available from and retail for $9.00/color. 

What do you guys think about this collection? 


  1. Great swatches and review. Seeing this collection makes me want fall to come asap. I'm so over the hot weather.

  2. I LOVE all of them!! Going to be hard to choose which few to purchase. Great swatches!!

  3. I was excited to see the darker neutrals too. Hoping for a sale soon so that I can snag this whole collection!

  4. This collection is gorgeous!

  5. Maria Cristina BondocAugust 19, 2014 at 12:27 AM

    I love all the colors,,,,how much that? No more,,,free sample?

  6. I love browns so I want them all! You're nails looks really cute:)

  7. These colors are gorgeous! Great for fall.

  8. These are all perfect fall colors! I think my favorite is Marnie--I have a soft spot for plum shades :)

  9. Just lovely. These colors are perfect. By the way, your nails are adorable!

  10. HEY HOW TO BUY IT!!!

  11. Ohhhh these r fabulous looking! Great job on the review, I have been stalking these lil guys!! And the Neut2. These seem darker ? Agree more on FALL side. They all look good on ur skintone!! I'm not usually a mauve lover but these look so creamy & rich I love them! SOLD! HA! Thanx for the info 😊

  12. I love Zoya!!! I have three of the colors (I just blogged about them, too)! So pretty, and the formula is always on point!! I had a quick question, how did you get involved with them as far as getting the samples and swatching them?

  13. do you have the feeling that emilia has greenish or olive undertones in it? looking at pic it seems that way.. and if it does, I need it :))


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