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Friday, October 19, 2012

O.P.I So So Skullicious Halloween Minis for 2012

Good evening loves!

  This time around I have the adorable Halloween minis set that O.P.I released earlier this month. This set is made up of Four "Day of the Dead" inspired shades. The kit even includes the most adorable Sugar Skull water decals to accent the colors! I'm not normally big into Halloween but nail polish is the exception to that "rule". Halloween polishes always seem to be fun in a different, quirky kind of way. Which is why I love 'em! 

O.P.I Mourning Glory
 Mourning Glory is a classic Black creme. The formula on this black is opaque and pretty dense. I did see a hint of "smoke". When compared to O.P.I Black Onyx you can see a very slight difference. Black Onyx is like a patent leather Black where this is more of a "normal leather" black lol. I used Two coats for full opacity. I'm still a sucker for a plain Black manicure!

O.P.I Hi Pumpkin!
 Hi Pumpkin! is like a radioactive shade of Pumpkin Orange creme. This is a FUN color. I practically wanted to eat my nails when I wore this because it looks like candies. Perfect little Halloween candies. The formula on this shade is easy to work with. For the swatch above you see Two coats, some nails required a thin Third coat.

O.P.I Candlelight
 Candlelight is a nice warm Yellow creme. I would describe this as an Egg-Yolk type of yellow. I actually really like it! The formula on this Yellow was a nice surprise. It was not excellent by any means, but easier to work with than my one an only other O.P.I Yellow, Need Sunglasses? For the photo I did Two coats (I was also using this as a base for a glitter that day), but in reality this color would probably do best in Three thin coats.

O.P.I A Rose from the Dead
 A Rose from the Dead was an unexpected Halloween shade for me. A Pink for Halloween? Sure haha! This is a really pretty shade of Blushing Pink creme. It is vivid and muted at the same time. The formula on this shade is a dream and does great in two easy coats. Also, this color is insanely flattering!

 And just for fun here is a quick look I did using O.P.I A Rose from the Dead with some indie glitter layering and Two Skully decals from the O.P.I set. I'm not much for Halloween nail art myself, but this look I really do like because it is not your traditional Halloween color scheme.
 I have quite a few Halloween Collection posts coming your way so I hope you guys dig Halloween polishes as much as I do lolol! This little Halloween Set by O.P.I is a must have, even if just for those freaking ADORABLE skully decals! The polishes are cute, fun and great to work with but the decals bring it all together! The packaging on this set is adorable as well and I don't nomally notice things like that. 
 The set is available now from O.P.I retailers. 
  Thoughts on halloween nail art/collections?

(**O.P.I products provided by PR for review**)

365 Days of Color! Hocus Pocus Collection Swatches

Good evening!!! 

  This time around I have a Halloween collection that was released by indie brand 365 Days of Color. This was the very first Halloween Collection to make it into my hands this year. Sadly the surgery and all that non-sense happened shortly after I received these babies and I didn't have a chance to swatch them until recently. I.Feel.Terrible about that. Sunny mentioned that she would be re-stocking this collection on her shop today so thank goodness that they are still available! 
  This collection was inspired by the Halloween cult classic movie, Hocus Pocus. I remember seeing it only once as a little child and it scared the crapola out of me because I was way too young.. Also.. I didn't speak English at the time so I had no idea what was going on lol! Each color is inspired by an aspect of the movie, which I totally need to get on watching now that I am an English speaking adult lolol! 

365 Days of Color I Smell... Children over Pixi Amazing Amethyst
I Smell... Children is a Blackened base full of deep Purple sparkle and smalled Purple hexes. I am fairly certain this color could reach opacity on its own. However! I really wanted the Purple to show through so I decided to layer it over a vivid Purple base to get this amazing, glowing finish on my nails. I did Two coats of I Smell... Children over Pixi Amazing Amethyst. 

365 Days of Color Boouk! over Barielle Greenwhich Village
 Boouk! was my instant favorite from this collection. This pretty polish is made up of Chocolate hexes, Copper hexes and square Golden glitter accents in a shimmery, light Taupey base. For this look I layered it over a Pinky nude from barielle and then did Two coats of Boouk! This is a beautiful glitter and also perfect for Fall.

365 Days of Color Black Flame Candle
  Black Flame Candle is a sheer shimmery Black. This might actually do better layered over an opaque Black creme. What you see here is Four coats of Black Flame Candle. It is a really beautiful shade of shimmery Black. The shimmer seems to shift from Pink to Violet to Teal. Formula-wise it is sheer but buildable, next time I will definitely layer it so it lasts longer.

365 Days of Color Come Little Children over Barielle One Shade of Gray
 Come Little Children is a mix of small Red and Black hex glitters suspended in a clear base. The density of the glitter makes it a perfect layering polish. I am absolutely in lurrrrve with this combination of the Gray base with the Black and red touches.

365 Days of Color I Put a Spell on You over OPI A Rose from the Dead
 I Put a Spell on You is another perfect layering glitter polish. This pretty is made up Emerald Green hexes in varying sizes and small touches of Black glitter. LOOOOOVE it over this Pink base. It's an unexpected combination but it works so well!

  And there you have 365 Days of Color Hocus Pocus inspired Collection for Halloween 2012! Don't forget to check 365 Days of Color Shop to get your favorites! Hurry before they are all gone.

 Which are your faves? Mine are Boouk!, I put a Spell on You  and I smell... Children.

(**Products provided for review**)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Indie Mania!! 365 Days of Color Swatches

 Hi loves!!

  Today I have some swatches from the indie brand 365 Days of Color. Not long ago I had the opportunity to pick my Four favorites and these are the pretties I went with. Her creations are very cute and different. I love her use of shard glitters in her blends. I also noticed that she expanded her line to include scented cuticle balms which I am curious to try myself.
To see swatches of the cute creations just continue reading.