Monday, August 11, 2014

Zoya Summer 2014 Magical Pixies

(**Press Samples**)
 The sparkles! OMG The sparkles! Ok, I will just come right out and say that when I first saw the Summer Magical Pixies from Zoya for 2014 I was a bit underwhelmed. I can't tell you exactly what was putting me off from wearing them. Maybe I thought the shades were a bit boring? And, in the bottle they were not doing much for me.... But then, this past weekend I was feeling sorta lazy and I wanted to wear something "easy" and that would wear for a good while. If anything, I at least knew that these would wear fantastically and they would sparkle. So, I "bit the bullet" and thought to myself.... "what the hell, I'll give these a shot.". 

Oh my GLOB! What a beautiful surprise these turned out to be on my nails. Looking back, I'm not sure at all why I thought I would not enjoy these. I will admit though, they are a million times more spectacular on the nail (and fully dry) than in the bottle.  

Zoya Arlo- On myself, Arlo wears like a beautiful shade of raspberry. Of course as we have come to expect with the Magical Pixies, this beauty is packed to the brim with chunky holo hex glitter in varying sizes.
Zoya Bar- On myself, Bar wears like a warm, sandy gold. I really was not sure what to expect with Bar, because golden tones can be hard for me to wear. I was happy to see that she is a bit of a shape shifter thanks to the jelly-like base.
Zoya Ginni- On myself, Ginni wears like a soft coral toned pink. She was a bit more sheer than her two companions, beautiful non the less.
 The reason why I kept mentioning how these wore on me specifically is because I've noticed that these can look a bit different from person to person. They seem to adjust to anyone's skin tone. I think that is because the "base color" for these is not as densely pigmented or packed with micro sparkle as the Spring Magical Pixies. They are sort of "jelly" like in application so the fully dry effect is almost like a matte jelly sammich.

 I used Three coats of each color and dry time was decent. I'd say within a good 30 they were dry enough to carry on with my day. My final thoughts on these is that they are beautiful, effortless and I regret not wearing them sooner. Never again will I underestimate a Magical Pixie, lesson learned.

Did you try out any of these Three Summer beauties? What are your thoughts on them?


  1. While I adore textured polish, I am not drawn to these. They look so chunky and I prefer the delicate textures like the regular PixieDusts. But maybe I have to experience these on myself, too, to fall in love with them :)

  2. wow! This is amazing! Pretty! :)

    Kisses from Poland:)

  3. Jo at Polished LiteracyAugust 11, 2014 at 2:25 PM

    I've never tried any glitter textures, but these photos have definitely made me consider giving these a go!

  4. I am loving Arlo! So much glitz! I adore textured polish. It's probably the only type of polish I could wear alone (without some sort of design) other than maybe a good holo.

  5. Love them all!! And my clients are over the moon !

  6. These colors are oh so pretty! I want them!

  7. I need to post these but... I loved the other magical pixies the best even though these have their charm their not like the last ones

  8. I have Ginni and I love her! It also took me awhile to warm up to these - but gosh...better late than never, right? Right now, I am very much looking forward to the Fall ones...

  9. Exactly! I didn't truly appreciate these until I saw them on and fully dry :D

  10. I always find glitter in the bottle never impresses me. I love Arlo on you!

  11. I have tried Bar but still don't really like them. The larger glitter feels too rough for me unfortunately :(. I do however LOVE the shade of Arlo on you!


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