Monday, March 23, 2015

Swatch Spam! Because..... Spam! Edition

(**Press Samples**)
Ready for some RANDOM spam? 

Zoya Willa- A beautiful shade of "soft" creamy black.

NCLA AM: Beauty Sleep, PM: Shopping Spree- A lovely soft minty green. This shade is a creamy- jelly formula. I wish it was a bit more flattering on my skin tone because it is such a yummy shade.

KBShimmer Stonewashed- This shade is a classic shade of muted Navy blue creme, very "denim".

China Glaze New Birth- A very, very soft shade of baby blue creme. This shade is lovely, but I found the formula to be a little bit thick and sticky, like glue almost... Not the easiest to work with, which is a shame because the color is lovely.

China Glaze Givers Theme- This lovely shade of orchid Purple creme also shares the same formula issues as CG New Birth. I really wish the formula was better because this color is stunning.

Yeah.. This.. is a crackle look haha! Here I did a wavy application of China Glaze Crushed Candy over KBShimmer Stonewashed.

LVX Cerise- This shade is AMAZING. It is a beautiful Pinky-Red. Which photographed much more Red than it actually is in person. I really enjoyed this shade.

Thanks for stopping by today wonderful people! What shades have you been wearing and loving lately?


  1. Love your swatches! These are some nice colors.

  2. I love these and I miss your lovely nails, dear! Hope all is well <3

  3. I love the wavy crackle mani!

  4. I'm in love with that wavy Crackle look. I wonder if my crackles have dried up because I really want to try that.

  5. Edyth Mayrám Comparán SoteloMarch 24, 2015 at 10:26 AM

    China glaze, cuenta con colores fabulosos!!!
    .... Peroooooo, es sumamente corriente. :P

  6. Wow, I love the way you used the cracking polish! I looks so much better than when using it 'normally' :) Makes me want to give it another go ;)

  7. Wow, I actually kinda like that wavy crackle look lol :D. Must be the gorgeous color combo!

  8. Ooo! Stonewashed must be mine! I probably have 10 just like it, but I need them all!

  9. I'll go with China Glaze Givers Theme. That purple look still look classy and glam. :)
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  10. I love purple, elegant

    abiti da damigelle

  11. Coolnailwraps.comJuly 12, 2015 at 8:29 AM

    Omg! I am in love with the Crushed Candy over Stonewash! The navy blue creme Is also gorgeous too!!!

  12. Loving Stonewashed & China Glaze Givers Theme!


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